Clueless Bernie-ites

HILLARY FINALLY said a true thing. She said Bernie Sanders is a one-issue candidate, and she’s correct. He’s all about battling “Wall Street,” she rightly observes.

But then there’s also the “free stuff.” Socialism is all about “free stuff,” which isn’t free at all, of course, but it sounds super.

I just read a column by Stephen Moore, an economic consultant with Freedom Works. The headline is Socialism’s Strange Appeal with a subhead Bernie Sanders and socialism are for those who cannot handle reality.

Young Bern

I’ll put a link to the column later, but I know those who disagree will be as disinclined to read it as I am disinclined to read Salon, Mother Jones, and Huffpost, so here are a few key points:

  1. The remarkable thing about the rise of Bernie Sanders is that his popularity runs counter to how socialism is actually working around the world. Bankrupt Greece, just one example, is modern socialism on steroids.
  2.  Leftists enjoy pointing to Sweden and Denmark as socialist success stories while Sweden and Denmark are back-pedaling as fast as they can.
  3. Economic freedom is the opposite of socialism.

Nations that are economically free have free trade, small welfare states, low taxes, a light hand of regulation, private ownership of the means of production, and the rule of law.

Countries that are economically free have five times the average income ($55,000) of countries that are the least economically free ($9,000). Not only that, economic freedom is also highly correlated with better education, improved health, and a cleaner environment.*

The poor do better in nations that are economically free and worse in Bernie Sanders land. You can read Moore’s complete column here. It ain’t that long.

* * * *

* Most of this is lifted verbatim from Moore’s column.

38 thoughts on “Clueless Bernie-ites

  1. Felipe, you and I agree on something regarding politics? This is a momentous day. The thing about the Revolution I find hilarious is that it sounds like a redux of “hope and change.” Not happening, even if he does manage to get elected. I love the young Bernie photo.

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    1. Ms. Bachelorette: You have left me confused. I read something on your blog a month or more ago that gave me the distinct impression that you are a lefty. I gulped, wept a moment, and told myself that you have other, more positive, qualities too and that I must focus on them.

      Now you tell me you don’t like Bernie. I can only conclude you’re a Hillary supporter, also disturbing, but less so.

      No matter. Between the two, I vastly prefer Hillary. Her leftism is totally self-serving. She is a One-Percenter opportunist millionaire more than anything. I don’t believe that in her heart she believes much of that collectivist jabber she mouths to win Democrat votes. Bernie, on the other hand, does believe it very much, which is why he is far more dangerous than Hillary. I could actually breathe fairly easily with Hillary in the Oval Office. And she would be a great improvement over Weepy Barry, but that’s not saying much. Who wouldn’t?


        1. Ms. Bachelorette: I urge you to reconsider your devotion to the Democrat Party, a devotion I shared for most of my life.

          Consider the only realistic alternative in the U.S., the colossally flawed GOP, and the best man on our side, Ted Cruz.


            1. Ms. Bachelorette: I imagine 100 percent of Hillary people feel the same. He’ll never win a personality contest, of course, which is part of the reason he’s my man. And he’s the polar opposite of Weepy Barry.

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            2. Ms. Bachelorette: I have it on excellent authority that, unbeknownst to you, Sadie is a huge Cruz fan. She’s keeps it to herself because she fears you’ll toss her out on the street. No joke. If there’s anything she loves more than Cruz, it’s her Kibbles.

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    2. P.S.: I used that photo of Bernie to indicate a little more clearly what we’re dealing with. Jerry Rubin could easily be standing just out of view of the camera. You may be too young to remember Rubin.

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  2. Hillary is a con artist, but Bernie is a true believer. She will just rip us off, but he will enslave us.
    How many “free” things can they offer us before people wake up and smell the coffee? Nothing is free in this world; everything has to be paid.
    We are currently pretty much out of wealthy people to pillage.
    The truly wealthy live in the Middle East and the Far East. They are beyond our ability to tax.
    But, people will continue to expect that government will take care of their wants and needs. The day that the government cannot, or will not fund those EBT cards, it will all fall down.
    After we retired, my wife worked at Wally World for about five years. She was surprised at the people living off of food stamps. Not poor people, but ordinary folks that used to work for a living that somehow got hooked on the opium of social welfare. They felt they had it coming. It was their right.
    The Scandinavian countries had a go at socialism. It appeared to work for a while, but their system fed off of the oil and gas of the North Sea. Now, that income has been radically reduced.
    At the same time, foolish government officials have invited a bunch of social parasites to live in their nation and feed at the public trough.
    It will will not end well.
    Then, there is Mr. Trump. That too will not end well.

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  3. The disturbing thing about this guy is how many young people are following him. “Free college,” etc, etc. Free stuff for everyone!

    They say “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” Well she’s standing and clearing her throat.

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    1. Ray: The United States of America has not seen real difficulty since 1945, 70 years ago, which means virtually no one alive knows true threat. It — and much of Western Europe too — is populated by clueless, spoiled individuals who think the last 70 years is typical. It ain’t.

      I imagine the fat lady is clearing her throat in many areas. At my advanced age, I likely will slip through okay. You, less so. And young people are going to get a real introduction to life before much longer when that big broad starts to sing.


      1. Have you forgotten all of the air raid drills we went through as kids? We were sure the commies were going to kill us at any moment. Every Saturday, the air raid sirens would be tested. We would look up hoping not to see a mushroom cloud. Duck and cover.

        I have the remains of a fallout shelter in my backyard.


        1. Señor Gill: I have often read of this being a fixture of the 1950s, but I do not remember ever having participated. Maybe it did not happen in North Florida, or maybe I just don’t remember.

