War on Christmas

THIS BEING Christmas Day, it’s appropriate to celebrate the 95% defeat of the secularists’ War on Christmas.

And what better way to do that than to have another guest post by the Fox News celeb Bill O’Reilly?

As people on the left will, almost to a man, deny having any clue what the term Political Correctness means, they also deny any knowledge of the War on Christmas.

Longtime Moon visitor Kim G* says he hasn’t spotted any War on Christmas anywhere, surely not in his social milieu.

He is a Christmas War Denier!

Without further ado, here’s a great take on the very real, but mostly defeated, War on Christmas. Take it away, Bill!

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bill“Let’s tell a few harrowing stories of past combat, at least the verbal variety. The War on Christmas, widely ridiculed by our cultural elites, was very real and genuinely damaging to many traditional and faithful Americans.

Remember this one? Only a decade ago some major retailers ordered their workers not to say ‘Merry Christmas’ because that might offend customers.

When millions of outraged Americans threatened to take their money elsewhere, ‘Merry Christmas’ was soon back in the retailing lexicon.

How about the skirmish when Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee decided to call his state’s tree a ‘holiday tree?’

Never mind that it was Christmas and the tree was adorned with Christmas lights, the word ‘Christmas’ was put out to pasture in Providence.

Ironically, that city was named to honor ‘God’s merciful Providence.’ Hard to believe Chafee didn’t exactly mesmerize the electorate when he ran for the presidency this year.

There were other disturbing anti-Christmas efforts across America. School boards banned religious music from ‘holiday concerts,’ religious symbols were forbidden from ‘holiday parades,’ and so on.

Some of the anti-Christmas efforts were laughable, but others were downright despicable.

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, a card-carrying secular-progressive, allowed atheists to put up a sign in the capitol rotunda.

Their lovely message, that religion enslaves people, was just a few feet from a manger scene with the baby Jesus.

Truth is, the Christmas-haters were gaining ground, forcing their Grinch-like attitude on schools and stores and municipalities across America.

Then something happened that might be considered a modern-day Christmas miracle. We fought back!

Fox News, churches, Christians, groups like the Thomas More Society, and sane people of all faiths decided it was time to stop the madness. We identified the most ridiculous examples, we called out the Christmas-haters by name.

And, yes, we won. There was no formal ceremony of surrender, but most of the radical secularists retreated back to their caves and back into the woodwork.

Sure, they occasionally raise their heads and lob a few grenades, kind of like the Japanese soldiers who never gave up the fight on Iwo Jima.

Right now the most militant anti-Christmas organization is the Freedom From Religion Foundation, with headquarters in the uber-left city of Madison, Wisconsin.

That contemptible group recently prevented little schoolchildren in Indiana from staging a Nativity scene.

How proud they must be!

The organization also spends money on banners and billboards that diminish religion as ‘a myth and superstition.’

One suspects the brave folks at the Freedom From Religion Foundation have yet to set up a chapter in Saudi Arabia or Syria. ‘Bravery’ comes cheap where liberty prevails and where a Constitution written by men of faith protects even the stupid.

But aside from those occasional dustups, the War on Christmas has been noticeably absent this year.

Jon Stewart, who mockingly dismissed the war as a figment of Christian imagination, no longer has his Comedy Central megaphone with which to ridicule traditionalists.

But even last year, when Stewart was still at the helm, there were few major battles.

So give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back for defeating the Grinches, at least for the moment. But don’t get too comfortable because they will almost surely be back.

It’s worth remembering that North and South Korea are technically still at war with one another, 66 years after the shooting began. They co-exist under an armistice signed in 1953.

New ImageSimilarly, the pro-Christmas good guys are now living under a cease-fire of sorts with the secular naysayers.

Enjoy it while you can. In the meantime, we here at The Factor wish all of you a very, very MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

* * * *

* A good egg in spite of his lamentable politics.

