Idyllic Sweden

TO COLLECTIVISTS, the perfect nation on earth is Sweden. They often point to it as Social Democracy in action. Sweden is the nearest thing to Nirvana for the Left.

It’s a nation of spectacularly happy people! Where taxes are high, everything is shared, and everybody smiles.

While that may once have been true, when it was still an homogenous nation, it is certainly not so anymore, not since Sweden dived into the Political Correctness Pond …

… and drowned.

This is a fun video. Unless you live in Sweden.

8 thoughts on “Idyllic Sweden

  1. Wow, I had no idea things were so ass-backwards in Sweden. Damn, it really does look like Europe is sinking into a real shithole.

    It’s one thing to know your country, amongst apparently many Western countries, is drowning in a sea of politically correct multiculturalism. It’s another thing to know there’s not a damned thing you can do to turn this effing Titanic around before it smacks into the figurative iceberg.


    1. Mark: The Nordic countries have embraced the PC notion with a vengeance. It’s not just Sweden. Norway is deep into it, and into the same type of problems. The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, have serious problems with their Mohammedans who have settled into no-go zones, which is what they normally do, where even the police are hesitant to tread. If you call the spades a spade, you are a dreadful racist and actually subject to legal prosecution. It’s surreal.


  2. Open Doors, a global organization monitoring Christian persecution, conservatively estimates that 4,344 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons in 12 months up to November 2014, and 1,062 churches were attacked. Also, in 2014, five Catholic priests were killed in Mexico, prompting the Vatican to say it was the most dangerous country in Latin America for its followers.

    Meanwhile, Pope Francis decried what he called Europe’s “indifferent and anaesthetized conscience” over migrants, during Good Friday prayers in Rome.


  3. Sweden is a great society committing cultural suicide.

    I have been called a racist amongst other things.

    I believe the law should apply to all of us equally.

    I believe that if one is carjacking a vehicle, robbing a store, stealing something, breaking in to something, raping someone or beating or knifing someone and just happens to get shot, they got what they deserve.

    The leftists apply the term “Racist” to just about anyone who has an opinion different from their own. Know what, I am getting real comfortable with the term.


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