Silly ole Bern

WHERE HAVE we heard this malarky before?

Fighting for justice and equality.

Standing up for working families.

Supporting veterans.

Taking on Wall Street.

Fighting for a living wage.

Yada, yada, yada.

Have you nodded off yet? Could these be promises from every presidential campaign in memory? But of course.

And the ad’s title: Real Change. Ring familiar?

Change You Can Believe In.  Do you remember? And Barry did deliver on that promise, but little of it is positive. The Mideast is spinning out of control. Plus Russia, China are beefing up.

The U.S. economy slogs on. Racial conflicts escalate.

I believe every bit of it.

And the national debt, now at $20 trillion, has almost doubled during Barry’s presidency.

Oh, dear. Where is leadership?

But my favorite vow of Bernie’s is: Free public colleges! The same thing that Barry has proposed recently. Free!

Of course, there is no free lunch nor free college. Somebody is paying. For every student getting “free” tuition, somebody is toiling somewhere and paying taxes, underwriting a student whether the worker wishes to or not. Pure coercion.

More socialist silliness reflecting total cluelessness. It’s stupendous that so many Americans cheer him on.

But why not? “Free” sounds great. Manna from heaven. Money falling from trees. Silly ole Bern.  Daffy supporters.

I do hope you are not one of them.

Putting Bern behind us, let’s turn to a superior option, Ted Cruz. Look at this Cruz ad. Instead of hoary lines like “taking on Wall Street,”  “supporting the family” and absurdities like “free” college, Cruz focuses here on a specific, grave danger.

The Mohammedan threat.

After eight years of the nancy Barry, Ted Cruz would be a stupendous replacement in the Oval Office.

32 thoughts on “Silly ole Bern

  1. Bernie “Hugo Chavez” Sanders. He promises more of LBJ’s utopian Great Society programs, the negative effects of which the USA still suffers from today.

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    1. Did you notice that what appears to be an Asian version of the infamous Pyjama Boy, or a reasonable facsimile, is sitting in the crowd above ole Bern’s right shoulder? How fitting. I’m sure he’s grinning due to the free college he’s gonna get with Bern.


  2. I sense that you’re not “feeling the Bern,” and why am I not surprised? As far as Grandpa Munster (TC) is concerned, we do not need to be involved in anymore wars in the Middle East. Iraq and Afghanistan were not lessons well-enough learned? We would have no scorpions had GWB and his cronies not invaded Iraq in the first place. If we took just a portion of the funds that are wasted on defense there would be more than enough to ensure that no one lacked enough food or a decent education. Most of the current Republican candidates appear to be biting the hand that fed them.

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    1. Charles: A bunch of scorpions led by Osama bin Laden brought down the WTC, killing thousands of innocents before — not after — Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us remember events in their proper order.

      This peril is far larger than the climate change worry.


    2. Fifty-nine percent of the budget is spent on social services, safety net programs, and Social Security. Eighteen percent is spent on national defense. How come GWB is responsible after eight years of Obama, and GWB was responsible for 9-11 after six months in office?


  3. Both Hillary and Bernie want free university tuition for all. They will turn the pubic universities and colleges into refuges for the layabouts and pot-smoking social parasites. It will be a new generation of community organizers, not workers. Remember Red Guards of the cultural revolution of the Maoists?

    Rubio wants a greater emphasis on practical education and skills training. But it is pointless to train people for jobs that have long ago left our country, driven away by unions and government regulations. We need to fix that problem first.

    Then there is the problem of the Muslim invasion. It is not seen as an issue by the left. But, under Sharia law, those of the left will be the first victims. Gays will be exterminated, and those stealing, doing drugs, smoking and spitting in public will be dealt with. I can hardly wait.


    1. Señor Gill: I am appalled at your insensitivity toward Mohammedans. It is a religion of peace, diversity and inclusion. Go and sin no more. No more Islamaphobia!

      Now let’s get back to worrying about climate change.


    1. P.S.: I just finished a long, very interesting article on the climate-change hubbub in the 60th anniversary issue of National Review.

      While I still maintain that your average collectivist, which is to say your average, low-information Obama supporter, which is also to say a knee-jerk climate-change alarmist, is sincerely convinced of that Doomsday Scenario “if something is not done,” and therefore not a liar, just uninformed, there is mucho evidence that environmental organizations and scientific groups/individuals are quite often raking in very big bucks on the matter and it behooves them to promote the myth.

