The modern Felipe

capI HAVE UPDATED the Felipe page, the first significant makeover in years.

It includes a recent photo, replacing the one taken a decade back while I was sitting in a rocker on the veranda with an orange juice. I am now sporting what I call a bebop cap, a new style I adopted recently after cutting my silver locks significantly shorter. I embrace neat.

The face one presents to the world should be honest. Recently, I picked up the mugshot that will appear on my Mexican passport renewal, and I was gobsmacked when I held it next to the mugshot on the passport issued 10 years ago.

Time marches on.

In addition to the current photo, the updated  Felipe page contains some new information that will give Felipe Fans (See Facebook and Twitter — just kidding) much to chatter about.

Also available is my email address if you have something to say that doesn’t relate to a specific post. The Felipe page, along with separate pages of Library, Art, Hacienda and Web Roll always rest up there in the header on the right side.

Just so’s you know.

In closing, I offer a heartfelt tip of the sombrero (or bebop cap) to those of you who dance along with me here on the dim Mexican fringe of cyberspace. I appreciate it.

12 thoughts on “The modern Felipe

  1. I’ll always think of you in the earlier photo, head cocked, wearing a straw (Panama?) hat, index finger to your lips, with an inquiring look.

    Don Cuevas


    1. Don Cuevas: You mean this one?

      It’s an even older photo, taken on the interior patio of the Allende Institute in San Miguel. The hat, which was always a tiny bit too small, now hangs moldy and forlorn on the wall of the veranda.

      The sunglasses are the same ones as now.

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      1. Some lil whippersnapper took a quick pic of my mug the other day. I didn’t recognize the old goat when I saw the shot. Damn, I had a good run, but it’s high time I suppose.

        You continue to strike a debonair impression, my friend, my old friend (insert smiley face).



  2. I’m not much on dancing, but I will motor along with You. Don’t agree with some of your ideas, but I respect others’ opinions. I will ride back to Canada at month’s end, taking my time and observing the landscapes of America.


    1. Bob: Motoring with me is fine. I wish I still had a motorcycle, but these Mexican drivers likely would run me over posthaste, so I’ll stay surrounded by steel in the Honda. Enjoy your trip back, old sir.


  3. Dim Mexican fringe? Haha, sounds like the interior trim of an aging low-rider car.

    I think you’re aging well. No one’s going to card you, but you look handsome, which is after all, the important part.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where we are being charmed and then charmed some more.

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