Sistahs for The Donald

I AM NOT a fan of The Donald, though I do find him entertaining. His rise is a sad commentary on the State of the Union. I vastly prefer Ted Cruz  who says much the same, but in a sober manner.

Here are two big supporters of The Donald. They will tickle your funny bones. Their language gets pretty blue, if that troubles you.

Trump seems to be attracting quite a bit of support from black Americans, which says something. I hope it’s that an increasing percentage realize the Democrat Party has played them for a long time.

Here’s an extra, briefer, treat:

10 thoughts on “Sistahs for The Donald

  1. I love these sistahs! They’ve got spunk, enthusiasm, and are educated enough on current issues!

    We need more people like them!


  2. Those two women are hysterical!!! Are they real? Or paid actresses?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we only know people who are aghast at the prospect of a Trump presidency.


    1. Kim: My money is on their being real. Some recent polls indicate that Trump’s appeal to blacks is larger than one might think. It’s somewhat of a mystery to me too. You’d think conservative blacks would be drawn to Carson, not Trump.

      As for your only knowing people who are aghast at Trump, this reflects the echo chamber world in which the wealthy, left-wing elites live. I am referring to the coastal Democrats, Obama people, who peer out the airplane window while flying from, say, Boston to San Francisco. They peer out those windows, dry martinis in hand, and say to themselves: How fortunate I do not live down there with the hayseeds who drive pickups, grow corn, raise pigs and mate with their cousins. You know, that sort of thing.

      Lord knows where this Trump thing is leading.


      1. My friends will be delighted to learn that they are now “wealthy elites.” Where are their Learjets and trust funds? They want to know!!!


  3. Funny stuff! I think I watched all their segments – a couple of characters that bring a little levity in what otherwise is a dismal period running up to a Presidential campaign.


    1. Señor Calpyso: Dismal period? I disagree. I think the GOP fisticuffs are quite interesting. Would that something similar were happening on the Democrat side. Now that’s where it gets dismal. I pray it stays dismal over there.

      Yep, those two gals are a real hoot. Wish they were promoting Cruz, but they’re not. The one on the right, the “straight man,” is just about as big a hoot as the one on the left.

      Speaking of hoots, you seen Ted Cruz’s new TV spot?


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