Watch your mouth

LET’S LOOK at words, specifically those that have been redefined, twisted, heisted by the left.

New ImageI find it horrifying when conservatives use these terms, which they usually do unwittingly because of leftist, social pressure.

Don’t be a wuss, for Pete’s sake.

  1. Progressive. Leftists have done a spectacular job with this stick-em-up. There is nothing progressive about the left unless you think increasing government control of your life is a mark of moving forward, progressing. Just do not use this word when referring to leftists. Please.
  2. Liberal. Again, a big-time heist. There is something called classical liberalism, which I subscribe to. It’s basically about liberty, a direct opposition to leftists.
  3. Racist. This is, as everyone knows, simply a word to hurl at those who disagree. Again, used only by leftists. Conservatives should not use this word except when leftists are dissing white folks. Calling that racism is correct.
  4. African-American. American blacks are no more African than I am Scottish, the origin of my true last name. Most blacks do not use this term. They prefer black. It’s primarily used by whites who feel guilty about something or other. And don’t capitalize black and white. They aren’t nationalities.

P.S.: Barack Hussein Obama is not progressive, not liberal, not African-American, not even black. He is biracial, a mulatto. He is a leftist racist, however. Words matter.

9 thoughts on “Watch your mouth

  1. Does that make you Scottish? My Suzie is Scottish…

    So tired of the word games played by the left. Was in McDonalds yesterday, ordered an iced coffee. The lovely counter lady, a nicely toned black woman asked me how I take my coffee. “I like my coffee black, just like I like my women,” I said, couldn’t resist. She drew back, smiled from ear to ear and said, “Oh, I like that.”

    Guess I’m a racist too.

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    1. Mark: Leftists have greatly broadened the definition of racist. It’s no longer someone who discriminates against other races. It’s anyone (white) who even mentions skin tone. Silly.

      As for my being Scottish, I’m about as Scottish as Reverend Al is African-American. It’s simply that my last name derives from Scotland. It’s the far less common spelling of the name. The other spelling is English.

      When I was in Scotland in the late ’70s, I was surprised to see my last name — as I spell it — plastered all over the place.


    2. P.S.: I’m guessing Suzie is about as Scottish as I am, which is to say in name only. As for the black gal at the McDonalds, I wonder if she would have reacted the same way had you not been the stud muffin that you are.


      1. I do believe Suzie can trace her roots straight back to the Scots. As for the lovely counter lady, yeah, she might have had a little twinkle in her eye.

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  2. To justify their hijacking the term racism, the left now requires racism to be “discrimination PLUS a position of power.” Since, male whites are burdened with the onus of worldwide power, only whites (and primarily men) can be racist. That is why my leftist friends can say (without cracking a smile) that someone like Robert Mugabe is not racist when he steals the land of only white farmers because he is himself the victim of racism. It is a snazzy little closed system that would make the best con man doff his hat.


    1. Señor Cotton: I was not aware of the extended definition of racism, but I surely believe it. As for Mugabe, racism is the least of his faults. He’s a thug.


  3. Mr. Mugabe is now 92 years old. Cosa mala nunca muere. He and the Castro brothers will soon probably be in line trying to get past the pearly gates. I don’t think they will make it.

    As for being called racist, it has lost its sting. It just means that one is not in agreement with the know-it-alls. It is applied to anyone questioning the party line. The color of one’s skin doesn’t matter. Those black people with different ideas are now racist Uncle Toms, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson and Herman Cain, for instance.

    I have been called racist because I don’t want all of those Middle Eastern refugees here. I would prefer that they do their bombings and beheadings in their own country.

    Misogynist is another of the left’s favorite words. One cannot dislike a woman bases upon her political beliefs or actions. No, it is always because she is female.


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