A crashing sound

kissingerHENRY KISSINGER reportedly said, back in the 1970s, that America had seen its glory days and — as all civilizations do in time — is headed downward.

Henry and I are of one mind. The evidence is clear. The re-election of a clueless, feckless president in 2012 is one obvious indication. Another is the attitude of youth, especially the allegedly brightest one finds at highbrow universities.

Here are two examples of today’s elitist youth:

First: Ban the the Yuletide classic White Christmas because it’s racist. Of course, the white in White Christmas refers to snow, not the cursed white people who brought us Western Civilization. the Enlightenment, modernity, etc.

Second: Repeal the First Amendment.  Freedom of speech. Who needs it? This comes from students at Yale, no less.

This tomfoolery would be downright hilarious were it not so dangerous, so portentous.

I bring this information to you as a public service, just in case you get your news online from Slate or Huffpost.

Kissinger was a sage seer.

36 thoughts on “A crashing sound

  1. When the sage scholarly Kissinger throws in the towel, that is a truly ominous sign…

    Alas, we have seen the apex of a once great nation I am proud to say I was there.

    Merry Christmas, amigo, and may your Christmas be white 🙂

    Your gypsy friend, Mark

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    1. Felíz Navidad to you too, Mark. As for my Christmas being white, unless I look into the mirror, I won’t see much of that where I am. And, of course, it ain’t gonna snow.


  2. We live in interesting times (as we are all saying these days.) I guess if Guatemala can elect a comedian, we can elect a Trump.


  3. Grrrrr, I am no lover of Kissinger. He is and was a major player to the problem.

    I like Trump for one reason. He is saying exactly what the majority of job-holding Americans are thinking and the media can’t shut him up. The owners of this country better get to thinking about how to recreate the middle class. If they don’t want to be afraid to leave their guarded-n-gated communities.


    1. Judy: You are precisely correct that Trump is saying what most people are thinking. The thing is that Cruz agrees with most, perhaps all, of the things Trump is saying. And Cruz is a far more sober and less self-obsessed individual. There’s something screwy about Trump, and the U.S. does not need a screwball at the helm, especially after eight years of Barry’s amateur leadership.


  4. Trump’s words resonate with the working class. He says what we are thinking. We recognize the dangers to our nation, and we want to deal with them. If that offends someone, well, they need to be offended.

    We are now dealing with a president and party that cannot bring themselves to say “Muslim terrorist.” The leftists are so afraid of offending anyone, with the exception of the working class and Christians and Jews. They protect gays, lesbians, transsexuals, Muslims, blacks, and anyone else not white.

    Any person non-white who espouses a conservative view is called an “Uncle Tom” and subjected to horrible ridicule.

    That said, the last thing our nation needs is another Imperial President.


    1. Señor Gill: Trump has said little that I disagree with, perhaps nothing. But that goes for Cruz too. There’s something fishy about Trump. He reeks of a demagogue. Even his conservative chops are questionable. He invited Hillary to his last wedding, fer crissakes. I recently saw a YouTube video of the interior of his corporate jet, and it’s no Learjet or Gulfstream. It’s a Boeing 747 or something of that monster ilk. The interior is a monument to horrid taste. Gold-plated faucet handles, etc. It’s something you’d expect to see in one of Saddam’s palaces.


  5. The sad thing is that Mrs. Clinton has been touting a revision to the First Amendment, as well. In hopes of overruling the Supreme Court’s decision that most legislative attempts at taking money out of the political process are unconstitutional. Of course, if the government was not taking so much of everyone’s money, no one would spend more money to stop the thievery.


  6. Even that buffoon Dubya never hallucinated about building a wall along the Canadian border, although I don’t think it is that bad an idea, it would keep the mass exodus of sane Americans from seeking refugee status in Canada if that Bozo is elected. Give yourselves a little breathing time to see that the US economy is thriving, and all of the other improvements post-Bush. If the people of the Republican party nominate Trump (probably a devious plot by Hillary) you deserve what happens. Conservative fanatics, such as people in the US seem to become when they reach ‘a certain age’ have to look beyond hating everything on the Democratic side just because it’s the Democrats. A real, effective government works for all, not just the minority that funds the party to support their best interests.
    Politics is controlled by big business, and the CEO’s who make 7 or 8 figure salaries. They employ scare tactics to encite the populace, and they elect a President who divides the spoils among the billionaires. Who is getting rich…arms manufacturers and others promoting turmoil.
    Call me names, give me the finger, but even Rush Limbaugh can’t spin this crap. A comedy show is leading in the polls to be the Republican nominee for President. Howard Stern would be a better choice.

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    1. Though offensive your comments, there is much truth encased in your vitriol. I wish only to add your pathetic queen in waiting on the other side, who amazingly has amassed a financial fortune all while plying her trade as a faithful government servant… Insert laugh track here…

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  7. Henry Kissinger was and is an evil genius who set up military dictatorships in Argentina, Brazil and Chile to name a few. America has destroyed herself with imperial ambitions and invading other nations. Cruz is too hawkish for me. Trump is the best shot we got.


