Two scenes

OneTHESE TWO musicians were part of a group playing in the plaza yesterday. I was struck by the face of one of them.

And it froze Saturday night, as it often does in winter — wish it wouldn’t — delivering a death blow to the banana trees, which will have to be cut down and hauled away.

They will self-resurrect, a mixed blessing. I took the photo below from the upstairs terraza early Sunday. You’ve heard of a smoking gun. This is a smoking umbrella.


2 thoughts on “Two scenes

  1. i too was struck by one of them-he looks very asian.
    is that a mule or horse under the roof in your neighbor’s yard? it almost looks like it’s wearing big white shoes.
    it is supposed to freeze here tonight and we might get some snow-or so i’ve heard. people are complaining but i love the white stuff. of course, i don’t have to drive in it-instead, i’ll go out and play in it, maybe make a snowman.    
    have a good week.
    under  5 1/2 months left in nagoya.  


    1. teresa: lots of mexicans have an asian look to them. my wife is one of them. and that’s a horse in the neighbor’s yard. the white things are not his shoes but white bags. if you click on the photo it gets bigger and the detail is more obvious.


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