La vida buena

AS AMERICA sinks daily into a deeper sea of racial strife, political snit and socialism, it’s fun to kick back and smile due to living elsewhere.

That elsewhere, of course, is Mexico, a nation on an upward trajectory. If you do not live in Mexico, here’s a lovely video to make you wish you did, and if you do live here, you can gloat and feel smug, as I do.

The video, a series of photos actually, was made by Jack Brock, a wood sculptor of considerable renown, who once was kind enough to pay me a visit here on the mountaintop.

It was also Jack Brock who inspired me to buy my new Canon camera recently. He has virtually the same camera, his being a bit more modern, a tad more pricey. No matter. Both take excellent photos.

The video illustrates Mexico beautifully, and the soundtrack is perfect. It’s important to point out, however, that it’s tropical Mexico, the coastal variety, which is a fine place to live if you enjoy heat and bugs.

The alternative to coastal Mexico is the nation’s interior plateau, the zone of “eternal springtime” you read about. That’s where I live. Here’s a photo taken near here with my old, funky camera a few years ago.


12 thoughts on “La vida buena

  1. Thanks, Felipe & Jack Brock. I’m not too far from you, where today our high might reach 78 degrees with a nice shower in the late afternoon. This video just puts a big smile on my face because … Yo también estoy ahora viviendo la buena vida (probably incorrect Spanish but indeed a noble effort on my part.) 🙂


    1. Jeff: My wife and I were just now killing a bit of time out under the big brown umbrella on the yard patio, waiting for lunchtime. I was marveling at how nice it was and telling my wife that it was, due to being mid-August, surely sweltering in New Orleans and Houston where I lived so many years and, thank the Goddess, so many years ago.

      Sure is better hereabouts.

      As for your Spanish, you pretty much nailed it.


  2. Even though it is a bit warm here today, the pool made it more than pleasant. Pleasant enough to look for more interesting bugs.

    Jack always has a great eye for his photographs. Every time I am tempted to put together a slide show, I just wait for Jack to produce his — and then enjoy it.


    1. Steve: One man’s “a bit warm” is another man’s living in Hell. I know the coast in August. At least you do have that nice pool, lucky man.

      Yes, Jack is an artist, and not just with wood carving.


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