Good Aussie sense

THE AUSSIES are admirable. They enforce their borders, as all intelligent nations do. Get caught in Mexico without permission, and you’ll be booted out unceremoniously. Well, unless you’re part of the mobs of Central Americans just passing through on their way to the Rio Bravo.

That amuses us. Don’t jump off the roof of the train though.

I do not support multiculturalism or diversity as a national policy because it leads to grief and mayhem. A quick glance at the United States or borderless Europe these days offers proof positive of that. Devotion to diversity is, of course, a part of politically correct nuttiness.

The Aussies realize that Australia is for Australians. You can move to Australia, but you must do it legally, and I imagine Australia wants you to learn English, assimilate, get a job, and doff your chador.

And say “mate” a lot.

Nations that work best are mono-cultural, mono-lingual, mono-religious, and citizens sport the same skin tone. Commonalities are the building blocks of a nation, the sine qua non.

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Note: A related story from The Federalist.

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  1. There are an estimated 50,000 illegal Irish, 75,000 illegal Canadians and 270,000 illegal Filipinos in the United States. There were 150,000 Irish-born men in the Union Army and 25,000 in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. There are still Hebrew and Yiddish newspapers published in the U.S.

    There was lots of miscegenation or interbreeding between white settlers and native American Indians in the 18th and 19th centuries. Anti-miscegenation laws were a part of American law since before the United States was established and remained so until ruled unconstitutional in 1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Before the 1960s, a mixed marriage was defined as a marriage between Catholics, Jews and Protestants.


  2. I’ve been mulling some things over in my mind. I don’t mind people immigrating to Canada. I think they should assimilate, learn the language, work to support themselves, etc, etc. If they want to keep their language in their homes, not a problem, or their cultural heritage and if they want to share it, well, that’s a good thing. Where I’m having a problem is with this Sharia thing. Seems that the majority of the males are in pretty good shape, so why aren’t they staying in their homeland and fighting to free their own country from the Isis invaders. If the women and children need a place to be safe while things get worked out, not a problem. But it seems they (menfolk) want to leave and let someone else fight their wars for them. I can’t imagine Canadian or American men leaving their homelands and expecting someone else doing their fighting to preserve their homelands.


  3. And yet Mr. Obama wants us to take in hordes of Syrian refugees. European nations are also expected to welcome these folks.

    Perhaps it would be better to require those born outside a country to live in the new country fifteen years and to pay taxes all of those years before they would qualify for social welfare benefits. If they want to enjoy the benefits of modern society, let them earn it.

    The people of the Middle East finally have what they have always wanted, a chance to kill each other. And, they are doing it quite well.

    As the Sunni-Shia war escalates, we will see even more refugees seeking asylum. It is time for other Muslim nations to step up and solve this problem.

    We don’t need any more fifth columnists in our countries. As long as they follow a religion dedicated to the hatred and murder, there is no place for them here.


    1. Señor Gill: Well stated, as usual. However, I don’t think the Mohammedans are just now getting the chance to kill each other (plus Jews and Christians when the opportunity presents itself), they’ve been at that for quite a long spell. It’s what they do.


  4. Let me be the first to say that you are full of hate!

    That is what I hear when ever I try to discuss this situation.

    What is interesting is if you look up the demographics of the birthrate of cultures, we are already doomed in the U.S. and Europe. If you don’t believe me look it up. The birthrate for the U.S. has been declining over the years, and the average is less and less each year. The average in Europe is 1.8, but the Muslim numbers are 8+.

    In a few years, Europe will no longer have the cultures it had 50 years ago, same with the U.S. Mexico is fine. They have lots of babies.

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    1. Tancho: You were not the first to say I am full of hate. The others never made it past the moderation barrier. I have some kooks lurking now and then.

      And, of course, you say it in jest.

      Yes, Mexico is fine so far, but that’s because Mohammedans do not want to come here. I read recently that the Mohammedan percentage of the population in Mexico is so low, it’s a number mathematics has difficulty measuring. Very nice.


    2. Once the Iranians start using their nuclear weapons, it doesn’t matter how many children people in the US and Europe have. They will all be dead.
      The Iranians will not test their weapons, so when it happens, it will be a surprise. They don’t need to test them, that technology was perfected by the Soviets, Pakistanis and North Koreans.
      This deal relaxing sanctions guarantees that there will be a war. Whether it is started by the Iranians or the Israelis, no le hace. It will be bad for all of us.


        1. The man has to be a fool or a secret Muslim. People who chant “Death to America” make their intentions crystal clear. Hate globally, murder locally. Listen to what they are saying.


  5. I am starting to come around a bit to your way of thinking regarding multiculturalism or diversity as a national policy — not being so much for it I mean. In a perfect world … well, it ain’t any where near perfect. Hmmm.

