Bernie’s bunny hole

bernieLOTS OF AMERICANS are scurrying down the Bernie Hole. That would be Bernie Sanders, the socialist candidate who’s running for president as a faux Democrat.

hillBut before we start chuckling at Bernie, let’s get some laughs from the entire Democrat end of the Great Divide.

On that side, we find just two candidates: The humorless, charm-challenged, battle ax and future felon Hillary Clinton and the quasi-Democrat but admitted socialist called ole Bernie.

joeLurking in the wings is the aging, foot-in-mouth, groping, leering Joe Biden, an old pol who cannot keep his hands off good-looking women within grab-ass distance. That is what the Democrats offer voters, a geriatric trio of whiteys.

The party of inclusion and diversity. Oh, the irony!

Are you laughing yet? Can you believe this?

Are we in Alice’s Wonderland?

On the Republican side, we have black, white, Latino, Asian, women, men, an incredibly diverse, talented lineup. The multiculture-obsessed Democrats have three old honkys, and the allegedly racist Republicans reflect a veritable mosaic of color, culture and idiom.

Oh, the irony, again! Let us hold hands and hum Kumbaya.

Why, even Jeb Bush speaks fluent Spanish. Neither Hillary nor Bernie nor Joe speak anything but English. They are language-deficient.

Let’s look at Bernie now.

He’s a socialist, which means he likes Big Government, Heavy Regulation, Welfare, and High Taxes. Just like Barry, but more.

Think Greece. And cringe.

Looking at Bernie’s campaign website, a number of things leap out at me, issues that reflect the dreamy-eyed Utopianism that runs rampant through the leftist way of thinking — if you can call it thinking.

  1. Income equality. There are too many rich people and too many poor people. So rob from the successful and gift to the unsuccessful.
  2. Getting “Big Money” out of politics. Dream on, Bernie.
  3. Racial justice. Blacks are oppressed and cops are bad. Arrant nonsense.
  4. Fighting for women’s rights. What are the rights women lack?
  5. Caring for Veterans. Seven years into a Democrat administration, why hasn’t that happened already, Bernie?
  6. Support the Iran Deal. Yes, Bernie trusts Iran! Good Lord. He has faith in the “Death to America!” Ayatollahs.

There are more, but I know you’re laughing so hard right now that it’s difficult to focus your eyes. Grab a Kleenex.

Thankfully, ole Bernie will not be president, but it’s sad that so many people subscribe to his cockeyed nuttiness. He’s a leftover radical relic from the flower-power 1960s, hardly a sane fit for the 21st century.

Where are the Franklin D. Roosevelts and Harry Trumans? Now those were good Democrats, people worth voting for.

25 thoughts on “Bernie’s bunny hole

  1. Why do I get the impression that you’re not “feeling the Bern?!” You ask where are the Trumans and Roosevelts of today’s Democratic party? I would ask you where are the Eisenhowers of the Republican party? Nowhere to be found…just a field of clown wannabes with a very rich bigot currently in the lead…if I can find a Trump piñata I will send it your way via Estafeta…que tengas un buen dia!

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    1. Well sir…we disagree on most things political…and have from the beginning. However, socialism seems to be working out pretty well for Canada and Great Britain…and to a lesser degree here in Mexico. And you must admit that your retirement is much more enjoyable due to the Social Security check that is deposited into your account once a month. I also don’t think Bernie will be elected…I think it is a real toss-up at this point for both parties…time (and money) will tell…


      1. Charles: I do receive Social Security. And I’m glad about it. I never asked to be included, but I was, forcibly. Were I not receiving the money, I would adjust my life accordingly. However, in its current state it is unsustainable and direly needs to be reformed. Of course, Democrats oppose reform. Donald Trump is eligible for SS payments. How absurd is that?

        As for Canada being a successful socialist state, some Canadians would agree. Others would not. It’s a relatively sparsely populated nation, an important thing to consider. As for Great Britain, welfare is eating it alive. And there’s the social aspect. A huge and growing, often sound-bodied, segment of the population is on the dole.

        It is no way to run a country.


  2. Sad but true, Felipe. Like you, I’m hoping to see Ted Cruz emerge from the pack and get the nomination.

    A couple of jokes floating around online:

    “A new poll shows that Hillary Clinton is only six points ahead of Bernie Sanders. Today a very confident Hillary said, ‘Oh, please. Like I’m going to lose the Democratic nomination to a left-wing senator nobody’s ever heard of?’ ”

    “Mike Huckabee said he’s the only person who has fought the Clinton political machine and won. As opposed to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who’s the only person who fought a fax machine and lost.”


