Felipe flips for Hillary!

The hyena

(May 12 update: The following was written in a moment of  complete insanity. I have jumped wholeheartedly on the Trump Train! Here’s The Thinking Man’s Guide to Donald Trump, which appeared in The American Spectator.)

* * * *

IT’S OFFICIAL: I’m boarding the Hillary train, a pact with the lesser Devil. Forgive me, Lord.

This is not a joke.

The sharper among you will think: Have you lost your freakin’ mind? Not at all. Here is my line of thought:

Trump will win the Republican nomination — or he won’t. If he does, let’s look at some facts. Only around 30-35 percent of Republicans like him. Most, including me, do not.

Women of both parties dislike him up to around 75 percent, say polls. And the dislike one feels for Trump is not a trivial thing. It is a loathing. Against Hillary, he will lose.

Suppose, by some slight of hand, he does not get nominated. He’s such an egomaniac he will run on his own, diverting enough GOP votes to hand the election to Hillary.

Remember that Ralph Nader got George W. Bush elected in 2000 by doing precisely the same thing.

Trump is a horror. The faucets in his personal airliner are gold-plated á la Saddam Hussein. His arrogance is blinding. His conservative credentials are like Swiss cheese.

He’s left a line of purchased trophy wives in his wake, including the current one who’s posed naked. Do not think Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman or Nancy Reagan.*

The fly

He is crass. He sneers like Mussolini.

After eight years of Weepy Barry, the United States needs this colossally self-centered Bozo?

Now let’s look at Hillary. She’s bad, but she’s not dreadful. Most importantly, she is not a left-wing, politically correct fanatic à la Weepy Barry and Ole Bernie.

Sure, she mouths those things now and then, but it’s just for votes. Trust me on this.

Hillary spent eight years in the White House, loved it, and desires to return. And she wants to go down in history as the first woman president. This is what drives her.

She’s humorless and cackles like a hyena. But compared to Trump, she’s superior presidential material. I think she would steer a somewhat middle course in the Oval Office.

Somewhat. With Bill’s guiding hand.

With luck, the Republicans will nominate an inspiring, reasonable candidate in 2020, someone who can steer the Ship of State back on course a little bitty bit. To the right.

* * * *


The Donald

Trump initially flew out of the gate saying stuff so many of us were thinking. Stop invaders with no visas at the border. Enough with the PC stupidities. He sounded great, if a bit overboard.

But time passed. It became clear that this politically vague narcissist simply wants to be atop the world. He became a fly in the Republican stew, and not just any housefly, but that more disgusting sort, the bluebottle fly also known as the common blow fly. It often sits atop a pile of steaming crap.

Patience — 2016 just isn’t our year. Vote Hillary.

People will weary of her cackle within four years.

Trust me on this.

* * * *

* Nothing wrong with posing naked, but you don’t want the First Lady to have done it. Leave that to the fun-loving French.

(Trump’s popularity is a reaction to the corroding American culture. A previous post addressed this sad fact.)

60 thoughts on “Felipe flips for Hillary!

  1. I follow your logic. But I remember several of my conservative friends urging a vote for Barack Obama in 2008 because McCain was anathema to them. They argued he could not possibly believe the nonsense he was spouting on the campaign trail. In effect, their position was: “He is lying now, but he will be a reasonably moderate president in office.” Almost all of them have now apologized for being so wrong.

    As for my thoughts on the race in 2016, I am keeping my powder dry until I can see the whites of their eyes. How is that for mixing my clichés?


    1. Señor Cotton: There is, of course, no similarity at all between McCain and Trump. As for your conservative friends voting for Weepy Barry in 2008, let’s, you and I, let out howls of laughter. I supported McCain until he nominated Palin to be his running mate. I bought into the smear campaign about her, only learning far later that she is actually quite sharp. And then that did another abrupt about-face when she endorsed Trump. What’s with these people? And Chris Christie! And Ben Carson! On the Trump Train. Freaking incredible.

      As for keeping your powder dry till you see the whites of their eyes, I think it’s clear who will be the two — or three — candidates. There could be surprises in store, however. But for now I’m rooting for Hillary.


    2. I totally agree. I am worried about Trump, because I am an American living in Mexico. I told my husband today that we should start looking at Costa Rica in case there are any retaliations aimed at US citizens living in Mexico. If you think this cannot happen, pick up a history book. I think we all need to consider this.

      I like Cruz. He is a conservative and an attorney and a reasonable man.


