New school days

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And here are the Old School Days, silly but fun:

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  1. I wanted to laugh but could not since there is a lot of truth here. Question: are Mexican schools caught up in this too.


    1. Steve: You’ll find next to nothing of political correctness below the Rio Bravo. Among Mexicans that is. Most of the Gringo transplants appear to be collectivists, so I imagine a substantial percentage buys into the idiocy.


    1. Mark: Europeans, mostly Western Europeans, are big-time PC. It’s primarily a phenomenon of white-people places. Latin America, Africa, Asia, nah. We either ignore it or use it to our benefit when we set foot in the white-people places or, more accurately, the self-loathing white-people places. Be hilarious if it weren’t doing so much damage. And instead of getting better due to the growing obviousness of its stupidity, it’s getting worse!


  2. I wonder what impression a PC person gets from the video? Probably offended. I am surprised it is not banned on the Internet.


    1. Tancho,
      I am one of Felipe’s collectivists and I found the video fun and funny. Have to agree with all of you that this PC crap has gone way too far. (Is “crap” allowed in this family friendly blog?)

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        1. Tancho: Larry, whom I know, is not a PC person, at least not that I’ve ever noticed. He is a lefty, however. The two are not necessarily connected, though they usually are these days. He’s an old-style hippie of our generation and, sadly, an Obama fan. That he finds the video fun, however, is disturbing.


      1. Larry: You are an old collectivist, a socialist from way back in the Flower Power days, and you haven’t absorbed this particular nuttiness to the extent that younger people have. I know you to have redeeming qualities. You are simply misguided on political and social issues. Too much ganja, I’m thinking.

        As for the video being fun and funny, it isn’t. Quite the contrary. The reality in many zones these days is just about as bad, seriously bad, as the video depicts.


      2. PS: “Crap” is quite acceptable and correct in this case. And it’s not that this website is “family friendly.” It’s that it’s a zone for adults who act like grownups. So many these days do not.

        I am fond of the Charles Murray quote that appears in the footer of this website:

        Abstaining from casual obscenity gives you the aura of an adult.


    2. Tancho: In the decades since this foolishness has been building, I have encountered one, just one, devotee of political correctness who admitted it baldly. Every other PC person I spoken to about this denies even knowing what the term means or even having heard of it. No joke.


  3. You obviously don’t know any young, educated Americans. I rather doubt you could pass something like the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System), which is required to graduate high school here. I’d probably have to study in order to pass it.

    Since I graduated high school in 1980, educational standards and competition have risen dramatically. Young, college-educated people these days are super-smart.

    But enjoy your fantasy bubble if it makes you happier.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re nowhere near as smart as the young folks trying to get the jobs we once held.


  4. Some people love the scent of Limburger cheese no matter how noxious it is. The same goes for political correctness and the tyranny of the absurd.


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