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AUTUMN ARRIVED last week, and yesterday — driving down the mountainside to the state capital on a shopping binge — we spotted the best sign of fall hereabouts: Pink fields.

Our pink fields ever remind me of the springtime fields of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush that erupt in Central Texas, something I miss, that along with good barbecue sauce and pho tai.

But summer here is defined mostly by rain, which arrives in June usually and departs in October usually. The rain has been hesitant of late, the last week or so, as if trying to decide if continuing is worth the effort.

Let us pray not. Now and then, it rains on the Days of the Dead, the first days of November, really mucking up our graveyard traditions and disappointing the tourists who bring money to our tills.

But despite the expanding afternoon sunshine, it’s still overcast in the mornings. Stepping out to the upstairs terraza just after dawn, both the white horse next door and the distant mountains are gray and glum. But that does not last long, a temporary mood piece.

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  1. I feel for that horse. He is not exactly living the life of Flicka, running through green pastures. When times turned bad here, a lot of those horse lovers turned their animals loose on public land. The road ways suddenly turned dangerous. Worse, the animal lovers put a stop to the government plan to remove them. Drive carefully.


    1. Señor Gill: One must wonder how much you’re attributing human emotions to that animal. Hard to know the truth without finding an actual talking horse. Of course, our reactions tell us the horse would be happier out running free somewhere, perhaps on an Arizona highway.

      Interesting that side effect of Obama’s Dismal Economics, horses running free, scavengers on public lands and providing traffic hazards at the same time. Of course, here in Mexico, farm animals on the highways is a constant concern.


  2. Well done, Felipe. I do believe if Ansel Adams was still kickin’ he’d give you multiple atta-boys for your nice B&W work. Your new free software to tweak your photos is serving you well, right down to the ragged edges on the images.

    On your other website (where you display more of your work) I like all of them in B&W except for your living room, which I would have preferred in color. Well, maybe the veranda in color too. The images of the elderly gentleman are particularly outstanding. Keep ’em coming señor.


    1. Thanks, Jeff. As for the living room shot, you are correct. It would have been better in color because in real life it is spectacularly colorful. The “problem” is that all photos on that site will be black and white. There is one sepia, but I let that slide.

      By the way, I am glad to see you are using a Spanish keyboard and can write señor. Lots of Gringos move down here and never make that leap, and it’s an easy leap to make, a leap that should be made.


      1. I wrote a post about how to type accents (tildes) on a regular US keyboard some while back. It can be found here:

        Given how often I write in Spanish, I’ve got my keyboard set permanently to US-International. It’s far easier to double type quotation marks and a few other characters than it is to switch back and forth.

        ¡Voilá Señor!


        1. P.S. And it’s far easier than learning to use a Mexican keyboard which has an extra key between the quotation marks and the enter button, not to mention a few weird things like where they put the arroba or the @ sign, a character that’s more important than it has ever been.


          1. I’m not sure I’d put it that way (as a cat-lover), but yes. And it’s far easier for Gringos, IMHO, to use a US keyboard set to US-International than to learn a Mexican keyboard, something I still struggle with.


    1. Scott: A freebie named Fotor that I downloaded a couple of years ago from the Google Store. There’s another called Fotor Color Splash Studio, but that’s not the one I use, which is just plain Fotor. It’s got a ton of options, and it’s extremely easy. I’m either too stupid or too lazy or both to mess with things like Photoshop.


  3. The skies are still gray and the old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago. The last time I used black & white film was in high school. I used Kodak Tri-X film, which was better in low light conditions and was easy to develop in a dark room.

    I started using color film when I was stationed in Germany, because it was cheaper there and I’ve never gone back to black & white, except when I drink Scotch.


    1. Andrés: You’re a funny feller. And film? What is this film to which you refer? Oh, I remember. I’ll bet there are people today who contend film makes better photos than digital just like there are people who say vinyl records sound better than CDs.


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