Who’s the vulgarian?


DEFINITION OF vulgar, says dictionary.com:

Ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste.

Another online source, thefreedictionary.com:

Deficient in taste, consideration or refinement.

Donald Trump is often accused of vulgarity. It’s a charge, I think, that springs primarily from his campaign reference to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, which decidedly was not The Donald’s finest hour.

But the charge of vulgarity rests on other things. He spouts politically incorrect phrases — I salute him for that — and his current politics run counter to the Democrat Party’s.

On Trump’s worst days, he would not be welcome at Miss Manners’ soirees. On his best days, he’d fit right in.

Let’s take a look now at how President Barack Hussein Obama — or Weepy Barry, as I always prefer to call him — measures on the same vulgarity scale.

Weepy Barry was expected to heal racial divisions before he took office. What he has done is exacerbate them.

Take the Trayvon Martin case. Weepy Barry opined that Trayvon could have been his son, a very inappropriate statement that lacked good breeding and taste.

In spite of Olympian efforts by locals and feds, they couldn’t convict George Zimmerman because Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self-defense as both witnesses and Zimmerman’s bloodied body indicated beyond any doubt.

Weepy Barry’s siding with Trayvon was vulgar because it was “deficient in good breeding and taste.”

It was also colossally un-presidential.

On the international stage, Israel has been America’s best ally in the Middle East for decades, which all presidents have acknowledged and embraced. Until Weepy Barry.

Israel is the eternally troubled area’s only free society. I and others define free society as one that embraces tolerance. Israel represses neither women nor other religions.

Weepy Barry’s turning his back to Israel is vulgar because it is “deficient in taste and consideration.” Flipping the finger to an old and faithful friend is extremely vulgar.

Weepy Barry skipped the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, which showed a “lack of good breeding.”

That Weepy Barry visits Mohammedan mosques while refusing to utter the phrase “Muslim terror” is something lacking in “taste, consideration and refinement.”

Vulgarity comes in all shapes and sizes.

If Trump replaces Weepy Barry in the Oval Office, we’ll simply swap a mulatto vulgarian from Chicago with a blond vulgarian from New York City.

Or if Hillary wins, a blonde vulgarian from Chicago. Yes, Chicago, not Arkansas.

24 thoughts on “Who’s the vulgarian?

  1. The closer election day gets, the more your newspaper background comes out. It seems that those who use Fox News as an authorized source of reality (not only you, there are many), develop the same mannerisms and tactics as Fox. Spinning facts and stretching morsels out of context to back up your cause.
    I don’t disagree with everything you say, and in fact, we agree on about 95% of things. Rather than repeat myself, I think I will stop reading your blog until the next presidential campaign begins in September.


    1. Kris: Yes, as the campaign heats up, no doubt I will too. Politics not only fascinate me, but they’re enormously important. Kim G, a frequent commenter hereabouts, also wandered off the Moon farm in the months leading up to the 2012 presidential elections. He, like you, just did not want to read my take on things, and I do not blame him. Alas, I do love focusing on politics in a political season.

      By the way, I do not watch Fox News because it’s not available on my TV cable. I do skim their website every morning along with Breitbart, the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner and Truth Revolt. Those are my main news sources. I don’t visit Huffpost, Mother Jones, etc., which will not come as a surprise. As for Fox’s and my “mannerisms and tactics,” you’ll find mannerisms and tactics wherever you get your news these days on either side of the political spectrum. Most of it is left-wing because most news outlets are left-wing, the great majority actually.

      “Until the next presidential campaign starts in September”? The presidential campaign has already started, big-time.


    2. P.S.: If you think I’m bad with this stuff, you should meet my sister who’s far more involved, obsessed, fanatical, but on the other far end of the spectrum. I’ve not communicated with her in about three years, but I imagine she’s all in for Bernie if Ole Bernie is not too conservative for her.


  2. Who’s the vulgarian? I concur with Clete. Breeding? Mulatto? What century are you living in? May God open your eyes to another reality, of an invisible yet visible kingdom that has begun and will continue into all ages, past time, worlds, and the words of men who have begun foolish in their thinking. Fare ye well, Felipe. I wish you peace, right thinking, and love – traits offered to followers of the Son of Man whose life and death is celebrated all over the world in the week before us.


