Tyranny and lunacy

IN THE PREDAWN darkness of every morning, I turn on this computer — a nice, hot coffee at my side — and I commence eyeball-rolling.

What prompts this is reading news from above the Rio Bravo, the goings-on in that once-great nation, things that would cause me to burst out in hysterical laughter were not the events so tragic.

Let’s focus on just two grim examples today. The first comes from the rotting culture. The second has to do with ever-fading freedom in what once was the Land of Liberty — the home of the free and the brave!

rainbowFirst:  The federal government is painting the porous southern border and its lawlessness with rainbow colors. Yes, the same people who lit the White House with childlike Crayolas have now extended that rainbow to the very edge of my home of Mexico.

And in so doing, they have applied the “gender identity” silliness to the Border Patrol. New rules include phrases like “gender conforming,” “intersex,” “gender identity,” “gender nonconforming,” and so on.

This is, of course, the type of arrant babble that emanates from the Oval Office and universities, the sort of stuff that only people who vote the Democrat Party subscribe to. Sensible folks know there are only two genders and the rare quirk of nature called hermaphrodites.

hammerSecond:  This has to do with liberty. In order to keep money rolling into government coffers to fund the ballooning, European-style, welfare state, all levels of government increasingly intrude into private affairs to threaten and extort.

You cannot even charge to braid hair in Texas without paying the government, just one example of the growing tyranny of “occupational licensing,” which is a fancy-pants term for “you want to work, you give us a cut.” This is called a protection racket when guys named Guido do it.

Yes, every morning I read this stuff, this nonsense, this government oppression, and I weep for my former nation. Then I go downstairs and have a toasted bagel with Philly cheese, lite. I breathe a sigh of relief for being south of the Rio Bravo where life is sweet and free.

14 thoughts on “Tyranny and lunacy

  1. Following the news north of the border is like watching a dystopian movie or seeing a play from the Theatre of the Absurd. My unconscious reaction is to suspend belief that it is really happening. So many news stories are false and deceptive propaganda. Many are works of fiction and totally absurd. It is not the same country that I remember and there is not a darn thing I can do about it.

    I accept that fact and don’t worry about it. It is all part of the life that I left behind when I moved to Mexico.


    1. Andrés: I could not have said that any better. However, I do trust some news sources. I just do not trust the traditional media. I trust Fox, Breitbart, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, all those good guys.

      Being down here is great, is it not?


      1. It is hard to fathom this. Are we all in for some government dolt peering into our pants? How do they go about assigning a classification? Peoples’ sexuality is their own personal issue. The government has no business in this.
        While it is hard to understand some folks’ sex habits, it is best to just let them have their way, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact others. Live and let live.
        At least we are not throwing them off of towers or hanging them from a crane.
        The government’s propensity to interfere and micromanage our lives is unending.


  2. My Spanish teacher is from Espana and has duel citizenship. She is horrified at what is happening in Europe regarding the invasion of Middle Eastern refugees. What are we going to do? she asks me – we – meaning those of us westerners who are part of the dying Judeo-Christian world. I do not have the answer. We are old, so cannot mount a revolution. I suppose we will just have to hide in Mexico and watch while the world as we know it comes to an end. I predict that we are headed towards a new dark age. Civilizations do not die. They commit suicide.


    1. Bonnie: “Civilizations do not die. They commit suicide.” Again, quite so.

      As for hiding in Mexico and watching, that’s working out pretty swell for me. You too, I bet.


  3. It is interesting to see the pictures of the so called “immigrants” that are invading Germany, Austria and others. All the pictures I see on the media, show able-bodied men between 15 and 40 crossing over, waiting for the trains. Yes, there are a few women with children, but no old people.

    This modern day Trojan horse is so obvious, yet nothing is being said because of PC. If indeed the U.S. accepts a half million, then I wonder what percentage will arise when the time comes. I read last week that Mexico was considering accepting some also. I pray not.

    If I were 50 years younger I might consider conversion to Islam. But after being able to rape, kill and do whatever else in impunity, I think I would get bored. Besides I don’t like the thought of sex with children like they do.

    Hopefully, Putin will wipe them out, but I think it is too late, because there are a lot of them scattered all over the world.


    1. Tancho: I saw a photo yesterday of the Mohammedans getting off a train somewhere in Europe and I too was taken with the fact that it was almost exclusively young men. Actually, I did not notice any women, children or old men at all. None, zip, zero. Hundreds of young men, however, on that one train platform.

      Yes, it is primarily political correctness causing this: all cultures have equal value! Arrant nonsense. It’s difficult to get one’s mind around the rampant stupidity of these events, these days.


  4. Was not Aisha but six years old when she was married to the Prophet?

    Do not the Afghans prostitute young boys? The Islamic culture is not compatible with modern civilization. This will not end well.

    Mr. Putin is making a big mistake. He is backing the Alawites and the Shia Iranis in Syria. Yet, Russia backs up to all of those stans, most of which are Sunni. Have they not had enough with the Chechnians and their bad experience in Afghanistan? Again, this will not end well.


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