    And FYI please do not lump me in with Bernie Sanders because of that test survey questionnaires’ results. I am far from any socialist thinking — whatever that anomaly was, Rand Paul was on the top of my list and I am good with that. If I were listing candidates Bernie would be at or near the bottom of any I consciously created.


    1. Señor Calypso: Encouraging diversity is very counterproductive, Utopian and nuts. Multiculturalism, on reaching a critical point in a society, is a problem to be addressed in as kind a manner as possible, but it is a problem, often a grave one.

      I’m glad to hear you’re seeing the light. Would that more people saw the same light.

      I’m also glad to hear you’re not on Bernie’s Boat. The way you reported your test results sounded as if you were in his corner. For those who don’t know what this is about, it’s something from another corner of cyberspace. Not here.


  6. I have a tendency to believe in karma, which can effect both nations as well as individuals. What goes around comes around. We reap what we sow, etc. What we give out, often comes back to us in various forms.

    I believe the unjustified NATO invasion of Libya and the support we have given to terrorist proxy armies against Syria created the humanitarian crisis of refugees and the Arab invasion of Europe underway. The U.S., Europe and the Saudis are experiencing bad karma for supporting terrorists. Look at the Mecca crane collapse disaster.


    1. Andrés: Whatever the cause of the mess, allowing huge numbers of people who are primarily Mohammedans into Europe and even the U.S. is a colossally bad idea. I like the Australian approach generally, but if they allowed huge numbers into Australia legally, it would also be nuts.


      1. The Australians have let a large number of Muslims in and they have the same Sharia problems everyone else is having.


        1. Judy: No doubt, but it does not appear that they simply ignore their own laws, as does the United States, and that applies to both Democrat and Republican administrations. Much of the growing mess in Europe is being done in accordance with their own laws.

          The U.S. simply ignores its own laws in this area due to political correctness.


  7. I agree with this up to a point. A common culture, preferably a secular one and common language are necessary for any society to function. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to be mono-lingual or ditch every aspect of their cultural heritage. Can you imagine the Irish emigrating and not starting up their own pubs? It is possible for a multi-religious society to function as long as religion is a private matter and the religious do not try to force it on others. A multi-ethnic society can function perfectly well if there is a common culture; most secular Western democracies, including Australia, were progressing well enough until the fake-liberal hard-left invented the segregationist ideology of multiculturalism (which is apartheid by a new name). The bloke in the video is not an indigenous Australian, he is obviously of British (or British/Irish) ancestry as he has a Scottish surname (which incidentally means ‘crooked mouth’ in Gaelic).


    1. Vegan: Of course, multicultures can exist in one nation, and do in various forms, especially in the United States, and up to a point it can be an interesting thing, a plus. I contend, however, there is a breaking point at which all things tend to start coming unglued. You don’t want to reach that breaking point, which is why encouraging diversity is a colossally bad idea. Some European nations are reaching or already have reached that point with Mohammedans.

      As for the Gen. Campbell in the video, I betcha he’s a bona fide Australian. You cannot make a judgment based on his Scottish surname. My real surname is also Scottish, and I’m about as Scottish as, well, Osama bin Laden or Pancho Villa.

      I’m a Georgia cracker turned faux Mexican.


      1. Thanks for replying. I’m sure that General Angus Campbell is a bona fide Aussie. I suppose that the point I was trying to make – and I am typing as an Englishman – is that Australia’s dominant culture is British, not indigenous, by origin.

        I agree that encouraging ‘diversity’ for its own sake is a bad idea as it leads to a fragmented society. The tide is turning against it now, though it may well be too late.


        1. Vegan: Well, of course, Australia’s dominant culture is British. Sure isn’t those guys doing walkabout in the Outback.

          For some odd reason, none of your comments have ignited notifications to my email, a first. That’s what normally happens. I’ve just lucked upon them. In the future, if I appear to be ignoring a comment of yours, know that WordPress is at fault. I am not ignoring you.

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          1. No worries. Feel free to comment on my blog. I have put my three pennies’ worth there on the subject of mass migration, multiculturalism etc.


    1. Señor Gill: Perhaps it can be done on the Q-T. I don’t know. There is a Muslim woman who’s written a book about the negatives. I don’t recall her name. She’s fairly famous. I believe there is a contract out on her. Really.


      1. Judy: No doubt. I imagine that most people who profess a religion, no matter where in the world, are just going through the motions. Alas, a significant percentage of Mohammedans take it very seriously, and another higher percentage are fellow travelers who cheer on the zealots because they dislike the West for its successes and higher standards of living. Envy can be powerful, and those who live in the desert sands of the Middle East have plenty to be envious of when looking in our direction. Recall the TV news footage of cheering in the Arab streets after 9/11.


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