Life and death


THE HACIENDA lawn is large and contains many things to catch the eye. This caught my eye this morning and, being a sharing sort of guy, I’m sharing with you.

Here’s an interesting article that was brought to my attention today by a woman who prefers red shoes to bacon.

I, on the other hand, prefer bacon.

But I like red roses.

13 thoughts on “Life and death

  1. I wish all the people in all of the villages all the best. But I really hope they can keep their character while prospering.


  2. I scanned the article quickly because to stop would make me miss living in Central America again. Thanks for the interesting article addition. I don’t know if I can survive NOB much longer.


    1. Laurie: Gringo life getting under your skin? It would mine, but I’ll never live there again, so …

      Interesting comment on your part. Might be a good topic for your own blog.

      As for living again in Central America, especially (Gad!) Honduras, I would highly recommend Mexico instead.


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