Transfer of wealth

TRANSFER OF WEALTH is the new hot term, popularized by the Left to explain why everyone is not prospering.

New ImageI am curious. Who is doing this “transfer”? Is it some individual, some cabal, who?

But it’s a great-sounding phrase that purports to explain why some people are more successful — sometimes flagrantly so — than others.

Wealthy people are rich because they stole money from the poor, or some pals “transferred” it to them.

First off, this notion is based on the false premise that a set amount of wealth exists, the “zero-sum” concept. If A gets richer, then B obviously grows poorer in the process.

This can be true. If Joe, with a NRA-approved Glock G21, pulls Moe into a dark alley and steals his wallet, then Joe has grown richer by transferring money from Moe.

But this is not how successful people get wealthy most of the time. Usually they do it because they are ambitious, intelligent, shrewd, patient, focused — and often lucky.

Poor people are usually poor because they lack one or more or all of those characteristics. Sometimes they are drunks and drug fiends too, none of which creates a good life.

Plus, do not discount just plain laziness.

(Note: I am referring to the Developed World, the traditional Land of Opportunity and Liberty. Other factors come into play in the Underdeveloped World.)

Okay, so you cannot name an individual or cabal that is doing this “transferring of wealth.” But that leaves one alternative, and it is the biggest wealth redistributor on the planet:


Democratic governments generally transfer wealth from the rich to the poor because there are more poor people, and they can vote. It is self-serving. Think Obama.

Non-democratic governments transfer wealth from the poor to the rich, which is to say the ne’er-do-wells grasping the reins of government. Think Somoza, Duvalier, Stroessner, etc.

People who decry “wealth transfer” these days ironically favor more government. They support guys like the old, wild-haired, irrational, openly socialist Bernie Sanders who wants up to a 90 percent tax rate on successful people.

Taxation is wealth transfer.

Since successful people are major job creators, taxing them into the soil is counterproductive. It slows economies and makes poor people even more poor. It is egregiously stupid.

People who support more government “transfer” of money are usually good-hearted folks. They mean well but are Utopians, out of touch with the reality of our flawed world.

If Americans are struggling financially these days — and many are — it’s due to bad government policies. It is no mysterious individual or group that’s “transferring” wealth.

So the Left actually supports “wealth transfer.” It just wants the transfer done according to its own rules. It wants to rob the successful to prop up the less-successful. It’s just “nice.”

The hard left of communism always fails (see Cuba, the Soviet Union, etc.) and the more moderate left of socialism, a softer touch, (see much of Europe) results in slogging economies.

Government can be good, but it must also be smart.

Wealth transfer belongs in the open marketplace where it’s a positive force. It’s called Capitalism.

Liberty and free markets make the best world, the best life for the most people. Sure, some will remain poor.

There’s no cure for that.

* * * *

(Note: The Left uses the term “transfer” because, to them, it is better than voicing the bald truth. Some people are far more successful at earning money than others. But this inequality of outcome doesn’t seem nice or “fair” to them.)

(Tip of the sombrero to Laurie La Gringa , who embraces “the Bern,” inspired this post.)

22 thoughts on “Transfer of wealth

  1. The Left is inconsistent when it comes to transfer of wealth. Take the climate scam, for example. Obama wants to transfer billions from rich nations to poor nations to save the world from rising seas and global warming. He declared war on coal and has shut down many power plants, resulting in doubling the cost of electricity since he took office to rob both the rich and the poor.

    Obamacare is another example. Obama is jacking up the cost of mandatory health insurance, stealing from the poor and middle class, to enrich the giant insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

    The Right screams bloody murder about Obamacare but does absolutely nothing in Congress to change it.


    1. Andrés: I’m reading a book titled Cheney: One on One. It’s a long interview with the former vice president who says Obama is the worst president in his lifetime. Actually, I think it extends further back than Cheney’s lifetime.

      And you’re right about the GOP. It’s doing nothing valuable about solving the Obamacare mess. Both parties are dysfunctional, but the GOP is less so than the Democrats.


    1. Patzman: My pleasure. I’m here to serve.

      By the way, your comment first got sent to the moderation file. That happened due to a typo in your email address. Anything new triggers moderation.


  2. Dick Cheney is a war criminal…period. Talk about transfer of wealth…he and his cronies and Halliburton made billions from an illegal, trumped up war.


        1. So you’re feeling the Bern, Charles. Have to introduce you to Laurie La Gringa. You wacky people are welcome here. Don’t think otherwise. The Moon is a Big Tent. Inclusive, diverse, multi-opinionated.


  3. Dear friend, there’s more to life than worrying about my politics, although I am pleased that you referred to me in your post. You know that I have great admiration and in so far as the internet allies, a feeling of something akin to friendship for you. I read this article this morning from Bill Moyers. It’s not a plug for Sanders. It’s about the real and present danger that we are becoming a plutocracy. I will stop commenting on your political pieces, at least I will try. You are not here. That’ s my most cogent argument. Your thoughts are based on cable news as far as I can tell. Anyway, here’s the piece by Bill:


    1. Laurie: I do not worry about your politics. I worry about politics in general, as everyone should. Nothing affects our lives more. One often hears people say they don’t concern themselves with politics. These people are clueless. It reminds me of Trotsky’s remark:

      You may not like war, but war likes you.


    2. PS: You say I get information from “cable news,” a nice way of saying Fox News, and you are right. I do, but it’s nowhere near my sole information source, not even a significant part.

      Yet you reference Bill Moyers writing on Salon, one of the most flagrantly left-wing online publications that exists, demonstrating that you and I both get our opinions from people who agree with us. We are typical folks in that.

      As for those plutocrats, which is just a sinister way of saying rich people, yes, they do use their money to get their way — as have rich people since the dawn of time. It’s what we are, and as negative as it can get, there is less suffering and literal blood involved than that which takes place during, say, a French Revolution, a Russian Revolution, a Cuban Revolution, which is the common folk getting their way — and usually living to regret it severely.

      Life goes on.


  4. It didn’t take long to find Obama’s original quote, which came from a videotaped interview he did with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board very early in the presidential campaign, January 2008.

    “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” Obama told the Chronicle . “Coal-powered plants, you know, natural gas, you name it, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”


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