Leftist thuggery

BILL WHITTLE does it again.

Let’s give him a warm Moon welcome. Let him feel the love!

8 thoughts on “Leftist thuggery

  1. The best thing about our democracy is that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and they should be allowed to voice their opinions. When others silence people with contrary opinions, well then it is only a matter of time until all dissent is silenced. Stop thinking and follow orders. I think some of us have been there before.


  2. The Democratic Left have their own play book when it comes to presidential politics.

    “Anything Goes” is a song written by Cole Porter in 1934 that describes it perfectly.

    But now, God knows, Anything goes!
    The world has gone mad today
    And good’s bad today
    And black’s white today
    And day’s night today
    Anything goes!
    Win at all costs. No rules.
    The right needs to get its act together to combat these thuggery tactics.

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  3. I think you’ve proved the point regarding free speech and exchange of ideas by allowing a cadre of “progressive” commenters to continually attack your ideas without any any intelligent argument of opposition.


  4. Here is a somewhat wordy example of “protests gone wild” that is not election related:

    In Memphis, Tennessee there is a park named Overton Park and inside that park is the Memphis Zoo. In the past it was a dismal, poor excuse for a zoo. As the years passed however, with donations/investments, renevations and new exhibits; the Zoo has became world class. It is one of the few zoos that China has placed a pair of Pandas. Fast forward to today.

    The popularity of the zoo has grown so much over the last few years that parking has become an issue. The Zoo has begun to creep into areas of Overton Park to use as extra parking (called the “greensward”) and many people are not happy about that. Each side has its points and in time this hopefully will all be worked out.

    Just a few days ago, some of the people protesting were not doing so in such a nice way. There was a temporary compromise worked out, but there was anger from people who were merely trying to visit the zoo. In this statement from the Zoo, you will see some of the shenanigans pulled by the protesters, especially in the 3rd paragraph.

    “Protests like those this weekend are, in our opinion, causing almost irreparable harm to the zoo, to the city of Memphis, and to the very cause the protesters claim to support.

    We have heard from zoo visitors in person, online, and on the phone. They expressed anger, sadness, and frustration at being bullied, yelled at, and otherwise harassed while trying to visit the zoo.

    Many families parked blocks and blocks away because they were directed by protesters acting as zoo volunteers, only to arrive to see plenty of paved parking available but blocked by protesters. Still others were unable to visit the zoo at all.

    The zoo supports a viable, long-term solution to the parking issues. Such a solution has not yet been agreed upon in mediation. Actions like those taken this weekend undermine the mediation process and only serve to divide the community.”



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