    1. And you don’t think Trump is at least as funny? Where’s your sense of humor? The man is hysterical, particularly in the way that he’s giving the Republican establishment the vapors.

      I, for one, hope he’s the nominee.


      1. Kim: Bad as Trump appears, he would make a better president than any of the Democrats’ current lineup old old pols.

        He does provide amusement. You better not pray that he’s the nominee because if he is he would win the White House.


  3. El partido Republicana es una carpa gigantesca. Hay campo para todos. We are open to all; no one has to parrot a party line. As a result, we have Mr. Trump, a political whatever, who has in the past switched parties and has been an independent, in the lead for the nomination of our party.

    Eventually, he will shoot himself in the foot. The sooner, the better.

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    1. I too have long thought of the Republican Party as a giant carp, LOL… Perhaps not in exactly those words, but yes. Bottom feeding and preferring stagnant, murky water.


  4. With due respect, I suspect that you are out of touch due to the fact that on the ground, face-to-face associations with people in the United States is non-existent. I am here. I see the swelling underclass, the underemployed, the long lines at Dollar Stores and food banks, the people working 2 and 3 jobs at miserable wages. On Labor Day, my dear sweet mom sighed with satisfaction at the end of Labor Day, which she noted was a Great American Institution. No more. The professionals in my neighborhood indeed were home. The cashiers were at work. The food servers were at work. Indeed, on my street, one person was out in the sweltering near 100 degree record heat, digging a foundation for a new house. Those who had to work on Labor Day were the people that Labor Day supposedly was meant to honor – the laboring class. As in many things, the rich have taken in this once great nation but don’t give back. GM used to be the biggest national employer, offering a decent middle class wage. Now, it’s Walmart, with poverty wages and 1/2 employment. Republicans have had ample time under Reagan and the Bush Dynasty to shrink the government. They did not do it, nor did they improve the lot of the famed middle class. The rich have gotten richer, and the poor, poorer. Sanders understands that we are indeed a social democracy in the US. Health care and big pharma need to be reined in. Wall Street should not decide who is the next president. I don’t think the US will elect Sanders, this old Jewish guy who wants social reform. Jews are a minority are they not? That’s a bit of diversity, right? I think we need a change from the status quo that protects the rich guy and puts it boot on the rights of the poor and the working class, much of it in the name of religion. I suspect I won’t chime in here very often anymore, especially on posts a nation that you only view from afar.

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    1. Laurie: Both parties are a mess. It’s just that the Republicans, in theory at least, are the lesser of the two evils. “Social Democracy” makes things even worse. Feel free to disagree.

      The federal government has grown out of control. Entitlements, and not just to the needy — to wealthy people and organizations too — are rampant and, for all practical purposes, impossible to cull back. A huge segment of the population is feeding, pig-like, at the public trough. Both laborers and big companies. Social Democracy at work. It is not sustainable. Much of Europe does that same.

      As for the swelling underclass, that just demonstrates what a failure the economic policies of the Obama administration have been. Yeah, I know. Obama did as much as possible, great guy that he is, but couldn’t do more due to Republican stonewalling. That’s a cop-out. Both sides share the blame.

      I am delighted to be out of your country for good. I just wish that what America does, economically and otherwise, did not have such powerful effect on other parts of the world. Like mine, for instance.


      1. Did you ever notice that the politicians will not say “working class,” but instead say “middle class”? We are not middle class. That belongs to someone else. The mention of work turns off their constituency.


      2. The federal government has grown out of control. Did you read Laurie’s comment? The Republicans have had PLENTY of opportunity to cut back the Federal Government, but DIDN’T. In fact, both the administrations she cited had ample majorities in Congress, yet they expanded the size of the government substantially both times, Reagan militarily, and Bush with various “Big Gov’t” social programs like Medicare Part D and other spending. The only difference, really, is the Dems believe in paying for it all (mostly) out of current taxes, while the Republicans (who *TALK* a good game of “fiscal responsibility”), actually act rather fiscally IRRESPONSIBLY by expecting future generations to pay for it, via cutting taxes now while increasing both spending and the debts they like to talk about abhorring. Who fought Obama to the mat on the 2012 tax increase and then whined endlessly about deficit spending?

