Yea for Islamophobia!

The true War on Women.

IS ISLAMOPHOBIA bad? Not at all. But it’s not the preferred term due to phobia’s definition as an irrational fear.

And trepidation in the face of this so-called religion — a beast philosophy — is quite a rational response.

The photo shows a young Indonesian woman who broke the Mohammedan rule against being alone in a room with a man to whom she was not married.

Just being in the room. That’s all.  Gadzooks!

She is a lucky one. She only received a public lashing instead of stoning to death or the ever-popular beheading.

Or being drowned in a cage. Or being thrown off a cliff. Or being hanged from a construction crane. Or being burned alive.

You can read the details here. It’s important to publicize this stuff in order to spread “Islamophobia” far and wide.

These are the people President Barry embraced in 2009 as he kicked off his term with the infamous Apology Tour.

Perhaps you voted for him. Not once, but twice.

Gadzooks! Bet you’re red-faced now.

11 thoughts on “Yea for Islamophobia!

  1. We need to come up with a new term — there probably is one out there — for religious extremism, no matter the variety. Let’s face it, Judaism, Christianity also have extremists. Interesting thought, do other religions not based on the Abrahamic traditions have extremists? Back on track, everyone should be very afraid of religious extremists in whatever form they take.


    1. Judy: I think you mentioned the proper term for religious extremism:

      Religious extremism.

      And yes, Christianity and Judaism have extremists. The Westboro Baptist Church in Florida, a pack of crackpots if there ever was one, comes to mind. But they’re not even affiliated with the regular Baptists. They are free-flying nut jobs, nothing more. And not given to murder.

      Jewish extremists? I would put the hyper-Orthodox crowd in that. The pigtailed men, the swaying back and forth, the long black coats. In my book, they are religious extremists. They likely would not deny it. But they are not dangerous at all, as a rule. There’s the Jewish Defense League (JDL), but that grew out of anti-Semitism. “Never again,” and I don’t blame them. Haven’t heard much out of the JDL in a long time.

      But I detect that you’re suggesting that the Mohammedan rampage currently going on across the Mideast and into parts of the West has some current equivalence in the Christian and Jewish religions.

      No way, José. Not even close.

      The last time the Christians went on a wide-scale warpath against another faith (the Mohammedans!), it was way back there between the 11th and 13th centuries, a big difference, time-wise, with, say, last week.


    2. What is a Christian extremist? Someone who supports an excessive number of orphanages? I object to the moral-equivalency that is so popular today that equates devout Christians to murderous jihadists. It just isn’t true. There are no Christians who believe that it is right to behead unbelievers, or push gays off buildings or blow up holiday parties. An extremist Christian does not have an extreme amount of hate, but an extreme amount of love – they sacrifice to serve others. This is the example of extreme Christianity and can be found in the poorest places, serving the most unlovable the world has ever known. How many Islamist charities are there healing the sick and caring for the orphan? These religions are not the same in any way.

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      1. Bonnie: Of course, there is no equivalency. But there are some whack-job Christians. The infamous Westboro “Baptists” come to mind. And now and then some deranged “Christian” will open fire on an abortion clinic. But they are such a tiny minority, they really do not count in the grand scheme of things. They are simply nuts. But the left loves to point to them and say, look, you do it too. Ridiculous.

        The Mohammedan terror is in another category far apart. It’s what they are, and there are lots of them.


  2. Lefty Liberal Apologists seriously make me sick! Rational fear based upon historical evidence is a survival instinct which has served mankind well over the millenia.


    1. Mark: How right you are. But please stop referring to the leftists as liberal. They are not. That they have co-opted the nice terms of liberal and progressive just shows how much sharper they are at kidnapping the sweet-sounding adjectives.

      Conservatives need to sharpen their skills at that. It matters.


      1. You have hit on it. We have allowed the Left to define the debate. They are not liberal at all, as you say, but are the most close minded and intolerant. I am a liberal. Believe whatever you want, live however you want, but do not dictate how I am to live or to believe, who my friends shall be or what I am allowed to say.

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        1. Bonnie: The intolerance of leftists is very clear. One example among many: Schedule a conservative speaker on about any U.S. campus of the elite, ivy-league universities. The speaker, if he or she even makes it to the stage, will be shouted down, and the university allows it, so it’s not just students but administrators too.

          Schedule a left-wing speaker at one of the (relatively few) conservative Halls of Learning, and the speaker will be politely allowed to speak. Perhaps the audiences will be sparse, but there will be no shouting down, no Brown Shirt tactics at all.

          Conservatives are polite and tolerant.


  3. I think Bonnie just described herself as a conservative. The essence of conservatism is that every one gets to make up their own mind on issues. We don’t have to follow the party script. No little red books for us.

    I have a niece who thinks we are racist because we don’t want to accept Syrian refugees.

    I think we should have the right to accept or reject others based upon our own fears and thoughts.

    If she wants to accept these people into her circle of friends, that is her business. But don’t expect others to want to live with them.

    It was scary in that the bozos who tried to shoot up the cartoon convention in Texas lived in our neighborhood. I am glad that they went to Texas to do their evil, and I thank God that cop was a good shot.

    Now there is this:

    And this:

    I think it is time someone gave these criminals a lesson in carpet bombing.


      1. Yes, I was really impressed with it in Viet Nam. I was also impressed with the fire from a battleship offshore. When that shell went over, everything shook.

        The Viet Cong told their people to run into the already bombed area, but sometimes the oxygen in the area was depleted by the explosion. If we worried about collateral damage, we would have never won World War II.


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