Cuba, yet again

WE VISITED Cuba for our 10th anniversary in 2012, and I posted a piece titled Cuba: A Communist Hellhole.

In spite of its being a hellhole for Cubans, you’ll never lack for collectivists outside Cuba who praise the place.

Most have never been there, of course, and those who do visit keep blinders firmly in position.

Recently, I came upon two articles in the PanAm Post written by Scott Beyer who had visited Havana and, like me, had found it sad and deplorable.

You’ll find Beyer’s articles, in sequence, here and here.

Communism is, of course, the final stage of “social democracy” and socialism (à la Bernie Sanders). All are philosophies that pipe-dream of making everybody “equal.”

Equally depressed.

7 thoughts on “Cuba, yet again

  1. Hubs was telling me that the “revolutionary” Ortega of Nicaragua has become an elite, Rolex-wearing plutocrat. The human nature, especially temptation, is hard to subdue.


    1. Carole: Of course, nobody wants to be “equal.” Everybody wants to be better than that. Human nature, as you say.

      Remember Eldridge Cleaver of the Black Panthers? He went full-blown capitalist achiever in his later years too.


  2. That is odd. The Scandinavian countries have had socialist democracies for many decades. None have turned communist nor totalitarian. If anything they have a more open and fair democracy than the USA.


    1. Clete: The Scandinavian nations are sparsely populated with very uniform cultures and sky-high taxes to support their give-aways. In recent years, they’ve begun to have second thoughts, cutting taxes, and with the Mohammedan invasion they very stupidly embraced due to political correctness are backtracking in that area too. The Mohammedans are moving in and signing up for the dole as quickly as possible. They know a free lunch when they see it.

      Kinda laughable when you think of it. Poetic justice.

      Bottom line is philosophy. Does one want to live in a high-tax nation where government (legally) steals your money and decides how to redistribute it to other people who did not earn it, or does one not want to live like that? Does one want to decide personally what to do with one’s earnings.

      You know my answer to that.


      1. But in spite of your philosophical objections people that reside in those countries are reported to be the happiest on earth. I wonder if they know something you don’t?


        1. Clete: Yes, and they are deliriously gleeful in the social democracies of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, etc., these days. Whoops, I recall rioting in the streets in some of those places when the dole had to be reduced because the high taxes weren’t cutting the mustard. Bankruptcy!

          It only worked fairly well for a few decades in your sparsely populated, uni-cultural, uni-religious, lily-white, Scandinavia, which is having serious second thoughts now. Especially since those multicultural Mohammedans they’ve imported do not play by the rules.

          Dream on. And keep waving that Red flag.


          1. Well that pretty much answers my question, comrade. Muchas gracias. And hope those SS checks keep coming in.


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