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  1. Obama had the control of the House and Senate the first two years of his administration. Apparently the problem of multiple killings by firearms was not a problem during that period of time, when he could easily have passed gun control. The situation of these shootings must have begun only after his first two years in office, Otherwise he surely would have done something, and thus his justified outrage. And incidentally, apparently not much outrage for the Fort Hood “workplace violence” situation. I was certainly relieved to hear that it was violence in the workplace and not Islamic insanity bent on jihad within our military.


  2. Mexico has gun control, but they still have some horrendous gun battles, thanks to Obama’s “Fast and Furious” program.
    Notice that the media took their time in releasing data about the Oregon killer. They omitted that he was a “mixed race” individual, just like someone else we know. They also failed to mention that he was British. They showed his White father, but not the Black mother.
    CNN took time to photo shop his selfie portrait, lightening the skin, removing moles and thinning the lips. Thus they created a White killer.
    Remember in the Trevon Martin case, they said that George Zimmerman was a White man, and then when it came out that he was Latino, they described him as a White Latino. Finally, he was revealed to be a White Latino with a Black grandfather.
    Does CNN have a “Hate White People” agenda?


    1. Señor Gill: CNN, being the PC loudspeaker that it is, of course, hates white people, which is all the fashion in recent decades.

      I did not know that other stuff about the Oregon crackpot. Thanks for the update.

      As for the white Latino thing, of course, there are many white Latinos. They are a small, about 10%, minority in Mexico, but Spain is chockablock with them. So is Argentina. It always amuses me when I read news reports that treat Latino/Hispanic as if it were a race. “One robber was black, and the other was Latino.” That is comparing Fords with bananas. Hispanic is an ethnic grouping based on language and culture. Got squat to do with race.


  3. I wonder what response you would get from the anti-gun people. Sadly, their minds are made up and have no ability for logical discussion.

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  4. The LA Times wrote that Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin in Roseburg, OR, once wrote to Vice President Joe Biden: “Gun control is not the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings.” He asked that Biden “not tamper with or attempt to amend the 2nd Amendment.”

    Obama’s political agenda is to disarm Americans.


  5. I grew up in a military family and I do believe in the 2nd amendment. But I personally dislike guns and have never owned one (and I’ve had 3 house break-ins). To many that is probably f’d up and I get that.

    I am not sure that there is any solution to mass shootings through legislation, though I do not think that a bit more tightly regulated background checking and some enhanced type of waiting period is a bad thing either; depending on the case.

    Not that it will solve all problems, but if it may prevent a couple that is better than nothing. After all, this latest shooter bought the weapons legally, had no criminal history and no official mental history.


    1. Scott: We are of one mind on much of this issue. However, I have owned guns, quite a few of them, but I have none now because Mexico legally frowns on it, which demonstrates the fact that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. It’s true. Our narco element, for instance, has little problem getting guns. I, on the other hand, a law-abiding citizen, have only a machete.

      Were I still living in the U.S. and had my house been burgled three times, I darn sure would have a gun, likely more than one. Shotguns are useful.


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