Mixed signals

View Thursday from our upstairs terraza.

TUESDAY AND Wednesday got really weird here on the mountaintop. It rained and it blew, blowing so hard that a 20-foot sheet of metal roofing separated from our neighbors’ backyard shed and sailed over into our yard.

Apart from breaking a few clay tiles atop the wall that separates our yard from the Garden Patio, no damage was done. The two of us donned gloves and toted it out the gate and left it on the street behind the neighbors’ house.

Later it was gone. They are not nice people.

Someone posted on a Yahoo forum that focuses on our area that this is the first time that snow’s been visible here in 54 years. I feel like I’m in Colorado.

New ImageBut it’s almost springtime! For the past few days, while sitting in the dining room with bagels, we watched through the window a visitor drinking from the ceramic birdbath, an Altamira oriole.

So while winter makes what I pray is its final punch, signs of springtime frolic in the yard simultaneously.

Mixed signals from the Goddess.

12 thoughts on “Mixed signals

  1. I put on my warmest clothes, and got the sled out of the bodega (storage shed), but by the time I got up on the hill, the snow had melted.

    Despite that disappointment, I went in and made myself some hot chocolate. Agustino’s, from Morelia; it’s terrific!

    Don Cuevas


    1. Don Cuevas: I’d like some hot chocolate, but I have none. It froze here overnight. I hope that’s the end of it for this season. But the mountains in the photo are no longer white-capped. They are back to green.

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  2. Sounds like spring in Alabama: hot, rain, cold (sometimes in the same day here). Never snow on the hilltops, but I do recall an April snow one year.


    1. Hi, Ray: Strange thing about spring here is that it’s the most uncomfortable season. Well, if you don’t count the fact that my fingers are frozen at this moment because I just came in from tossing ice out of the birdbath. In any event, I prefer cold to hot always.

      Come on down!

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  3. Reminds me of fall in our Canada cottage when, in October, a cold weather system might bring a layer of snow, frozen rain and with much wind, and then an Indian summer day could follow up the next. We, in Central Texas, had no winter to speak of.


  4. WOW! A rare Colorado shout out from Felipe!! It is just like you are here sipping on a cafecito with me! (Well, almost.)

    Have a great Friday, Felipe!

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  5. It has been beautifully cool here in the morning — in the 50s. But my neighbors have been dressing as if they were going to be breaking out the dog sleds.


    1. Señor Cotton: I’ve read on many occasions that Mexicans who live in the sweaty zones go a little nuts when they cease sweating. They don’t know what to make of it. Bet it is nice there, probably far better than it was here Wednesday and Thursday, which were pretty nasty.

      Great today though. Sixty-one degrees here in the house. I have a thermometer on my desk.


  6. We went to the USA to sell some property and drove back home last Wednesday. We headed out of Laredo early and this side of Saltillo it started raining, then the rain turned to sleet and then to giant icy snow flakes.Bill missed our turn and we ended up in Ojuelos where it was snowing even harder. Truckers were pulling over and waiting out the storm, but we forged ahead. The snow stopped just south of Lagos de Moreno. It was pretty scary driving up the mountains and sliding down the highway. Before we left Texas we spent a few nights in Corpus Christi, where the wind was blowing like a hurricane.


    1. Wow, Bonnie, what a stroke of bad luck for your return trip. Glad you two made it back intact. I’ve never seen anything like that storm system in the 16 years I’ve lived here, not even close.

      But today everything is as it should be, very nice.


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