          I do remember that I once started to build my own fallout shelter on property that abutted our house. I had excavated quite a deep pit before a neighbor kid kicked it in out of pure meanness.


      2. You may be forgetting the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even in Canada we were doing drills that had us crouching under our desks to save us from a nuclear attack. Have to agree though, being free and being a freeloader are not the same.


        1. Kris: I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis quite well. So you’re a couple or more years younger than I am. I was in Air Force boot camp outside San Antonio, Texas. Since boot camp had us pretty much isolated from the outside world, I was not aware at the time of the tension across the nation. I learned that later.


      3. You probably know that my former home state Oregon conducts all of its elections by mail. State Representative Val Hoyle (Democrat of Eugene — and redundant information for this reply) is running for Secretary of State — the office that administers elections in the people’s republic. She has discovered a terrifying undemocratic aspect of Oregon’s progressive voting system. If a voter does not drop her ballot off at one of several sites, she will be forced to apply a 49 cent stamp. I was positive the old poll tax argument was about to run around the block a couple of times. And Hoyle did. But far more interestingly, she indicated that young voters are flummoxed by the process of buying a stamp — something they never do for any other purpose. So, the state is now in the process of considering shelling out $1.84 million to soothe the angst of information-starved millennials. Bernie must be smiling.

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        1. Señor Cotton:

          Two things:

          1. Lefties are not “progressives,” and they are not liberal either. Don’t participate in the left-wing kidnap of nice words, please.

          2. This is hilarious. As the old saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up.


          1. And now the righties will also dictate to society word definitions! I thought you were against political correctness?

            Any progress mankind has achieved in its entire history has been brought to us by people to the left as defined by current definition. Sure the hell not by people such as Lalo Cruz.


  4. “lifted verbatim from Moore’s column”

    The Kansas City Star will no longer publish anything from Moore after they caught him blatantly lying in a rebuttal to Paul Krugman. His, er, statistics, were a little funny so to say. But go on and believe what you want. Don;t let the truth stop you.


    1. Clete: Went Googling, did you? Well, I know nothing and care less about that little dust-up, especially when the target was the near-Bolshevik Krugman. With the internet one can find negative stuff on just about everyone. Except me and Mother Teresa, of course.

      And the verbatim part that I cited was primarily that one paragraph, plus a few sentences elsewhere. Doesn’t matter.

      Anyway, none of this negates the truth about Ole Bern and your beloved socialism. Again, I recommend a trip to Cuba for you.

      In the meantime, wave that Red flag, brother! The revolution is just around the corner! I promise. Hang in there. Don’t be discouraged.


  5. Some day you may figure out the difference between communism and social democracy. In the meantime, enjoy your SS pension.


      1. The little sparrow was one of my favorites. However, she had a spotted past. She stayed behind and sang for the Nazis and the Vichy. But then again, so did almost every one else.

        “Non Regrette Rien” was the unofficial anthem of the Secret Army Organization. Unfortunately, they lost their cause and Algeria. Now the Muslims have a foothold on France.


        1. Señor Gill: La Marseillaise is, of course, a song of revolution. I inserted it here for our friend Clete, so he would feel at home, so he would know the Moon is a safe space where he will never be frightened.


            1. Señor Gill: You’re quite right, of course. Why didn’t that enter my mind?

              That brings up the odd matter of Red States being conservative and Blue States being collectivist. It’s bass-ackwards, color-wise.

              Red is the commie color, as we all know.


  6. The water table in most of Florida is too shallow to build a basement or fallout shelter. If you attempt it, you’ll either have a small pond or sinkhole.

    Otto Bismark and Kaiser Wilhelm started the first social security system in the late 19th Century. They were neither socialists nor communists.

    Even Bernie is better than Clinton.
    ABC – anyone but Clinton.


  7. Again, we are faced with a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. I see Mr. Trump says that if he is elected, he will prosecute Hillary. Well, if our justice system was working like it is supposed to, she would already be in an orange jumpsuit.

    The Democrats offer us two has-beens, one from the ’90s and the other from the ’60s. Not a good choice.

    The Republicans had a good selection of candidates, but they engaged in internecine warfare to such an extent they have damaged each other to no end. I blame Jeb Bush for starting it.

    Then we have Mr. Trump, the interloper and johnny-come-lately Republican. He wants to deport twelve million people, and that will not be good for anyone. But it looks like he is going to be our candidate.

    A sad state of affairs!


    1. Señor Gill: I don’t think one should pay too much attention to what Trump says, especially that he’s going to deport 12 million people. I don’t think a president has that sole authority. Nor can he prosecute Hillary. I guess he could lean on someone to do it. Trump just says what sounds good to his maniacal supporters.

      I think it is difficult to predict what Trump might do as president. He’s an egomaniac. I do think his popularity, in large part, is due to the anger and frustration across many swathes of America at the lamentable reign of Weepy Barry and the ham-fisted tactics of the race-obsessed and “victim”-obsessed PC legions in the media, academia, etc. America is coming unglued.

      And it is indeed a sad state of affairs.


  8. Felipe,
    Given that Trump may possibly win the Republican nomination, do you really think he would make a better president than either of the Democratic candidates? Personally, I think this is one election I will sit out. Neither side has even remotely presented a candidate I could support. I’m used to voting for the lesser evil but, in this case, they’re all evil.


    1. Landslide: I think any of the GOP candidates who have stepped forward this year, including all those who have dropped out, would be far better than Ole Bern.

      Hillary would be better than Bernie too, by a long shot. She’s a faux lefty. He’s the real McCoy, alas.

      As for your not voting this year, I encourage you to carry through on that vow since you always vote Democrat.


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