Trump’s ride

Better than Air Force One, and no taxpayer dollars involved. Sweet ride.

A new poll indicates The Donald has the support of 25 percent of blacks and 31 percent of Latinos. Don’t that beat all?

But Ted Cruz remains my main man.

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  1. The Republicans have a lot of candidates. There is no preordained winner. Any one of them would make a better candidate and president than any of the Democrats.

    The messages of Trump and Sanders resonate with and reflect the feelings of their respective constituencies. There is no mealy mouth about them. They say what is on their minds and the minds of the people of the nation.

    Trump believes in Trump. Carson believes in God. God believes in Cruz. Rubio believes he is in trouble.

    The Clintons believe in the divine right of grifters, liars and cheats. Who will fate honor in this contest?


    1. Señor Gill: That’s a nice wrap-up of the situation. You’ve put me and God on the same level because I believe in Cruz too.

      But that’s one swell airplane, totally over the top.


      1. Yes, it is a work of art. But as you probably know, when they hit the ground they all look alike. A terrible mess.

        This plane embodies all the Democratic lies about Republicans. We are supposed to all be rich, greedy people out to oppress everyone with skin darker than a paper bag. I am sure we will see this come out in future political advertisements.

        It will not be nice.

        And, why have we not gotten a report on your adventures in the big city?


        1. Señor Gill: Yes, Trump wears his riches on his shoulder and doesn’t give a hoot about appearing humble or what others think of his successes. It amuses me. Not sure what kind of president he would be, but anyone would be better than Barry or anybody the Democrat Party upchucks next year. Their offerings so far stand somewhere before hilarious and disturbing.

          We were in Mexico City just four nights. Appears we’ve now done everything required of us to get the deed to the condo, and it’s now in the lawyer’s lap. We’ll see. The law firm seems a little shady. The only thing we did apart from that ongoing challenge was take a cab to Condesa and eat in a great restaurant.


            1. Señor Cuevas: When the tenants moved out and bought their own place, and we took over the Mexico City digs in January 2007, I was pretty excited at the idea of having that big city open to me without having to pay hotels. At first we stayed for weeks at a time, but that gradually tapered off to our current situation, twice a year for as brief a stay as possible.

              During those early days, I compiled a list of restaurants I wanted to visit. During this last trip, having one free day, I looked at that list and decided on one of the places in La Condesa. We taxied there. The joint was wide open, but there was not a soul in sight, literally. I walked inside and hollered something to the effect of “anybody home?” Nobody responded, so we walked on down the sidewalk about a block and found La Buena Tierra on a corner.


              As you well know, I am no foodie. I ordered a soy burger which I liked very much. My wife ordered something else — I forget what — but she liked it very much too.

              We looked at some of the neighboring tables and what those diners were eating, which also looked very yummy.

              And there you have it.


              1. Señor Cuevas: It was only on looking at the FB page this morning that I realized it was a “health food” restaurant. Sure did not pick up on that when I was there. Maybe I’m just a little slow.


              1. Does any one know any thing about a restaurant called “La Gruta” that is near the pyramids? My wife has fond memories of eating there as a young kid. She wants to go back and take the family, but some of the places she remembers are not the same any more.


        1. Señor Gill: I do not think Trump is kooky. I find him fun. There are, of course, lots of adjectives, positive and negative, that can accurately be applied to him.

          On the positive side, he’s about as far away from Barry Obama as anyone on this planet. That’s very good.


      1. Señor Calypso: I am still waiting for your explanation of being an avowed libertarian and being in bed with socialist Bernie Sanders at the same time. Could the Veracruz sun have cooked your gray matter?


  2. Though I disagree with most of his politics, or at least what he’s saying these days to attract attention, I have to confess to finding Trump both fascinating and entertaining. Take his riches. If you believe the balance sheet he has published, he owns almost $10 billion of real estate with a measly $500 million in loans/mortgages. It’d be one thing to have all those buildings, each with an enormous mortgage, but Trump is almost all equity. *THAT* is not easy, even if daddy left some seed capital.

    However, to deport all the illegal aliens would easily cost $50-$75 BILLION. And most of these people, despite being in the country illegally, are otherwise mostly law abiding and tax-paying. Is deporting them really going to take precedence over building roads, bridges, or other infrastructure? That kind of money isn’t chump change, and if elected, I think Trump will realize why this “problem” hasn’t yet been solved. (Hint: it’s not as much of a problem as people think, certainly not compared to other, bigger problems.)

    And does anyone seriously believe that Mexico will pay to build a wall along the US border? I don’t. And I don’t believe that even half of what Trump is promising is even remotely possible. (“We’ll win so often you might get bored of it!”)

    Still, compared to the rest of the candidates, all tired political hacks afraid of expressing any genuine viewpoint, Trump is nothing but a breath of fresh air. And, as Time Magazine notes, not an ideologue, but a pragmatist. I think it’s this last bit that’s most appealing.

    If elected (which I doubt), Trump will likely not spend his time on polarizing dead ends like repealing gay marriage, stopping abortion, or trying to kill off Obamacare without some reasonable substitute.

    And if he really is, at the core, pragmatic, he might not make a terrible president.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we can hardly believe we’ve penned that last sentence.


    1. Kim: First off, I disagree that Ted Cruz is a “tired political hack.” He’s my main man. Nor are a number of others in the GOP lineup, most notably to my mind, Jindal, Fiorina, and Carson. I’m not big fans of them (well, possibly, Jindal), but they are not tired hacks. Jeb, Graham, Santorum, Kasich and Christie are tired hacks. Of course, being a, er, Progressive, you’re not gonna like any Republican, period.

      No one on both sides of the aisle is more of a tired political hack than Hillary.

      As for Trump, he is entertaining and, like you, I suspect he might not be all that bad a president (anyone at all would be an improvement over the past seven years), but after the stuff Trump said about us Mexicans at the get-go of his campaign — when he did not think he stood a chance at nomination and was just blowing off his mouth — he might not be the best choice as far as relations with Mexico go, and it’s an important relationship. He really got people down here pissed off. Mexico is so accustomed to having an open border and the winking acceptance of illegal entry that they have come to see it as a “right.” I find this appalling.

      I was doing something in my bank branch this afternoon, and the exec I was talking to ended the conversation by asking me about Trump, for Pete’s sake. They’re really up in arms about him, indignant.


      1. Cruz not a political hack? The fact that he chose to read “Green Eggs and Ham” during his famous filibuster said to me that he has no good ideas about either healthcare or government in general. Right? The entire country was focused on him, and he didn’t take the opportunity to put forth a good idea or two? That means he doesn’t have any.

        Pure hack, and dangerous to boot.


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