  8. And you find nothing disturbing in the fact that such a buffoon is leading the Republican pack with a 30% support level, more than double his nearest competitor who doesn’t have half the support? That such a person can capture the public imagination with nary a policy proposal aside from a ridiculous plan to build a 3,000 mile wall? This is somehow not symptomatic?

    I’m as disturbed as you about some of the nuttiness you cited, but I’m far more disturbed that someone who sounds like the early days of Adolf Hitler (who first created a database of Jews before moving on to exterminate them) is the leading candidate of a major party. And I’m far more disturbed that the government never seems to punish financial criminals, never fires the inept (hacking of Office of Personnel Mgt was a HUGE security disaster), and seems to think its OK to “lose” emails while requiring all of us to keep 7 years of tax records.

    Why point to private citizen looniness when there’s so much wrong with the government itself?


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we see a ton of adults all over the country acting like children.


    1. NSA already has a database on all of us. They are making a list and checking it twice. Hitler is such a tired old cliché. We have already become a totalitarian nation. The GOP has a long list of losers and the Democrats have a wicked warmongering witch. Only Trump has the huevos to prevent World War III.


    2. Kim: Oh, I find it quite disturbing that Trump is leading the GOP pack. We are of one mind on that. As for his closest competitor not having half the support, well, that depends on which poll you want to believe.

      I don’t reckon the distance from Matamoros to the Pacific is 3,000 miles, is it? No matter. It is quite a distance. Much of what Trump says — the border wall, no more Muslim immigrants — is said to stir up the uninformed voters. It’s a campaign strategy.

      Comparing The Donald to Hitler is a bit of a stretch, to put it mildly. Something one might hear from … a Yale student.

      And it’s not just in California where tons of adults are running around acting like children. It’s happening across the nation. There is more of it in California, I imagine, because, well, it’s California.

      As distressed as I am about Trump’s successes — so far — he would still be a better president than Barry has ever been. Of course, I vastly prefer Ted Cruz.


      1. As you know, I don’t make comparisons to Hitler lightly, but indeed Hitler did create a database of Jews before moving on to more extreme measures. I’m not saying Trump might make a similar progression, but his suggestion of creating a database of Muslims is right out of Hitler’s playbook. There’s no denying that. Not to mention that such an idea is about as anti-American as you can get. There was a lot about Trump that I was wiling to overlook, but that I cannot overlook. Nor can I fail to remember the history of such ideas.


        1. Kim: Were The Donald “to make a database of Muslims,” and he has not suggested anything of the sort in the way you are implying, it would hardly be comparable. In the early 20th century, the Jews were not rampaging around Europe burning non-Jews alive, hanging gays from construction cranes, drowning opponents in steel cages, chopping off heads, flying airliners into World Trade Centers, blowing up trains of innocents, obligating female Jews to walk around in public covered in black sheets, indeed not even letting them drive cars or walk the sidewalks unchaperoned, no, they were not doing any of those things or anything remotely similar. So it’s a false analogy, to put it mildly.

          True, all Mohammedans are not doing those things, but the percentage of them who are (and those who support them, morally and financially) is sufficiently worrisome in many eyes (Trump’s, mine) to warrant, at the least, not letting them enter — at this point in time — the more civilized nations. Let them stay where they are, at least for the foreseeable future.


                1. Kim G, remember the last census? There were questions on it about ethnicity/religion, how many toilets, bedrooms, vehicles and other such invasive categories. I refused to answer any of them beyond how many people were in my household on that day, because constitutionally that is the ONLY question I needed to answer.

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  9. Trump is a good show, but when it comes time to vote, I suspect that a lot of folks will opt for Cruz or Rubio.

    No way can we vote for someone that will send the illegals back. They are so ingrained in our society that only the hand of God can separate us.
    Now, the Muslims are another thing. We don’t hate them, but we sure fear them. They are just too dangerous to have around. Sad, isn’t it?


    1. Señor Gill: A show is what Trump is. And I hope voters do opt for Cruz or Rubio even though I’m no fan of Rubio who completely caved on the illegals issue. No, all illegals cannot be shipped home (easily), but the way the governments — federal, state, local — are dealing with the problem needs to be vastly modified. Sanctuary zones, for instance, are pathetic. As far as is practical, I favor sending illegals back to their home countries. If that were to be done en masse, it would make people think twice before sneaking into the United States in the first place.

      At this moment, there’s a fellow working at my sister-in-law’s coffee shop. He’s 21 and was carried to the U.S. when he was five years old. He did something stupid about a year ago involving a car and booze and got deported. But now he’s here living with his father and earning money. It was not the end of his life. Kinda funny in some respects. He speaks English way better than Spanish, but he’s improving daily.

      What most Americans do not realize is that Mexico is, to a great extent, a land of opportunity. People with moxie, a bit of intelligence, have lots of opportunities here. Scholarships, trade schools, relative ease of
      opening small — sometimes tiny but workable — businesses. The middle class grows by the day.

      Central America is another matter altogether.


    1. Great videos, Scott. I’m a big fan of Whittle. And, no, you cannot edit a comment, which is a flaw of the WP comment system. But I edit comments quite often, almost entirely for grammar and spelling, being the former newspaper editor I am. Can’t help myself. But I never edit anybody’s point.


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