Moon sets on 2015

New ImageWORDPRESS SENDS stats every December.

The Unseen Moon welcomed 75,000 visitors in 2015. The busiest day was January 15 when I posted Just plain nuts. It looked at the goofiness of the United States, a favored theme here.

I get into politics now and then, and cultural issues too.

My top commenters were Kim G, a gay Bostonian, and Robert Gill, a straight Arizonan. Kim tilts to the left, and Robert leans to the right. I like that. The ballyhooed diversity.

The most-visited post, as it is every year, was Havana sex, etc. This has been the case since it was first posted after our anniversary trip to Cuba in 2012. This happens due to Google searches, of course. You naughty people.

By the way, Havana sex, etc. was the second of two posts about our Cuba adventure. I have since joined and deposited them on their own website, Cuba: a communist hellhole.

For those of you who think it’s a good idea for government to set things right and make people “equal,” I recommend a visit to the collectivist heaven in the Caribbean.

The top referring website was Mexpatriate — in the key of Steve. A tip of the sombrero to Steve Cotton. Gracias.

Other data reveal that most readers are not in Mexico but in the United States. I knew that already, and it’s why I discourage comments in Spanish.

Next month will mark the start of my 12th year doing this, first on the defunct Zapata Tales and, since 2011, on The Moon.

Being a former newspaper editor, it lets me keep my hand in the word-and-opinion game.

I appreciate everyone who passes by here, especially those who leave feedback, which most people do not. This is normal on blogs everywhere, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I hope 2016 is a great year for all of you. Thank you for paying attention to an old coot who ended up atop a mountain in the middle of Mexico with time on his hands.

I never planned this. It just sorta happened.

30 thoughts on “Moon sets on 2015

  1. Thank you for the blog. Your “pithy” writings are appreciated by many. I enjoy the comments. As you point out, you have a diverse readership that makes them interesting.

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    1. Mike M: Thanks for the kind words. As the the diverse readership, I cannot really know that. I hope some folks who heartily disagree with my take on things do read it, even if they do not comment. The comment section is not evenly distributed politically. Kim is about the only person from the “other side” that regularly weighs in. I salute him for it. There are a couple of others who comment now and then, but mostly it’s folks who agree with me. I guess that’s natural and typical.

      I welcome contrary opinions as long as they are polite.

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  2. Happy New Year to you, my Slim Friend. I read all of which you write but, being a Collective, Socialistic Canadian, I am a tolerant individual and believe everyone needs a hug every now and then. We in Canuckville are enjoying our Multicultural Diversities here among the snow-capped mountains and igloos we are so famous for. I will return to Mexico to ride the Baja home in March. Wishing you and your beautiful spouse the very best for the New Year and many more to come. And, yes, our Frenchies are all on board now. We have a new Trudeau King in our midst.


    1. Bob: As I responded to the first comment by Mike M, I was trying to think of how many of you lefties comment here these days. I did not think of you. I guess that’s because you comment far less than you did previously. Why? I do not know. You are a fun fellow.

      Enjoy the Baja trip, and I hope 2016 is kind and loving to you.


  3. This craziness is not confined to the US and Canada. This Coca Cola ad caused a big stink in Mexico. By the time I found something about it in English, it had vanished from the internet. Gone like a bad fart in a high wind.

    No good deed goes unpunished! They are coming for you Felipe!

    You should really reconsider your stance on Spanish in the blog. Why not poll your readers to determine their fluency in the language? I suspect you will be surprised.


    1. Señor Gill: My God, man, you’re polluting your mind with Huffpost?! Stop that right now! You hear?

      Yes, I had already read of the dust-up over that Coke ad. The “outrage” over that is 95 percent due to anti-Americanism. It’s not PC nuttiness, even though it might be construed that way. It was the juxtaposition of a huge U.S. company and indigenous Mexicans that lit that faux fire. Most of the time, Mexicans couldn’t care less about the indigenous people. Just when it suits us. Fiestas and stuff.

      And 99 percent of Mexicans, including the indigenous population, swills Coke like there’s no mañana.

      As for allowing Spanish in the comments, why? Everybody here understands English, and not everybody understands Spanish.


      1. “And 99 percent of Mexicans, including the indigenous population, swills Coke like there’s no mañana.”

        I’m not Mexican, but your devious subliminal suggestion sent off to get a Coca chica. It’s yummers!

        Don Cuevas


        1. Don Cuevas: Well, I am Mexican, though an odd one. I drink Coke on just one occasion, and even then it’s the tiny bottle of Coke Zero.

          It goes splendidly with my wife’s green pozole.


        2. Don Cuevas: We almost never imbibe soft drinks, but we had occasion recently to grab a quick breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall spot in the capital city. Normally, we order a bottle of water and split it, but there was none. I instead took a look at the offerings and chose a soft drink called Boing! … or something like that. It came in various flavors, but I chose orange.

          It was quite a surprise. Unlike most soft drinks, it was “full-bodied,” not basically watery. I’ll buy it again in the future.