  2. I can honestly say I never thought I would read these words coming from you…of all people…if nothing else it will give you an additional four years of blog fodder. And here I was getting ready to bet you another cafecito to go along with the previous two from 2008 and 2012…

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    1. Charles: I thought about you, and a couple of others, while writing this. And before this week, I never thought I would write such a thing either. But, in part, I’m weary of backing losers in the U.S. I want to ride a coach across the Finish Line.

      It’s what I’ve done 100 percent here since I got the right to vote in Mexico. Calderón in 2006 and Peña Nieto in 2012. My boys.

      But this Trump character is appalling.


      1. Take a pill and lie down for a couple of hours. You have plotted the destruction of western society.

        I take a more optimistic view of the future. Hillary will be indicted and then pardoned, but the nation will see what a farce it all is.

        Sadly, I have a son that is a Trumpista. I will forgive him.

        Trump will not get the Republican nomination. However, his people will sit out the election just as the born-again Christians sat out the previous election rather than vote for Romney.

        Hillary may get elected, but not with my vote!


        1. Señor Gill: Hillary won’t get my vote either because I ignorantly waited too long to register this year to cast my vote from afar. Whether Trump is nominated or not remains to be seen. I have little doubt that he will run as a third candidate if he is not the GOP choice. And if that happens, he will cause precisely what Nader caused in 2000. Take it to the bank.

          As for your son being a Trumpista, where, oh where, did you fail him?


          1. If Trump waits until the convention, he will find it difficult to get on enough state ballots to make a good run. Of course, he would not be interested in a good run; he would simply be interested in being a spoiler. It would be interesting to see which states he could gain ballot access after the convention — and whether those states are really in play for the general ballot. I love this stuff. It could be 1968 all over again — with even more twists to the plot.


            1. Señor Cotton: I would love this stuff too were it not so important to not only the United States but to the entire world. The sole Democratic superpower eating itself is not a good thing, to put it mildly.


        2. We are kindred spirits. I also have a son who supports Trump – he is absolutely anti establishment. I can understand this sentiment. I think Hillary would be a disaster. I think Felipe is in the first stages of dementia.


          1. Bonnie: Hillary would be a walk in the park on a beautiful summer day compared to the regime of Weepy Barry. And she would likely be far better than Trump too. There are no good options here unless somehow Cruz pulls off a miracle.


            1. Cruz is not a good option, and even if he got the nomination AND Trump bowed out, there’s no way he could win the general election.


  3. Not bad logic. Having Bill back in the White House might not be so bad now that he has Lewinsky away from his zipper. No problem along those lines with Hillary either. As The Donald said, just look at that face.


    1. Carlos, as long as there are those little blue pills, Bill Clinton will be Bill Clinton. He is incurable.


      1. Señor Gill: Men in positions of high power have been using it to get women naked since the dawn of time. It will not change. It’s what we are. And there are plenty of women who stand in line.


        1. And why the heck does anyone care, anyway? Let him get as many blowjobs as he wants; it’s strictly between him, Hillary, and the third party anyway. None of our business.

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    2. Carlos: What Bill was doing with his schlong never concerned me in the slightest, nor many others either. He was a little dumb to get caught, however. Picked the wrong intern to mess with. But enough of that. Compared to the ghastly administration of Weepy Barry and the prospect of that loose cannon Trump, the Clintons look like pure sugar. I’ve been hoping that Hillary would get indicted, but now I’m hoping she won’t. Darn sure don’t want the Democrats to have to fall back on the socialist Bern.

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      1. Schlock, isn’t that The Donand’s term. It shouldn’t concern anyone. Except that it does concern a lot of opportunists. Then it becomes a big thing. (pun). Don’t you remember the many men who got caught with their schlongs in immoral places. And then the consequences. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. Zip it up bubba. Cannot wait until the convention. Surprises will be the order of the day.


  4. The ‘lesser of two evils’ vote is sometimes the bullet you have to bite. I agree that except for the ‘Republican even if Curly Howard is the candidate’ crowd, open-minded folks see who Trump is. I don’t think much of Ted either, but at least he can see what’s going on beyond his mirror.

    The Republican party is in a mess, and in the future has to cultivate and promote a couple of strong candidates with a chance to win, rather than ‘anyone who might win.’ Trump is no more a Republican than I am, and I have more knowledge about what a president can and cannot accomplish in office. He would, however, leave the White House looking like a $2,000-a-night Las Vegas suite. The comments he makes about his opponents don’t even belong in an election, let alone in a nomination race. Undecided voters hear these guys tearing each other, and their families up, and they want to represent the most powerful country in the world? They behave like 6-year-olds in a forum where we look for someone to respect because of their intelligence, decorum and ability to function under pressure.

