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    1. Tancho: Of all the Republican candidates, Ted Cruz is my preferred guy and has been for quite a while.

      It’s been fun to watch Trump stir things up, but I far prefer Cruz.


      1. Señor Calypso: Rand Paul indeed. Listen, I’ve been wondering about you. A week or two back, you did some online quiz elsewhere that purported to show which presidential candidate is most in lockstep with you. One of your two top guys was Bernie Sanders, and you reacted positively to that.

        How in God’s name can a guy who claims to be a libertarian view an admitted socialist positively? Libertarians and socialists are polar opposites. Makes no sense whatsoever. None, zip, zed, nada. Explain yourself, young man!


    1. Carole: I would be okay with Trump as nominee. I think he would win if he were. But I like Cruz far more. He’s never come across to me as hearing God talk. He’s a Christian, sure, and I see that as a plus, but he does not dwell on it that I’ve seen.

      God talks far more to Carson, Huckabee and Santorum.

      The Democrat lineup so far is a hoot. You got your Hillary with no accomplishments to speak of at all, a major One-Percenter, and who ought to be in prison. You got your old socialist Bernie Sanders and your old grab-ass Biden. Man, oh, man, is this the best they can do?


    2. Carole: Both you and Smokesilver seem to think Cruz is a Bible-thumper, something like Carson, Huckabee and Santorum. If you look at Cruz’s campaign website, you see nothing whatsoever to support that. I have not looked at the websites of the other three, but I would wager religion plays a much larger role there.


    3. Perhaps you would rather he consulted the Devil? I think we already have experience with a president that does that, and look where it has gotten us and the world. There is no such thing as neutrality or objectivity, not in literature, nor history nor even science and certainly not in politics.

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  1. Felipe,

    I’m surprised you’re a Cruz follower. He’s all about religion. From reading your blog I thought your religious views were a little more low key, I’m a Texan, spent my whole life in Corpus Christi. I can’t support Cruz, he seems hateful to me.


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    1. David: Cruz is not all about religion. Carson, Huckabee and Santorum are much more about religion. Is Cruz a Christian? Sure, and I see that as a positive, but he’s no Bible thumper as are the other three fellows.

      Anyway, I support organized religion even though I am not a subscriber myself.


    1. Smokesilver: After I wrote the comment to which you are referring, I realized that I should have been more specific. And, as anyone who’s passed by my corner of cyberspace on a regular basis well knows, I am not a fan of Mohammedans.

      Mohammedanism is the devil’s seed. Oh, there are some decent Mohammedans, primarily those raised in the West who are Mohammedans because they were born into it more than anything, who just profess it out of habit (as, alas, do many Christians), but if you look at those areas of the world in the thrall of the Prophet in the 21st century, you see oppression, backwardness and violence to a huge degree.

      So, all religions? No way, José.

      Primarily, I’m a fan of the Judeo-Christian tradition from which most positive things in the modern, civilized world have emerged, including good science.

      A religion can be evaluated by looking at the sort of society it produces.


  2. I’m with Jennifer and John Calypso and support Rand Paul. My biggest beef with Cruz is that he is a hardcore neocon like most of the other GOP candidates.

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    1. Andrés: A neocon (neoconservative) is what the Oval Office needs.

      Here’s a definition from my Collier’s online dictionary:

      Neoconservative: designating or of an intellectual, political movement that evolved in the late 1970s in reaction to liberal and leftist thought, advocating the doctrine that individual freedom in economic enterprise should not be restricted by governmental or social regulation; laissez faire. Also, the doctrine that the state exists for the individual and not the individual for the state.

      Sounds very good to me.

      Rand Paul’s daddy, Ron, is an isolationist crackpot. His son is a bit better regarding the perilous international arena, but he did not fall very far from the tree.


      1. During July 2008 Joe Klein wrote in Time that today’s neoconservatives are more interested in confronting enemies than in cultivating friends. He questioned the sincerity of neoconservative interest in exporting democracy and freedom, saying, “Neoconservatism in foreign policy is best described as unilateral bellicosity cloaked in the utopian rhetoric of freedom and democracy.”


        1. Andrés: So says Joe Klein. But I too question the wisdom of trying to export democracy. It was one of George W. Bush’s greatest errors. I also question the wisdom of Iran nuke deals and pretending ISIS does not matter.


  3. You know, I’ve still got “Bush fatigue,” and they’re already running another one. I’m tired of the Mid-East still being a complete disaster due to his foreign policies. Sadly, there’s no imminent cure either, as the pieces can’t be put back together again.

    If Saddam were still in power, there’d be NO Iranian problem, no Iranian nukes, and no ability of Iran to project its power very far. Saddam would not have hesitated for an instant to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities, and if we’d left Saddam in place, we could have resuscitated him to do our dirty work.

    Instead, we’re forced to do it ourselves, and for various reasons, we don’t have the same options that Saddam did.

    Yes, even years and years and years later, it’s STILL Bush’s fault.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think Al-Assad is probably a lesser evil than ISIS.


    1. Kim: Yeah, sure, it was Dubya who made the Mideast a mess. Before him, it was a smoothly functioning piece of real estate where everybody got along fine and dandy. The Jews and the Mohammedans held hands and sang Kumbaya every day.

      The current increasing mess in the Mideast are Barry’s doing, pure and simple. You disagree, of course. C’est la vie.


      1. Obama hasn’t had a particularly successful Mideast policy, nor was the Mideast particularly peaceful before Bush II, but don’t doubt that things are immensely worse due to the policies of Bush II.

        To imagine it is *solely* Obama’s fault is to severely misread the current situation.


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