Swedish sickness

SWEDEN HAS long been cited by collectivists as the perfectly functioning social democracy where free healthcare, free this-and-that, exist in a nation where everyone is happy. Overlook those killer taxes.

seIt’s my loony, lefty sister’s ideal nation* and it’s been praised in comments hereabouts too. Yes, Sweden does it right.

Travelling hand-in-hand with social democracy these days are other notions like open borders, diversity and multiculturalism. These latter stances are add-ons to the older philosophy of social democracy.

None of it works well, to state it mildly.

Multiculturalism is flushing Sweden down the johnny hole. Let’s take a break to watch this smart Swedish journalist expounding on the dismal state of her once-nice homeland:

The multicultural issue in Sweden, as it is in most of socially democratic Europe, is primarily Mohammedan, a dismal, backward, violent religion/culture that harbors no desire to integrate with others while simultaneously embracing Europe’s generous welfare systems.

Just this week, immigrant violence involving grenades in the Swedish city of Malmö has led to a huge increase in police presence.

A persistent claim in collectivist circles is that all cultures have value and are equal. This is arrant nonsense. Some are far superior to others. Related is the fact that a nation is a geographical area where citizens for the most part share religion, language, beliefs and skin tone.

Successful nations are homogeneous, not multicultural.

Oh, you can toss in a little salt with the pepper or vice versa, but only up to a point. My being in Mexico is an example. Passing that point, all Hades can break out, and Hades is alive and thriving in Sweden, sadly.

Two years ago, I wrote of similar problems in Nutty Norway.

For your further edification, here is a bonus video:

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* Her second-best place is Oakland, California.

15 thoughts on “Swedish sickness

  1. Mark Steyn et al have been writing about this for years. It’s an “Orwellian” nightmare that’s not going to end well!


    1. By-stander: Yes, I’m a big fan of Mark Steyn. I like his snotty attitude. Bruce Bawer is good too. I mention him in the post on Nutty Norway.

      And yes, it is a nightmare. Things have gotten so bad in Sweden and nearly so in some other crackpot European PC nations that I do not see any reasonable way to backtrack. It’s like they have gleefully injected themselves with the bubonic plague. Once you’ve done it, it’s impossible to change your mind.

      The situation has approached similar cultural levels in the U.S. I do not anticipate many comments on this post, certainly not like I get on other topics. There are two reasons for the silence:

      1. People, fearful, have grown accustomed to self-censoring. They know to keep their mouths shut.
      2. People are okay with it. These are the multiculture worshipers.

      Both are very bad signs.


  2. I would love to have a crystal ball sitting on my desk in order to fast forward these and other scenarios which are spiraling out of control. Five, 10, 20 years from now this planet will be a contrast to what it was in our time. And we thought the last decade were tumultuous times. You couldn’t have made a more scary script for a science fiction movie.


  3. “Islam is as Dangerous in a Man as Rabies in a Dog.” – Sir Winston Churchill

    Where are leaders in the USA with guts enough to speak the truth like Winston Churchill did 70 years ago?


  4. In the US we can thank Senator Kennedy for the 1965 immigration reforms. The wise man that he was saw that the importation of a large number of brown underclass was necessary for the Democrats to maintain power. You see white people are not doing the dirty jobs that need to be done – like voting Democrat. Of course anyone can see that the importation of a large number of Mexican high school dropouts will grow the economy and lead to PROGRESS.


  5. A new report on the freedom of countries around the world ranks the U.S. 20th, putting countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom ahead of the U.S.

    Last year, the U.S. was ranked 17th, but a steady decline of economic freedom and “rule of law” has dropped the level of freedom. The steady growth of government and increased regulations of business and labor contribute to the U.S. low rating. Increased invasions of privacy through the war on drugs and war on terror have contributed to the decline in freedom.

    In the top 20 nations in the world for over-all freedom, Sweden is ranked 10 and the U.S. is ranked 20.


    1. Andrés: And the Mohammedan invasion of Sweden is taking that freedom to the proverbial cleaners. Great Britain too where Muhammad is on the verge of being the No. 1 name for boy babies. See link in comment above.

      I’m thinking the No. 1 for girl babies remains unknown due to being hidden by a chador.


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