Felipe’s a liberal

LEFTISTS ARE great with words, especially hijacking them, twisting their definitions.

They call themselves progressive and liberal when they are not. Socialism/communism is a political philosophy from a century ago, long proven to not work. Those who embrace it these days are the opposite of progressive.

They are regressive.

Liberal means open-minded and devoted to liberty, so it clearly does not apply to today’s American leftists, the followers of Bernie, Weepy Barry and Liz “Faux Squaw” Warren.

Those who tout their liberalism these days are actually intolerant and narrow. Granted many people consider themselves liberal out of long habit.

They vote Democrat for the same reason.

They’re not bad people. They’re just not paying attention that times and words have drastically changed. Perhaps we should confiscate their iPads so they can pay attention.

I am paying attention, and I am an old-school liberal.

Modern liberals are very different:

Modern liberals voice their opinions.

16 thoughts on “Felipe’s a liberal

      1. There is a reason Hayek titled his book The Road to Serfdom. Socialism is the antithesis of the liberty promised by the liberals of the Enlightenment. It is a system that will once again restore the power of the king over his subjects. I seem to recall we once cut off a king’s head for the likes of this — or so said Thomas Fairfax.


  1. I am not a Trump fan, but I believe he has a right to voice his message. He was in town this morning, trying to speak. Leftists blocked the highway and tried to shut down his rallies. I am afraid most were illegal immigrants. I guess they didn’t understand the principles of the country that they snuck into. It is not all about welfare and food stamps. There are some very important rights we have to respect.
    This didn’t happen the last time he visited Phoenix, but it was 110 degrees that day.


    1. Señor Gill: Modern Liberals are well-practiced at muzzling contrary opinions be it on the highway or in university stadiums. No matter the venue, they want to shut up the opposition.


  2. I like Ralph Racio’s vision of classical liberalism. Count me in.

    But today’s Republican party is as far from that idea as is the Democratic party. In fact, I think that’s been a pretty consistent theme of mine here on your political posts.

    I see the Republicans as just as statist, and just as big-government, and just as intrusive as the Democrats. It’s just the things they want to be big and intrusive over are different.

    But both are liberty-destroying. And given the choice (which I sort of am) I prefer the D poison to the R poison.

    When there’s a truly liberal party to vote for, they’ll have my vote in a heartbeat. Alas, leaving people free to fend for themselves is not a very popular electoral message.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where we think the R’s talk a good “liberal” game, but play it astonishingly poorly.


  3. Each to their own. I see the Republican party as in a period of evolution. It is changing as more and more working class people realize the moral bankruptcy of the Democratic Party and abandon it. The Democratic Party espouses an anti-business attitude that breeds unemployment and despair. We can’t all be on food stamps and welfare.

    Over-regulation and taxation seems to have driven industry from our nation. We must reverse this. Whether or not Mr. Trump has the answer is yet to be seen. While his ideas are appealing, his rhetoric is appalling.


  4. Would you choose Donald Trump as a representation of what you want the world to think of you?
    Look at how the world views Putin, now think of Putin and Trump having a pissing contest with millions of soldiers. Think hard.


    1. Kris: I’m a Mexican. My president is Peña Nieto, and I’m fine with that.

      Okay, so I’m an American too. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, Trump is not my man. Ted Cruz is. And after eight years of Weepy Barry, I would love to have Cruz be the global face of the United States. Also, as I’ve pointed out in a previous post, Trump is a reaction to the decades of cultural inanities spreading across the plains and mountains and rivers of his nation. The politically correct leftists (your people, sadly) have created him, and now he’s crawling into bed with them with a boner. I cannot restrain my laughter.

      And if he gets into the Oval Office, I think he will be a huge improvement over the amateur who’s held that post since 2009. Weepy Barry has been embarrassing the United States for a long time. To use your pissing-contest comparison, Putin has been pissing on Weepy Barry for years. Weepy Barry does not piss back. Now there is a bona fide problem. The entire world looks at the U.S. these days, our allies, our enemies, and they see the face of a wuss.

      So, yes, Trump would be a big improvement.


      1. Well, either of them would be better than Trump, As long as he doesn’t get enough delegates for a first-round win, I don’t think he will be nominated. If that happens, he says he will run as an independent, then Hillary will win for sure. Pick your poison.


        1. Kris: Cruz would be better than Trump for sure. Kasich likely too, but I’m not as sold on him. Trump’s saying he would run as an independent has come and gone. Changes almost weekly.


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