    I hope that the nomination goes to the Convention, I just wish the choices were better. But who would want to run for president and have themselves and their families subjected to attack by the schoolyard bully.

    I know that down under that’s what you’re hoping for too, and I would rather see a contest between people who have an appreciation for their position and the responsibility that comes with it than the return of Elvis to the White House.


    1. Kris: The Republican Party is in a mess? Yep. I put to you that the Democrats, having swung so far left, are in a mess too, just a different sort of mess.

      As for Elvis returning to the White House, I think it’s preferable to that loose cannon Trump getting in there.

      Pathetic, all of it. A reflection of our adolescent times.


      1. In agreement 100%, I am less interested in which party wins the election than I am in how it affects me. If we keep shipping jobs offshore, the billionaires are the only ones who come out ahead. In a perfect world, the good of the people would prevail over disagreeing with the opposition because you can.


        1. Kris: How it affects you? But you’re a Canuck! As far as jobs go, they will and should go where it’s most profitable to the companies in question. Running a business, be it large or small, is not social work.

          Lots of former-U.S. jobs are coming to Mexico, and I support that!


          1. I know where the butter on my bread comes from. Just because we live on the better side of the border, it doesn’tmean that we get sun when you get rain. Many Canadian jobs left under our previous realm. I want cheap goods as much as the next guy, but I’m smart enough to know that if my neighbor loses his job so that I can save 10% on a coffee maker, my tax dollars will go to support him, not pay teachers and nurses, or re pave the pothole strewn roads. Everyone can’t be a millionaire bank exec or CEO of a multinational corporation. Some guys (male or female) are destined to be factory workers and menial laborers. Contrary to your opinion of me as a collectivist, I think pay should be commensurate with education and skill. Not everybody should live on an even par, but if a person is willing to show up every day and make an honest effort, they should be able to live a decent life. We don’t all get a speedboat or a swimming pool or even a single family house to call our own, but we should be able to come home at the end of the day with hope for our future. In that respect, I sincerely hope that there is no difference between Canadians and USanians. Besides that, of course, we are a totally different, much more intelligent and better looking form of life, excluding of course French Canadians.

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            1. Kris: Why on earth you self-identify as a leftie is amazing. You clearly are a conservative of the intelligent variety, like yours truly, and that’s a fine thing.

              Yes, the Canadians do piggyback on American prosperity and always have. I don’t think you’re all that different from Americans. It’s just that having your lifestyle and safety guaranteed by being American neighbors has given you the liberty to be spacey for a long time.

              As for French Canadians, well, you’re right there too.

              As for being better looking, I think Canadians are fat like Mainers because they are bundled up in furs most of the year, and do not have to pay attention to their appearance. Canadians let themselves go, which is sad.


              1. If you’re going to persist in those hurtful comments, we may have head south and burn that White House down again…oh yeah, you don’t live there anymore. We’ll have to go to your resorts in the winter and pee in the swimming pools.


                1. Kris: As I’ve brought to your attention before, the maple-tree-hugging, collectivist Canucks did not burn the White House. It was the Limeys, who can be some tough customers, unlike Canucks. Just because you are or were — it’s hard to keep up — part of the Empire does not mean that you possess the macho genes of the Brits, especially the Scots, my personal ancestors (Remember Mel Gibson in Braveheart. He was no Canadian).

                  As for peeing in swimming pools, well, you’ve proved my point. You people are no Bravehearts. Gibson would leave pools red with blood, not yellowish with pee.

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  5. “…With Bill’s guiding hand…”

    If I remember right, Bill dodged ashtrays and national heirlooms thrown in his direction from Hillary during his stint in the White House.

    Curious to know what she and the Chicago mob have on whomever that keeps her out of jail.


    1. Judy: That was years ago, and she was struggling with menopause. I’m sure she’s settled down by now.

      I’m gonna let you in on something that’s been on my mind. It’s not likely, but I cannot discount the possibility that Trump is actually a Trojan Horse of Hillary’s. It’s well known they’ve been chums in the past. He burst into the 2016 campaign in a manner guaranteed to get a sizable portion of the really angry Republicans fired up, and not in a nice way. His outrageous campaign has resulted in burying the reasonable Republican hopefuls, and there were some fine people to choose from.

      Now there’s just Trump. And perhaps Cruz if Kasich would pack his bags and beat it.


  6. And, don’t forget, Hillary Rodham was a Goldwater girl! Also, I think you MIGHT be mistaken about being too late to get an absentee ballot for the general election — if Texas was the last state you registered in, then you should be able to request a ballot up to 11 days before the general election (see this link, and scroll down and click on the link for deadlines) http://www.votetexas.gov/military-overseas-voters/


      1. The erroneous (I think) information might have pertained to the primary election, which, of course, had earlier absentee ballot cut-off dates.


