Embrace the misery

Sitting still.

BEEN A LOUSY week because I’ve had a cold. I loathe colds. When my child bride gets one, which she rarely does, she pretends it’s not there, ignoring it.

She even works out at the gym, which is nuts.

I don’t ignore it. I embrace the misery, and misery there is in spades. I sit still until the cold goes away.

It’s been a full week so far.

Mexicans, at least the ones I know — mostly relatives — ignore contagion. Not even the most horrific affliction — leprosy, you name it — will prevent the social smootching.

It’s appalling.

But they’ve learned not to come my way with their hugging and kissing if they’ve got a cold. I bolt like lightning.

The photo is not recent. Actually, it’s seven or eight years old, but it captures my mood this lamentable week.

If the Goddess smiles upon me, perhaps I’ll be back to normal mañana. Jeez, I sure do hope so.

19 thoughts on “Embrace the misery

      1. Buy an economics textbook, micro or macro, and it will induce sleep faster than any drug if you just read a page or two at a time.

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    1. Karlos: Except for the occasional, unavoidable bump in the road, everything’s coming up roses in my waning years. I have no reason to complain at all. I be a happy guy!

      Thanks for the feedback.


  1. Get better quickly, Felipe! When I am sick I like to sit in the sunlight and nap. (As long as the temps are agreeable.) It warms me up and gives me some Vitamin D.


  2. Starve a cold, feed a fever. Or vice versa. Can never remember which. Just pick one. You’ve had it a week so what have you got to lose? Feel better, friend.


    1. Ray: I too can never remember whether one starves or feeds a cold. I think if I could remember, I could focus and eliminate this thing posthaste, but … I can’t remember.

      But I always remember which direction we go with Daylight Savings Time in fall and spring.


      1. A good guess would be to starve the fever. Doesn’t make sense to pour more fuel on a fire. Maybe one of your readers with medical expertise will weigh-in.


        1. Ray: So that would mean feed the cold. I’m eating pretty well, but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference. I’m guessing this is an old wives’ tale.


  3. Chicken soup! Makes you feel better, and there is actual medical rationale to it. Feel better soon.


    1. Andrés: Maybe you are right, but it was hardly an enthusiastic endorsement. It was one of those lesser-of-two-evils things. Both are horrible choices. But the lefties created Trump, and perhaps they’ll have to sleep with him in the end.

      For you Trumpies, here’s a good read:



  4. I submit that a conservative ideologue, especially one who is uncompromising, dogmatic and a preachy Holy Roller could never win the general election in 2016.

    God knows the Donald has his flaws but the country is exhausted in coping with the current disaster in the White House and is ready and overdue for a change like a soiled diaper needs changing. That is the hope and change I am looking for.


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