        If you want a smaller gov’t, the mainstream Republicans are either the last or next-to-last people you can expect to actually deliver it.

        The ills you point out are indeed a problem, but the R’s haven’t taken any particular actions that’d give one ANY confidence that they will actually tackle them. How much time has the House wasted staging stupid “symbolic” votes to repeal Obamacare, when such a thing couldn’t even pass the Senate, never mind a presidential veto? Who spent hours on the senate floor reading “Green Eggs and Ham,” when, with the entire US focused on him, he could have laid out a conservative, market-based approach to healthcare reform? Frankly, to me, that little tantrum proved that he didn’t have a clue about what to do, so he read children’s stories instead.

        Take “excessive regulation,” a favorite talking point of the Republicans. What regulations to they specifically want to get rid of? There are a few who are fighting for your “right” to drink, and swim or fish in polluted waters. Who benefits from that? Big Agriculture (subsidized to the hilt), not the ordinary guy. What other regulations do they specifically want to get rid of? They are quite coquettish about actually making specific proposals. I have yet to hear a good case for eliminating specific regulations, though I could make a few myself.

        So the interesting question is this: why does anyone believe them?

        If I truly thought they’d do some of the economic things they talk about (smaller gov’t, balanced budgets, sustainable entitlements), I’d vote for them in a heartbeat. But they don’t actually do any of those things, and they’re easily distracted by smaller “problems” like gay marriage and abortion and so-called “wars on Christmas.” (No such thing exists, at least not in the USA. Try Iran.)

        But all they are really focused on is lower taxes for people who don’t need lower taxes, and also spending more on a military that does nothing but enable us to get ourselves embroiled in expensive foreign entanglements.

        I’m with you about what you want, but there’s really NO party in the USA that’s going to deliver it.

        Meanwhile, I’d like to hang on to the few precious civil rights I’ve still got.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where it amazes us that people think words speak louder than actions.

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    2. Liberty* > Social Democracy** > Socialism*** > Communism****

      * Economic growth, progress, happy people.
      ** Less economic growth, reduced progress, some happy people (on the dole).
      *** Increasingly reduced economic growth, minimal progress, increasing oppression, fewer happy people.
      **** No economic growth, no progress, complete oppression, no happy people.


      Best to stick with Liberty is what I say.


  5. Greetings. Yes, both sides share the blame. The USA is a mess. Pretty much anyone on either side of the spectrum who has been a President, Senator or Representative has their share of the blame.

    I’ve been hearing the promises of this or that since I was a teenager (I’m 59 right now) and the only thing that seems to have changed is the will to compromise. It used to happen to a degree but now the extremists on the left and on the right have deemed themselves in charge of their respective party. And the hell with the rest of us.

    Even though I’d rather slit my throat than vote for Mr. Trump, it is refreshing to see people who are not currently politicians shaking things up. I hope it scares the hell out of all politicians on both sides.


    1. Scott: I hope it scares the bejesus out of both sides too. While I agree the Democrats are in the hands of extremists, I disagree that the GOP is. It’s been run for years now by what’s unkindly and correctly called RINOs. Their interests lie primarily in themselves. The hardcore conservatives, the Tea Party types, however, are swimming the moats and scaling the fortress walls. And I wish them well.


      1. What you refer to as “hardcore conservatives” are what I call the extremists. The religious right that in the ’90s gained control of the party and deemed that if you weren’t one of them then you aren’t a Republican. Many in the “Tea Party” are the same people.

        I’ve voted Republican since 1974 (my first election). I believe in small government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, strong military, the American Dream and all that. Now, since I don’t have a Bible in one hand and a Gun in the other, I’ve been reduced to being called a RINO. It’s absurd and bad for the party. It’s the Grand Old Party, not the GOD party.


        1. Scott: I too believe in small government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, strong military, the American Dream and all that. I voted with the Democrats most of my life, even up to after I moved to Mexico almost 16 years ago. But the Democrat Party has run off and left (pun intended) me now. I do not have a Bible in my hand because I am not a Christian. From what you say, I wouldn’t call you a RINO, and I bet few Tea folks would either. People like John Boehner are RINOs, the registered Republican politicos who are just in it for themselves. They have no ideals.

          As for the gun business, that hullabaloo was started by the leftists who want to outlaw firearms. The conservatives who make noise on the issue now are simply reacting, and reacting mightily. I’m with them on that.

          I agree that the extreme religious elements are doing the Republicans no good.


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