          1. Boing is made by a wholly Mexican, employee owned company. How’s that for PC?

            I did a blog post on Boing a number of years ago. You may find it here:
            Our regional bus line, AutoVias, used to give boarding passengers a choice of Boing or water. We always chose Boing. My favorite Boing flavor is Mango or Guayaba*. Durazno** isn’t bad, either. Unfortunately, AutoVias discontinued the Boing giveaway a few years back, and now it’s just some lower grade swill.

            Don Cuevas
            *Guava. **Peach


            1. Don Cuevas: Boing being a Mexican company owned by employees is not PC in the slightest. I don’t think you quite grasp the evil concept.

              So, you’re a Boing fan. Me too. Don’t know why I never tried it before. Oh, yes, sure I do. I thought it was just another flavored, sugared, watery soft drink from a big, bad corporation. Now I know better.


  4. I look forward to your blogs, somewhat as a reminder of the five years we spent there, and also for entertainment.

    I usually only comment when I have something to contribute, or the subject is particularly entertaining. The other times are to correct your political leanings because, although you are entitled to your opinion, and I defend your being able to think and express your thoughts, we both know that you have these Fox News moments when you are delusional, and I, being both Canadian and a driving instructor and licensing examiner, am always right.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. Kris: Your feedback is always welcome here. Keep it up.

      You’re the second person this week to point at Fox News as my opinion-maker. Truth is that Fox News is not included in my cable package, and I have not watched it for many years. I do look at their website every morning, but I don’t find much there. It’s a so-so website. I do subscribe to O’Reilly’s columns. I agree with him most always except when his Catholicism leads him astray. He’s misguided on the Drug War and on Mexico in general.

      My go-to website for news is Breitbart, a wonderful resource. And I read the websites of The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner and Truth Revolt. Now and then I look at Huffpost for chuckles and eyeball-rolling.

      As for your being a (socialist) Canadian and driving instructor, I forgive you. May you have a great 2016.


  5. Felipe,

    I hope you and your bride have a happy and fulfilling 2016. May more of your visitors come out of the woodwork and provide even more enjoyable commentary and engaging banter.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Same to you, Scott.

      And I would like for more folks to chime in here but, as I noted, most blog readers everywhere stick to lurking, or so I have read, and I believe it. I find it difficult to understand that approach because I’m such a loudmouth on other people’s websites. But folks are different, aren’t they?

      A bountiful 2016 to you and everybody in your home — neighbors too.


      1. Breitbart? Omigosh! I am a ‘lurker’ usually, but I do comment on occasion. Since I’m a “lefty,” much of what you ruminate about is distasteful. However, I don’t always disagree with you as you have learned as I’ve followed your excellent blog for yrs. I respect the errors in your thinking as I’m sure that you respect the errors in mine. Happy New Year, you “Old Coot’ and to your Child Bride as well.

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        1. Smokesilver: Yes, Breitbart. His premature death was a true tragedy, but his people have carried on his righteous fight, and they do it so very well.

          Yes, I respect the errors in your thinking. As I have mentioned quite often, I think most of “you people” mean well. Your hearts are in the right place. Problem is that your hearts overrule your heads, and that leads to grievous errors. It’s a perilous path.

          No matter. There’s no curing you. I hope 2016 is very good to you. Well, not in November, of course. Your old, felonious battle wagon Hillary will go down in well-deserved flames. And the people will rejoice, especially in fly-over country.


  6. happy 2016 to an old coot and his child bride! may the new year continue to bring you good health and happiness and may you continue to entertain us with your always interesting posts.

    teresa in nagoya


  7. p.s. forgot to comment on the pic-great shot! now can you enlighten me with the definition of cholo. guess i could look it up, but it will be more interesting hearing it from you.


    1. teresa: you just gotta leave comments, which I do appreciate very much, on the correct post. you do this fairly often. it's really weird. i'm not even sure how that gets done.

      but i love you anyhows.

      now to address your question. here are three definitions of cholo that I found online:

      1. latin american with indian blood: mestizo.
      2. a lower-class mexican, especially in an urban area.
      3. a teenage boy, especially in a mexican-american area, who is a member of a street gang.


  8. It’s enjoyable to be able to read the comments which most of the time are generated by well-versed people.
    I think you have finally weeded out the ones that were not able to control their one-sided outbursts and got way too emotional a few times. Well-mannered conversation is enjoyable.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.


    1. Tancho: Since you bring it up, I will confess that I use WordPress’s blocking service with no qualms when necessary. And since I dip into politics here with some frequency, that has been necessary. Much of the time, nobody notices but me because first comments by anyone are always moderated. On rare occasion, someone starts out satisfactorily and then gradually descends into a place where they should not descend. Then, it’s adiós.

      I have no problem at all with contrary opinions as long as there is no name-calling. Even if there is no name-calling, relentless snarkiness will also get you shown to the door.

      The Blacklist on the Moon is sadly well-populated.


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