A winter shot



WHAT A DIFFERENCE a season makes. The top shot is through our bedroom window this week. The lower one is the view through the same window in rainy summer.

A sharp eye will detect the butchered trunk of the golden datura in the topmost photo. Datura, like the banana, takes winter very badly, and must be whacked back yearly.

But it’s an enthusiastic, stubborn plant and swiftly returns in springtime, giving us quite a view from the bedroom on our perfect summertime mornings.

4 thoughts on “A winter shot

    1. Angeline: Yes, it does. Through all of rainy summer and on into autumn, it’s mostly impossible to see past those flowers to the yard beyond, which is why it’s interesting to us when I have to cut it down every winter. We can see out the window again.

      The main drawback is that those lovely flowers droop severely after a couple of days and then fall dead, brown and shriveled to the ground, making a mess to clean up, and it’s nonstop.

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