    1. Laurie: Are you being elevated into the Bliss this morning. Sounds like it. I hope so. It will feel very good.

      But to the matter at hand, as you well know as a Southern girl, “good breeding” means good upbringing, that your mama and papa taught you well, taught you manners, that you shouldn’t sass your elders, that sort of thing. Don’t try to bring Dr. Mengele into it.

      And as not only a Southern girl, but one from New Orleans, you know that mulatto is a perfectly legit word as any good dictionary will indicate. It has a very specific definition:

      A person who has one black parent and one white parent.

      I hope you were not overcome by the vapors.

      Since Ole Barry has one black parent and one white parent, he is a mulatto, pure and simple. He is not America’s first black president as everyone but me contends. He is America’s first mulatto president, or biracial, if you will, my preferred term, but I have fun with mulatto now and then.

      But you have focused on one of my most favorite themes. I thank you. That is the flipping of Jim Crow by political correctness. Whereas before, if one had even one black person hanging in the family tree (pardon the insensitive analogy), no matter how distant, one was considered totally black, and that was a dreadful thing. You were a pariah and good jobs and high society were closed to you.

      Nowadays, if one has a black relative in the family tree, no matter how distant, one is still considered totally black, and that is a wonderful thing. You get moved to the head of the line, and good education and good jobs and high society are assured you. You can even become president in large part due to it.

      What has changed? Fashion. Trendiness. Attitudes. Nothing more.

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      1. I like the descriptiveness of the words mulatto, quadroon, and octaroon. They are commonly used in the country around New Orleans among persons with sub-Saharan ancestors. I seldom use the word bi-racial because it’s too nebulous.


        1. Carlos: Mulatto and company are accurate, specific, English words. But they, of course, have become demonized by the silly PC people. Another is Oriental, an accurate, specific word too, the opposite of Occidental.

          Heck, if you say Man these days, the silly people’s panties start to twist around their privates, turning their faces purple.

          I don’t understand how biracial is nebulous. Means one parent of one race, and the other parent of another race.


          1. Bi-racial tells you the person’s heritage is of two or more races, but not which ones. I guess if people don’t like your subject matter, any word suggestive of racial distinction becomes offensive. And then they refer to you as a racist.


  3. Well, I guess it is all in how one perceives things. If one doesn’t look at the train, do you suppose it will not hit them? Then there is that annoying person yelling “Look out.”
    The liberal media created Mr. Trump with all of their free blather, and now they are just about apoplectic out of fear that he may win this election.
    The message of the eastern liberal, “We are better than you, and don’t you forget it,” falls flat here in the west.
    Let’s see how things play out.


    1. Señor Gill: Yes, the hoity-toities look down from their Learjets while zooming above “fly-over country” and wonder how many are in bed with their cousins. Alas.


  4. If you may recall, Robert Gill, there once was a train called WMD. It wasn’t really a train, it only existed in the minds of fearful peoiple. It wound up costing hundreds of thousands of lives and created many of today’s problems in the Middle East. Not to mention costing the US taxpayers an incredible sum of money that could have been put to far better use. So keep annoying us with that “look out” while we deal with real, not imagined problems.


    1. Clete: The U.S. intelligence community was mistaken about WMD. Everyone admits that now, even Dubya. But European intelligence agencies were also convinced of Saddam’s WMD program. It was not intentional. It was a colossal error. Plus, Saddam had a history of WMD, especially chemical warfare. He just wasn’t doing it at the time of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. But he’s dead now, and that’s a wonderful thing.


      1. OK, Felipe, if you say so. BTW, have you seen the Easter Bunny around. I haven’t seen it yet and Easter is just a few days away.


  5. Two words come to mind when looking at many people today. Tunnel vision.

    And one more issue, that the most vocal are the most intolerant.


  6. It is like my father used to say about the Irish, “They have no idea what they want, but they will kill to get it.”

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  7. The synonyms of sanctimonious include self-righteous, holier-than-thou and pious.

    My only concern is to defeat Clinton in November.


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