A thousand words


THIS PHOTO says it all. Look at those woebegone hillbillies standing behind Bernie. Give us free stuff!

Sometimes a photo is indeed worth a thousand words. Atop the list of free stuff these folks would like, I’m guessing, is a six-pack of Budweiser and a coon dawg.

20 thoughts on “A thousand words

  1. It is estimated that one-third of Bernie’s supporters are so fed up with Clinton that they will vote for Trump. It is a future to believe in.


      1. Here is a toast to the Great Democratic Schism. There is nothing democratic about the Democratic Party.

        “I think it would be most regretful if there becomes a schism,” Feinstein said. “That’s what Donald Trump should want: a schism in our party. … It’s the responsibility particularly of Sen. Sanders to see that that doesn’t happen.”


        1. Sadly, Andrés, I was a card-carrying Democrat most of my life. It was only after getting older and wiser that I abandoned them or, as it’s popular and true to say, they abandoned me.

          I also was a dues-paying, card-carrying member of both the ACLU and NOW, something I now cringe to admit.

          In other words, I used to be an ignoramus.


  2. Perhaps Bern shouldn’t have been so hasty to be “sick of hearing about your damn emails.” He might be in better standing right now. If he was the Dem’s nominee, then Trump might be a shoo-in because I believe that most people don’t want a socialist running the country.

    Otherwise, I’m not so sure about the outcome.


    1. Scott: You can bet your bottom dollar that the vast — and I mean VAST — majority of Americans have no clue what socialism is.

      They do know, however, what free stuff is.


  3. Some day, our nation’s bills will have to be paid. All that free stuff will not be so free. The chickens will come home to roost.

    Now, do I vote for the lady that promises free college education that I will not have to pay for just like the health care that I wasn’t supposed to pay for, but, it turns out I did have to pay for?

    She got millions from the Wall Street bankers, got some people killed, harassed her husband’s girlfriends and lied like a rug.

    Or do I vote for the guy with the funky hair that says things that make me uncomfortable?

    CNN and MSNBC say that he hates Mexicans, Muslims, China and blacks. So far, they haven’t told me his feelings toward Native Americans.


    1. Señor Gill: In brief, vote for the guy with the funky hair.

      He no more hates Mexicans, Muslims and blacks than you do. I, of course, am not too fond of Mohammedans. As for Native Americans, I am a Native American because I was born in Atlanta.

      I guess you mean Indians. I am no Indian.

      But it’s important to vote for the guy with the funky hair because to stay home is helping Hillary.


  4. The world economy is about to crash. ISIS is cutting off heads by the dozen, Al Qaeda is setting off bombs killing scores of people and maiming hundreds. But CNN and MSNBC are fixated on who can pee in what toilet and Donald Trump’s hair.

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  5. Hey now. I’m no socialist, but them’s my people. Easy on the hillbilly talk. Nothing wrong with wanting a good coon dog for Christmas.


    1. Ray: There are hillbillies and there are HILLBILLIES. You are lower-case. And those folks want a new coon dog every month. It’s not just a Christmas thingy.


  6. I have a daughter who is an attorney and a conservative, who sometimes disparages the blue-collar class. I always reprimand her. Let me do the same for you. I am offended by your characterization of these people, based on a narrow minded stereotype. Maybe they, like Trumpsters, are fed up with the party elites choosing their candidate. Anyway, your Houston Chronicle tenure is showing. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would think you spent some time in the liberal cesspool of Austin. BTW, I am not a Trumpster. I actually liked Jim Webb before he dropped out and thought Gov. Scott Walker would also be a good choice, but I understand that the voters are using Trump – and Sanders – as sledge hammers against the party elite. I don’t blame them. I also don’t ridicule them.


    1. Hi, Taste and Travel: Oh, I have nothing against blue-collar folks. Salt of the earth. And I have nothing against rich folks either as long as they are nice folks, and you find that in all levels of society. Nice folks, that is. I lament that uninformed folks exist, however.

      As for stereotypes, I have nothing against stereotypes either because far more often than not, a stereotype is based in reality.

      I agree with you that most Trumpsters — and I have become one by necessity due to all other options dropping out — are fed up with party elites choosing candidates. Bernie people are Bernie fans, to a great degree, for that reason too. That is why there is some indication that many Bernie fans will support Trump in the end, not Hillary. Of course, Bernie’s silly promises of “free stuff” is a major draw for them too.

      My Houston Chronicle tenure — you’ve been paying attention! — did not form my political opinions in the slightest, by the way. As for Austin being a liberal cesspool, well, you’ll get no argument from me on that. I never paid much mind to Jim Webb, but I did favor Walker. I think he would have done better without that perpetually snarky look on his face. Appearances matter. But I think he was born that way, alas.

      As for your being “offended,” you do know that is the stock in trade of leftists, I hope. That and calling everybody a racist. I recommend you not be offended.

      I am glad, however, that Bernie was standing before a bunch of glum, white hillbillies so I could make fun using Budweiser and coon dawgs. If he’d been standing in front of a bunch of ghetto blacks, I would have mentioned malt liquor and watermelon. It would have been fun.

      Best to keep in mind that irreverent humor is part of my shtick though 99 percent of the time, I believe what I write.

      Thanks for the feedback. Really. And my heart goes out to you for your daughter being a lawyer. Sometimes our children fly out of control.

      My daughter is not a lawyer, but she is married to one. Not quite so bad.


  7. I too have a lawyer son. I sent both my kids to law school because we don’t make anything in this country anymore except trouble. They would always have work. One dropped out and got married, so now he works in state government just like I did. I had hoped for better.


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