Memory Lane

WELL, THAT’S enough about you. Let’s focus on everyone’s favorite topic: Numero Uno, themselves.

Here are four of my favorite photos of my own true self. Sure, some have been posted here before. So what? When one focuses on oneself, overdoing is not an issue.

I was young once, but I’m not anymore. I like to look back and think, Gee, is that me?  And it always is.

My life up to this point has been a bit more varied than most. I did not choose that road. It just happened. Some was fun. Some was decidedly not. Booze played a role for a long spell.

But I’ve been a teetotaler now for 16 years, and I’m having an even better time than before. What does that tell you?

With no further ado:

OneSitting in a San Francisco streetcar in 1963. I was 19 and in the Air Force.

I had dropped out of Vanderbilt University about a year earlier — women troubles — and enlisted. Women have long been a curse for me.

It was only when I latched onto a Mexican woman late in life that the curse was cracked at last. Heed this, young men.

twoFlash forward about 15 years, and here I am sitting in a Cessna 172 in New Orleans. The cap was a gag item. I used to fly small planes.

I never mixed booze with planes because I am not totally stupid. I did, however, mix booze with motorcycles on a regular basis, indicating I am somewhat stupid.

Roundabouts the same year, someone took the next photo, likely my second wife. That’s my daughter on the back.

She’s cute, and considerably older now. Pushing 50.

fourOver the last couple of years, I’ve developed a real hankering to buy another motorcycle. I’m not going to,  however, for a number of reasons. My bones won’t mend so easily, and Mexican roads are full of potholes and maniacs.

The previous photos are in time sequence, but we’ll have to back up a bit — about five years — for the following.

threeI love this shot. I’ve even used it as an avatar online.

Note the cigarette and, if you’re sharp, the apron. I like to cook, or I used to. Now I just prefer to be served.

And I used to smoke — cigarettes, cigars, pipes — but I stopped that stupidity about 25 years ago.

The photo was snapped by my Argentine girlfriend atop our penthouse apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Now I’m 71 with a child bride. And feeling fine.

And that ends today’s stroll down Memory Lane. Feel free to post your own old photos in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Life is to be lived, not observed, at least that’s my take. When I hear someone say ‘I wouldn’t change a thing’, I shake my head and think; I’m happy with where I have gotten, but there are some bumps in that road behind me that I should have gone around.

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  2. The picture of you sitting on the Harley, if that was today, you could be on the government watch list. All that is missing is over sized vest and a AK47.
    You look much more dapper today.


    1. Tancho: That reminds me of something. First off, yes, I was very formidable-looking. It was not just the black beard. I also weighed 225 pounds (now a svelte 170), and I’m 6′-3″ (still, I think). I also had lots of tattoos on my arms. All but one have been lasered off.

      My second wife and I once took the ferry from England to Ireland during “the Troubles” in the 1970s. As we departed the ferry, my wife — who looks like she would not harm the proverbial flea — was walking a bit behind me. It was not clear we were together. Irish immigration agents yanked me out of line in a New York minute, due entirely to my appearance, of course. But before they had time to haul me into a dark room for the spotlight treatment and cudgels, my wife caught up to me.

      On seeing I was with Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes, they just sent me on my way.

      Something similar, though I am far more harmless-looking now, happened at the Havana airport in 2012. It appeared I was walking alone, and I got harassed by a commie police goon until my wife stepped to my side, and the goon realized I was just another tourist.

      Appearances matter.


  3. Alex: Et tu, Brute?

    You clearly came to the Moon after my post a year or two ago about the horrors of rampant dots in sentences. Fret not. I shall correct that in your future comments. It’s a free and public service to those good enough to comment hereabouts.


  4. Great pictures, Felipe! Thanks for posting those pics. You’ve had quite the voyage in life. Now you’ve landed in the best spot possible to ride out the golden years. Disfrutalo, señor!

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    1. Thanks, Mike. I’ve posted these photos before, but it’s been a while, and so what? As for you, you’ve already taken a very positive step in marrying a Mexicana. Now the only thing left to do is move back down south. We await you.


    1. Kim: You are correct. I recall having some nagging thing in the back of my noodle when I wrote that. It’s a cable car, of course. And I know the difference. As for posting images, you are correct again. Videos can be included in comments, but not photos. The link you included is for, which is a whole different ballgame from Before I bother with downloading it, do you know if it works with .com as well as .org?

      And, yes, I was a hot young thing. And a gay magnet. I often had to elbow you guys aside. Go figger.


      1. LOL…elbowed aside. As for the plugin to allow uploading of pictures into, I don’t know whether it works or not. But after I couldn’t paste the picture I wanted to upload, I googled to see what I was missing, and it turned out that your website was what was missing something. My own curiosity satisfied, I didn’t dig any deeper. But I’d imagine that plugin works on both platforms. Saludos.


          1. I just found this link ( however, one of the commenters notes that it’s a potential security threat to your site. And the images get stored in your image library, chewing up your space. The videos that you mention are stored on YouTube and only look like they’re on your site. In reality, only the link is on your site.

            So I don’t think I’d want that capability on my blog, but I’d be curious to see you do it.

            (Go ahead, lick that freezing cold flagpole!) hahaha…. suerte!


  5. There are a lot of similarities in our lives. We have truly lived through some interesting times. In the 1960s and 1970s, even if one was ugly, they could grow a beard and become a ladies’ man. The birth control pill was just on the market, and it seemed like all the girls were on it.

    What bumps in the road would I have avoided? Well, I have a bunch of real pretty stock certificates that are worthless. My kids say, “Why didn’t you buy Microsoft or Apple?” Well, it is what it is.

    If I had it to do over, I would have kept up my piano lessons and eaten less. If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.


    1. Señor Gill: I have no stock certificates, pretty or otherwise. As for buying Microsoft or Apple, that sort of thing is like buying property in an up-and-coming neighborhood before it becomes up and coming. It always looks like a no-brainer in retrospect, but it never seems to make sense to most of us when the time is right.

      Having said that, however, I seem to have done just that on the real estate front with the Hacienda and the Downtown Casita. Pure dumb luck.

      Sorry to hear you’ve not taken care of yourself. I have. And it’s not to late to mend your dissolute ways, old boy.


  6. yup-i knew the pix were on a different post than where i commented but it was easier to just reply there.

    since you made the offer that we could add our own pix, i will send some after we get back from hawaii. heading out tomorrow.


  7. wasn’t finished with that previous comment but wasn’t allowed to continue. yup, have been through a lot in our 4 1/2 years in nagoya but have remained positive and try to enjoy every day. no sense in complaining-it doesn’t change anything.



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