Elbows and shins

LET’S LOOK at illegal entry into the United States. Leftists, those marvelous language-twisters, have melded illegal entry-invasion with the broader, milder topic of immigration.

They label this stew of issues with one word: immigration. Yes, that is correct. The U.S. legal system by which foreigners apply for and — if they are fortunate — receive visas, and the issue of criminally tunneling or climbing fences into America is one and the same. No real difference, ya  know.

Leftists’ intentional combining of the different issues does this: It smears those of us who favor law and order, a positive thing, with the stench of xenophobia, a negative thing.

errorLeftist command of language is remarkable, and conservatives’ lack of such is lamentable. Leftists are so skilled that they’ve donned the lovely cloaks of “liberal” and “progressive.”

There are basically two groups who favor open borders: (1) Confused Christians and (2) Flower Children.

Sometimes a person is both.

Christians cite the need to care for the unfortunate. South of the Rio Bravo and, especially, south of Mexico, there is a multitude of unfortunates. The confused Christians favor letting as many as possible move to the United States.

It’s the Way of Jesus. Glory, hallelujah!

This is admirable, dreamy-eyed, and absolutely unworkable. America cannot support all the world’s unfortunates, or even a sizable percentage of them.

Like Marxism itself, it’s a beautiful notion — a pipe dream — that’s totally unrealistic, undoable.

Flower Children: This category is far broader than actual Flower Children left over from the 1960s. It includes everyone who hums Kumbaya and lacks reasoning skills.

These folks invariably support the Democrat Party.

The distinct issues of legal immigration vs. illegal sneaking across the border should never been confused. If you support the former and oppose the latter, speak out when leftists maliciously accuse you of being anti-immigration.

Immigration is a far cry from the graver problem of a nation that picks which of its own laws to obey, something we see from the Oval Office down to sanctuary cities.

When you hear people pretending that they are one and the same, give them your elbow. Then haul back and kick them in the shins. You’ll feel so much better for it.

Don’t remain quiet.

It’s criminality that conservatives oppose, not immigration.

26 thoughts on “Elbows and shins

  1. I have often said there are 3 ways to solve the Latino immigration problems; 1) give the southwest back to Mexico, 2) make Mexico the 51st state, and 3) make the US not worth coming to. Seems we are trying number 3.


    1. Carlos: We Mexicans would vote for options 1 and 2. As for the United States not worth coming to, we Mexicans think it is very much worth coming to. Easy money, easy blondes. That’s how we see it.


  2. In the movie “Raising Arizona”, the jailbirds who escaped from prison said “We released ourselves on our on recognizance.” So I suppose liberals see illegal aliens as people who have “immigrated on their own recognizance.”


    1. Paul: Good one, but I have a bone to pick with you! Stop it with this “liberal” business. They have you, as they have so many, brainwashed. They are left-wingers, pure and simple. Not liberal, not progressive.

      Jeez. Words matter.


  3. Mexico needs to attack the U.S., then lose the war. Then the U.S. will send billions of dollars down here. The movie The Mouse that Roared depicted exactly that.


  4. The issue of illegal immigration is a problem to be solved, not an issue to be exploited for political purposes. The idea that we can deport twelve million people is insane. To do so, would ruin the economies of the U.S. and those of other countries.

    We have to come up with a workable solution.

    Most of those that live amongst us without papers have children born here. They are U.S. citizens, and as such, they have no legal right to live in Mexico or the right to be educated in Mexico. To deny these “anchor babies” citizenship would simply create a class of stateless individuals.

    The first step to solving the problem is to secure the border. The next step is to stop the catch-and-release program. If someone gets caught crossing the border illegally, they should get some prison time. That should slow things down.

    Then we need to sort out the criminals. Everyone in the country should get an national ID card. Those that are here illegally that have criminal convictions get a free trip home, never to return.

    Those without criminal convictions get to stay and pay taxes. Once they see half of their paychecks disappear in taxes, they may think twice about living here. The IRS can go after those in the black economy.

    People without the correct papers should not receive social welfare benefits.

    We should offer people a chance to become legal residents and eventually to gain citizenship. Get legal or get gone. Not an amnesty, but an indulto. They have to admit that they are here illegally, pay a fine and pay taxes.