    1. Felipe, what you need to do is establish a Texas address. We use an address in Livingston Texas, that is part of an RV club, It is cheap, and allows you to establish residency in Texas.


      1. Bonnie: The way the system works, I use the last address in Houston where I was registered. I’ve voted from down here before. I just got mixed up a bit this time. Old Fogy Disease.


  7. All of this moaning and groaning by the tighty righties about the Dems and the Left. I would love to see an accomplishment by any of the past 5 Repug presidents that you could actually brag about.

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    1. Oh please. How about, they did not hate the USA? Obama has been a disaster. My forefathers landed at Plymouth Rock, fought in every war, every revolution that the USA has ever been involved in. I wish the rest of you would just leave if you don’t like the country they built, with their blood, their fortunes, and their lives.

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        1. You got the relief part right! I am more than happy to add an intelligent and informed voice to the otherwise mostly mumbo jumbo around here.

          U R Welcome.


      1. Not hating the USA?!?! That’s a pretty darned low bar. That’s all you can think of to recommend the last 5 Republican presidents?

        Oh dear, that’s the faintest of praise I’ve ever heard.

        And you vote for these people for what reason, then?


  8. If Hillary gets elected that puts Bill also back in the White House. I’m afraid he’ll be the one calling the shots. The shadow president so to speak.


    1. David: Given a choice of Trump in the Oval Office or Bill Clinton again, well, there’s no contest there, in my opinion. And if he calls more shots than Hillary, that would be fine too.

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    1. Mark: I too favor a high wall. And a croc-filled moat behind it. But there are other problems with your boy, serious ones. I pray the sensible conservative Cruz will pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last moment or, barring that, Hillary (cough, sputter!).


    1. Scott: Actually, no. Unless my man Cruz pulls off a miracle, I’m in bed with Hillary. We don’t need to follow eight years of one horrendously bad presidency with another four equally horrendous, or worse, years in the other direction. There are no pleasant options this year. None, zilch, zed, zero, nada.


  9. I think you are wrong about Hillary. Her college days were guided by Saul Alinsky. She is way left of the centrist Bill. Maybe not as far as Obama but very close. I also think Bill is beginning to lose it, so she will be on her own.

    Trump is a plant? Interesting.


    1. Patzman: Lots of smart folks were lefties in those times — her, me, God knows who else. But most outgrew it. Let’s hope she did too. I think there is a higher probability that she did than Weepy Barry did, because he did not. I’m sure his thinking of himself as an “oppressed minority” kept him from growing up entirely.

      Think Bill is losing it? I think he’s been letting things slip of late, probably not by accident. His tongue, I mean.


  10. Oh, the irony of this post is rich indeed. You lambaste me for voting for Obama as the lesser of two evils, yet you want to vote now for Hillary Clinton?!?!


    Is this clickbait or is it a real post?

    What I find particularly amusing/interesting/perplexing about this post is as you’ve been warming up to Hillary, I’ve actually been warming up to Trump lately. (And your other favorite queen adores him.) His AIPAC speech was inspiring. He’s one of the smartest guys in the race. He tells it like it is. He’s definitely going to shake up a corrupt status quo that badly needs to be shaken up. He’s certainly going to be the death of PC, something which *both* sides need badly. And his comments on NATO, making our allies pay their fair share, and keeping us out of unnecessary wars all make a TON of sense to me. And the idea that this country could stand a spell where it’s run for the benefit of the working stiff instead of for the major corporations is a refreshing breath of fresh air.

    As for his electability, just watch. If he wins the nomination (something that the Republican establishment is working feverishly to prevent), then he’ll probably execute the shift to the middle as well as anyone. And he’ll probably change tactics, and appear quite “presidential.”

    And it would be SO easy for him to absolutely take Hillary apart in any debate or other general-election forum. She’s a pretty “target-rich” opponent.

    As for Hillary, vote for her if you want more endless wars, failed but expensive foreign policy, and someone who has fully sold out to corporate interests (who are *not* on your side).

    As for Cruz, I think he’d have a *much* harder time winning the general election than Trump as I believe people fear religious fanatics much more than they fear bigots (which I don’t believe Trump is).

    So color me *very* surprised.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where Trump won the Republican primary by a landslide.


    1. Kim: 2008 and 2012 are very different from today. As for Trump growing more presidential, I’ve been waiting for that, but he is doing just the opposite.

      As for voting for Hillary, I would have to hold my nose, but Trump is a horror, growing more obviously so by the week.


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