Tread with caution

WITH ALL THE condemnation of Western Civilization — read white people — currently bouncing about the Western world, one wonders if anyone has considered the alternatives.

If the multiculturalists and diversity worshipers manage to stomp out Western Civilization, we’ll need another of the world’s civilizations to replace it, right?

We cannot live in a void, and starting a culture from scratch would be dicey. God knows what we’d end up with.

Being a Mexican, I’m inclined to look first at the Latino world. Should Western Civilization be replaced by the cultures of, say, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay or Honduras?

I don’t think you’d like that very much.

So let’s move on to Africa. Should Western Civilization be replaced by the likes of Uganda, Cameroon, Chad or Rwanda? Those are very different cultures. Perhaps interesting places to visit, but would you wish to live there?

Don’t bet on it.

Well, let’s look at the Middle East. Apart from Israel, which is a Western Civilization transplant to a large degree, the Middle East is ruled mostly by Mohammedans, and they won’t let women drive cars or walk outside without a sheet. They toss homosexuals off buildings and behead infidels.

If you think the Mideast culture — aside from democratic Israel — merits copying, well, there’s no hope for you.

You are a knucklehead.

Asia? Maybe we’ll find a superior culture there. There’s communist Vietnam, communist China, dictatorial Burma, chaotic India, despotic Russia, or maybe vociferously unicultural Japan which loathes diversity.

Which of these often-dreadful cultures  would you like to see replace Western Civilization?

If you think Donald Trump is bad or Barack Obama or Ted Cruz or George W. Bush or Hillary Clinton or Bernie, remember who other cultures have placed in their catbird seats:

Kim Jong-un, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, Vladimir Putin, Augusto Pinochet, Evo Morales, Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein.

The list goes on and on.

Okay, so forget foreign cultures. Let’s stick to America, specifically Native Americans, peace-loving people cultivating the land, at one with the universe. Kumbaya in buckskins.

Let’s return to our original culture.

indianFirst, you might want to read Empire of the Summer Moon. You’ll be thanking God you weren’t born a Comanche. Or worse: an opposing tribe.

Be careful what you criticize. Tread with caution.

Because you’ve never had it so good. All U.S. citizens are “privileged” no matter the color of their skin.

21 thoughts on “Tread with caution

  1. I also recommend Empire of the Summer Moon and the partial stories of the many men and women involved. Especially that of Ranald MacKenzie, an unknown today, who was a greatly respected military man.


    1. Eric: I always chuckle on hearing people weep over the fate of American Indians. While what happened to them was tragic on one level, many were brutal, bloodthirsty Stone Age people who did ghastly things to one another.

      And when their situation changed, did they pick themselves up, accept reality and move positively in another direction? Nope, they turned to booze and now are known mostly as drunkards.


      1. Felipe,
        Your insensitive forthright commenting will have the “Political Correctness Police” hunting you down. How dare you voice a contradictory opinion in this day and age.

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        1. Karlos: One of the many beauties of being unemployed with sufficient cash on hand and atop a mountain is the middle of Mexico is that I can say anything I darn well want to. And I do.

          Plus, I am quite sensitive, sensitive to things that actually matter.


      2. In the U.S. and Canada, native Americans were not absorbed into the general population. But in Mexico, they were regarded as property and assimilation was accomplished. There may be groups of indigenous folks, but they wear a mantle of Western civilization.
        The difference between Mexicans and Indians, well, it is shoes. Mexicans wear shoes.


        1. Señor Gill: Well, not always. There’s an indigenous woman here who walks all around downtown selling something or other, and she never wears any shoes, 12 months a year. And it gets quite cold here in winter.


  2. The left defends the Islamic culture almost to a man. But if that culture became the dominant culture, the leftist would be the first beheaded, crucified or tossed off of a tower. Yet they criticize our European-based culture that follows the live-and-let-live ideal.

    We are called “racist” just because we don’t want those folks over here exploding themselves or shooting up shopping malls.

    While Western civilization may have some faults, it is infinitely better for the individual. God bless those Spaniards who started making Mexicans as soon as they got off the boat.

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      1. What do you expect when the majority rules. There just aren’t many Englishmen left in London.


  3. 10 years ago, on our first visit to London as tourists, we were shocked (SHOCKED I tell you) at the numbers of Middle Easterners everywhere. Even shopping at Harrods. Then there was the article just within the past few days where the elders of a Peshawar region village of Pakistan poured gasoline over a teenage girl and set her afire because she had helped a couple elope. Such a dichotomy.


    1. Carole: My first visit to London was in 1966. I went again in 1967 and, finally, in 1968. Haven’t been back since. There was quite a foreign population then, but I imagine it’s quite different now. Plus, immigrants from India and the Caribbean are quite different from immigrants from Iraq and Syria.


  4. Cultures clash. Fact of life, and it goes on everywhere. We have a crisis in Canada with First Nation people, aka Indians. Hunter-gatherers don’t fit well into the 21st century. They have access to the Internet and TV, but there is no point in spending a fortune educating someone who wants to live in an isolated village in the woods. Mexico has handled the situation better than most, but there is still a class system there. Life…live it or else.


    1. Kris: Yes, cultures clash. Religions clash. Races clash. Economic groups clash. Differences, where humans are involved, clash more often than not, which is why encouraging multiculturalism is a fool’s game.


  5. For 500 years, white people have been king(s) of the hill due to gold and silver from the New World, advances in science, industrialization, agriculture and imperialism.

    After the horrors of World War II, the leaders dusted off the old failed plans of the League of Nations and created the United Nations, the European Union and promoted globalism, world government and equality at the expense of national sovereignty and human rights.

    This has been a disaster for white people and the entire world.

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  6. Did you mention white peoples? What are those? Must be some dying breed along with their culture, and sense of religion or morality, whatever that is. Watch, the world is changing before your very eyes. And it is too late for you to do anything about it. Time to hunker down in Mexico.


    1. Carlos: Little did I know 16 years back when I moved across the border that it would turn out to be such a great idea for so many reasons. And being at the tail end of life instead of at the beginning is good fortune too. Win, win, win.


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