Death by Democrats

BILL WHITTLE  knocks it out of the park again.

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  1. There are many reasons why Detroit and the Midwestern Rust Belt are in decline. Much of the blame can be placed on the incompetence and greed of the American auto industry and the Mafia-controlled labor unions.


    1. Andrés: D.C. and Baltimore are not part of the Midwestern Rust Belt. But sure, greedy unions — a redundancy — played a role in Detroit’s downfall. Of course, unions always go with the Democrats.


      1. Sadly, so much of our government has turned into a kleptocracy. Detroit is a dangerous slum where the population lives off of social programs and food stamps. The only real good business in the area is dope dealing. It is exempt from government regulation and taxation.

        And yet, only 235 miles to the northeast is a vibrant, clean city of employed people, Toronto. What is the difference? It looks like Whittle has put his finger on it.

        And yet, people will continue to vote for the party of greed, social envy and racial hatred. CNN and MSNBC will not be happy until they have ignited a race war. And, that will not be good for anyone.

        While I do not support Mr. Trump, it appears he will be the candidate of our party. He has the right to hold his meeting without the harassment that occurred in Chicago.

        I am afraid this will not end well.


        1. Señor Gill: No, it will not end well. As I stated in a separate post, The Donald is simply blowback, reaction to years of government and cultural stupidity in the United States.


          1. Yes, I can understand. If one is in their fifties or sixties and they find that their job is at an end because the company was bought out by China, I can see them voting for Trump.

            Caroline Glick coined the term “kleptocracy” to describe the PLO. It fits the Democratic party quite well. It goes hand in glove with the idea that it is all right to loot stores and steal because someone’s ancestors were slaves. No one living in the U.S. now has ever owned a slave. It is a bogus attitude.

            If one carjacks a car and ends up with a bullet in themselves, they had it coming. If one robs a store and gets killed, well, they asked for it.

            If one gets killed in a drug deal, they deserved it.

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              1. Yes, but I am reluctant to vote for a Democrat. It appears we will have a choice between awful and terrible.


            1. Nobody deserves to be killed. What about innocence before proven guilty. Would a 14-year-old kid selling his classmate a joint for a modest price deserve a death sentence? If so, we may as well start stoning those women accused of infidelity. (Of course, the man involved is not responsible because, after all, he is a testosterone-fueled man.) What if the carjacker was stealing the car to take his daughter, who had just been hit by a stray bullet between a police and narcos confrontation, in a desperate attempt to save her life. Admittedly would only be a problem were he a scary-looking black man with prison tattooes. What if the store robber was only stealing food to feed his homeless family? It is certainly untrue that no Norte Americano (including my paradise in Hawai’i) owns slaves. The sex industry, sweat shops, etc., all., including sundry menial laborers, are a Huge problem in human trafficking within the U.S. I understand where you are coming from and say again nobody deserves to be killed. The only possible reason would be to defend your or others’ imminent death.


              1. Larry: The premature demise of some folks actually improves the gene pool and raises the average IQ of the population in general.

                Of course, that would not apply if a carjacker just needed transportation — with full intent to return said vehicle to its rightful owner at the earliest possible moment — because Mother Teresa was in dire need of an hospital emergency room. You got me on that.


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