      They do lie. Putin is correct.


  4. Forget youth. Let’s just spend all the money on old people. Oh, wait, that’s the current policy, isn’t it?

    So you’re all for “free” retirement, but not “free” education? You don’t think well-educated people will pay more in taxes?

    Saved enough for your own retirement so you’re not on the Federal tit?

    OK. I thought so.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d love to read some substantive, conservative proposals that don’t involve cutting off everyone except the writer’s favored groups.


      1. And attempting to compare adding “free” advanced education for adults to a grossly overextended federal budget that is already swimming in dark seas of red ink to state-funded basic education for children is quite a stretch. The stretch is so extreme that the rubber band will break.

        Not a non sequitur so much as simply a bad comparison.


        1. I don’t think it’s such a stretch. Public funding of K-12 dates to a period when having completed such an education prepared one for a reasonably middle-class life. Now, to achieve said middle-class life one needs more education. Why is adapting a program to different circumstances such a stretch?


        1. Kim: I have no idea what that means, and I’m too lazy to research it.

          You have a slick way of arguing that often involves non sequiturs. Here’s an illustration. Not something you’ve said, just an illustration.

          Felipe: I’m against socialized medicine.
          Kim: So you don’t care if old people die.

          I will address the Social Security issue. Yes, I get it. However, the hugely wasteful system is in dire need of reform, which Republicans have often pointed out only to have Democrats bellow something along the line of “So you don’t care if old people die,” and reform is cast aside yet again.

          Means testing is a no-brainer. That Donald Trump, for instance, is eligible for SS is ridiculous.

          Privatizing the system would be a good idea.

          As for “free” college, since the nation is drowning in debt, yet another freebie, on top of all the other entitlements currently in play, financed by yet more taxes, is patently absurd. But it sounds good to clueless voters who are legion.


          1. You have a slick way of arguing that often involves non sequiturs.

            I don’t think I’m the only one on this blog doing that, actually. As for your example, it has been used by the folks who invented the term “death panels.”

            As for Social Security, here’s the reason why means testing is anything but a “no brainer.” The minute you “means test” it is the minute it stops being a universal government retirement program and starts becoming a welfare program. What working 65 year old would meet the test? Most probably couldn’t retire if it were “means tested,” since most jobs pay more than SS benefits. Your idea would also turn the social security tax into just another tax the government collects. (While there’s fair support for the idea that that is already the case, the current arrangement serves the political fiction). Also, once social security is “means tested” then the political debate opens to the “elderly slackers” who aren’t pulling their weight. Means-testing would also likely erode broad public support for the program (which you may support, I don’t know). While I think the system needs to see either higher taxes or higher retirement ages (my preferred solution) to reflect greater longevity, I think the basic idea is sound since so many folks are economically irrational and don’t save enough for their retirements.

            As for “drowning in debt,” one should note that Federal revenues as a % of GDP are at record lows. Raising taxes modestly would not kill the economy, and would go a long way to solving that problem. One could also likely gain some large savings in Medicare if the system were better managed. As it is, that is the single line item that is most likely to bankrupt us.

            Finally, ask yourself. Would an extra $100 billion provide higher social and financial returns if it were spent on university tuitions or spent on the military industrial complex?

            Also, you’d raise your level of awareness substantially if you read up on intergenerational inequality. Right now, old folks are sucking *FAR* more out of the system than they ever paid in, and we are all collectively impoverishing our youth through those policies. Is that either right, fair, or even economically beneficial to society as a whole? I’d argue a firm “NO” to that.

            Check out this link for a primer:


            1. Kim: Many old folks will tell you their SS is just the money they paid in. While that was often true when the average lifespan was far shorter, it’s certainly not true for most of us now. It’s already a welfare system.

              And it is in drastic need of reform.


  5. I sure hope there is something there for Kim when he retires. And, I am happy that we have rich folks like him to pay our bills. Having been worked over by the IRS, I am now pretty much asset free. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.


    1. Señor Gill: Kim has been retired for some time now. In his mid-50s, more or less, depending on when you ask him. He is self-financed, being a One-Percenter, lucky boy.


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