    1. Yup, secure the border is one of the first things to do. We got all kinds of troops all over the world. Line them up shoulder to shoulder until the fence is built. They shoot on sight anybody trying to cross the border. If caught in The States without the proper paperwork they shoot you. Your arraignment is your trial.

      If the parents aren’t here legally, the child is not a citizen either. Or the child is deported with the parents. When the child turns 18 they can go to the nearest consulate/embassy and apply to be admitted to the country. That would solve the ‘anchor baby syndrome’.

      All that said, it should be a heck of a lot easier to get a work permit out of the State Department and not cost an arm-n-leg.


      1. Judy: Well, nobody can accuse you of being namby-pamby about this.

        I don’t see much, however, in the comments so far that deal with the actual point of the post.


  5. The answer is quite simple. Punish people who give them jobs. No jobs, no job seekers. But gringos don’t have the balls.


    1. There are several laws that are supposed to ‘punish’ companies FOR HIRING ‘ILLEGALS’. They aren’t enforced due to the money power of the business lobby. That’s the main reason that the repub party avoids this matter.


      1. Smokesilver: The Republicans have not done themselves proud on this issue, to put it mildly. They are hardly better than the Democrats, which is why The Donald is so popular. I consider him neither a Republican nor a Democrat.


  6. I fully agree with you that words matter — and the vocabulary of immigration (legal and illegal) has become very muddled: including the concept of refugee status that is a completely different topic. But mixing legal and illegal immigration has a stepchild — confusing governmental policy and personal responsibility.

    I suspect your Christian classification is one example. I oppose illegal immigration. That is easy. Like you, I believe a society that ignores the rule of law turns into a society where the whims of one leader rule supreme. But, as a Christian, I also have a duty to offer Christian charity to those who tend to end up at the bottom of society’s barrel — often through their own unwise decisions.

    That is why we visit prisoners. Or provide personal charity to the thirsty, the hungry, the naked. It is why the Old Testament abjures us to provide comfort to widows, orphans, and the aliens amongst us. I am rather sensitive to that last one. After all, I am one.

    Because I show charity does not mean I support governmental policies that I believe would undercut the very fabric of American society. And I fear your broad use of the term Christian in the context of immigration (I assume you meant illegal immigration) was too broad to go unanswered.

    This is an area where we may choose to disagree. But I do not mistrust your motives. I hope you do not distrust mine.


  7. Words do matter, and the politicians and the media thrive on their misuse. “Hate crime” is one of my favorites, which is somehow worse than “murder.”


    1. Ray: Hate crime is nothing more than an end run around double jeopardy laws. If you lose charging the defendant with the actual crime, then you take another shot with a hate-crime charge. It’s outrageous.


  8. I really don’t understand why people such as yourself, Felipe, complain about something such as classifying certain criminal acts as hate crimes. It doesn’t harm you, I or society in any way, shape or form. It’s intent is quite clear and as far as I have seen it is not being abused by prosecutors. The only ones that seem to have a problem with it are OWM.


    1. Clete: “Hate crime” is arrant nonsense on the face of it. Not enough evidence to convict someone, say, of aggravated assault, perhaps because the defendant is actually innocent? No sweat, we’ll take him back to court and charge him with a bad attitude.



  9. I see, causing harm to a person solely because they are different is a “bad attitude”? Sure, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it that way.


    1. As a side note relative to “Hate Crime,” after my father-in-law died, his house sat empty for about a year. During that time, it was broken into several times. The culprits were women; they left feminine hygiene products and shampoo bottles behind.

      We would call the cops, and they would take a report over the phone, and that was it.

      But the last time, they spray-painted swastikas all over the walls. That time six cop cars and a guy with a dog showed up. Why? Well it seems they had funds to deal with hate crimes.

      How could it be a hate crime? The man had been dead almost a year.


      1. Señor Gill: You should have painted little swastikas on the tampons. Well, at least the unused ones. That would have brought the police pronto.

        But, really, your country gets nuttier every day.


    1. Charles: Of all the nonsense that’s come out of Trump’s mouth, that Mexico will finance a wall tops the list.

      Wall’s a great idea, of course, but the United States will have to build it.


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