19 thoughts on “War on Christmas

  1. In the suburbs of New Orleans, Christmas is alive and prospering. EVERYONE seemingly goes to church! Last night, I was in a miles-long queue of people going to a Christmas Eve service at a nearby mega-church. My neighbors are mostly Baptist and Catholic, and they were at church last night. Lights and trees abound, even on the municipal grounds of St Tammany Parish there was a lighted scene of the Holy Family as well as Santa, Frosty, and the like. Even my Jewish neighbor went to a Christmas Eve party as there is no synagogue close enough for her tastes. We are increasingly a secularized nation, to be sure, but the war on Christmas is in the minds of the media far-right, the Scrooges, the na-sayers, and indeed, those who celebrate Festivus.


    1. Laurie: I am delighted that Christmas is alive and well in south Louisiana. But, being a Bernie gal, I’m not surprised that you too deny that the War on Christmas ever existed. Actually, it still exists though the good people are winning.

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          1. Dearest friend in Mexico, I love your writing. More than likely I would appreciate your company face-to-face. However, I have dismissed most of your political naysaying because you are not seeing or meeting or talking to ordinary United States citizens face to face regularly. Your viewpoint is increasingly narrow due to relying almost entirely on cable news, especially those of the right extreme position. Until you are in daily communion with NOB people, either in Mexican colonies or here above the border, I find your opinions not entirely credible. Try to enjoy the holidays, old chap. Or better yet, take a flight up north while the weather is warm. I can supply endless number of middle class folk who are quietly living in desperation as their quality life of life sinks to due to high medical costs, pharmacy costs, soaring college debt, etc. To quote dear old Bernie, “There is something profoundly wrong when just 20 people own as much wealth as half of all Americans. The reality is that since the mid-1980s there has been an enormous transfer of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the wealthiest people in this country.” You aren’t here to see the struggles I am seeing in the lives of my friends. Rest well in Mexico and leave the political fighting to those living the life.


            1. Laurie: Just found this comment of yours in the spam pile. I did not put it there. My apologies on behalf of WordPress.

              Oh, I know lots of folks still enjoy Christmas up there, especially in the Southern realms. But that does not negate the efforts that have been made to diss Christmas and Christianity on many fronts in recent years. Go read O’Reilly’s column again.

              As for ole Bernie, well, you have fun with him. I find him silly and clueless.


            2. PS: The “transfer of wealth” notion is totally false. It is not a zero-sum situation. If Joe Blow becomes wealthy, that does not mean some other schmuck became poorer. Nobody is going around taking money from certain individuals’ bank accounts and adding to Donald Trump’s. One person’s success does not come from another person’s failure. That is the basic false premise of socialism.

              Wealth is produced, and anybody with ambition, smarts, a dose of good luck can usually do it. Many people do not do it due to having a shortage of ambition and/or smarts and a dose of good luck.

              Yes, there are people struggling in the U.S. today (and in Venezuela too, even worse). It is not because some successful individuals are stealing their money (well, that may be true to a degree in Venezuela). It is more due to a poorly running economy, something governments play a big hand in. A freer economy runs better than a managed one. A free economy creates opportunity. Some people, due to their personal characteristics, take better advantage of that than others. This is always so.

              There is much the current U.S. government could do to improve the gears of the economy. Don’t ask me for details because I am not an economist. Freedom is best in most situations. Governments run things badly. As time progresses, they do it even more badly.

              Socialism is anti-freedom. Bernie admits to being a socialist. Redistribution of income is not simply bad economics. It is evil.

              The good news is that Bernie has no chance whatsoever of being president.


            3. Laurie: Open my eyes, please. Who is wielding this Black Hand that “transfers wealth”? Is it an individual? A cartel? The Government? Who is “transferring” this wealth from poor people to rich people? This Reverse Robin Hood that steals from the poor to give to the rich. This “transfer of wealth” is a popular phrase among left-leaning people. I want details! Who is this evil being or organization?


              1. Breathe in. Breathe out. Go take a walk, or even sit in the back of your local Catholic church. It’s going to be okay. Life will go on. And as I said, you’re not here. Enjoy your little life in ole Mexico, far, far, far away from these political problems that have caused you far too much anxiety. Saludos, amigo!


                1. Laurie: You are funny. You have responded to a query you cannot answer in exactly the manner I do it. Deflect. We are two peas in this pod. But I thank you for bringing this bogus “wealth transfer” to the front of my noggin. A full Moon post is en route. Perhaps mañana. Perhaps this afternoon.


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