Healthcare in Mexico

New ImageMUCH IS said, especially here, about the differences between Mexican healthcare and the dreadful, pricey, irrational system found above the Rio Bravo.

An online publication named Mexico News Daily published this informative piece on Friday. It deals with the differences in medical training on each side of the border.

Quite interesting.

8 thoughts on “Healthcare in Mexico

  1. My experiences has been that Mexican doctors are far more willing to spend time knowing their patients and learning about the patient’s specific concerns. My last three visits to my assigned physician in The States was more like an assembly line with a huge dose of lectures about lifestyle and the attendant unnecessary tests.


    1. Señor Cotton: I’ve not waited in one of a line of cubicles in a doctor’s office in the last 16 years. Sooo much nicer.

      But you know that.

      As for those unnecessary tests above the border, you know they have to protect their backsides from lawsuits, of course.


    1. Clete: There’s no free ride. Public institutions are tax-funded in the United States. I’m fine with low-tuition public universities. I graduated from two of them. And tax-funded interstate highways, tax-funded police and firemen, military, etc. All good.

      I do not think free universities is smart. Lots of people do not belong in universities, and a freebie is fraught with potential problems. Having to make a modicum of financial effort is better. Feel free to think otherwise.


      1. On the topic of free university for all, an interesting comment from my German son-in-law who noted that the quality of free German universities is not good. That is because faculty has no incentive to be at work so TAs are the teachers.
        He got advanced degrees (two) in the US so he can speak authoritatively about the comparison. His children speak German and could attend free German universities but he’s not pushing it.

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      2. Not everyone who applies for entrance gets accepted. Many don’t have a high enough GPA to qualify. And the free tuition also goes for med students and many of those fine, patient young doctors might be waiting tables in the DF or cutting lawns NOB.


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