Kill the Jews!

STUDENTS AT Portland State University support — some with actual cash — the killing of Jews.

And one young halfwit went on to mention also being a Bernie supporter. Bernie, of course, is a Jew. It’s a certainty that every one of these people self-identify as Liberal/Progressive.

Higher education in America today.

Aren’t you proud?

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19 thoughts on “Kill the Jews!

  1. Higher education is not for everyone. If someone is a dolt, education will not change that. Then we are faced with an educated dolt.

    In the prisons, they try to educated the inmates, and then we end up with educated crooks with leadership skills. But they are still criminals.

    I bet none of those people interviewed even know who Hamas is or what their goals are.

    Worse, they all probably have Jewish professors that have turned their backs on their own people.


    1. Señor Gill: These students are, for the most part, smarter than average, I would bet. Problem is they have been fed left-wing bullhockey up through public school and beyond. The lovey-dovey, airhead culture of the 1960s still runs through many sectors of Western society (including Western Europe), especially elite areas, but that lovey-dovey stuff has mutated into something ugly, the PC, intolerant mindset. It’s long moved from “love your neighbor” to “love your neighbor or else, Bub!”

      The minds of these students remind me of that old computer saying that you don’t hear much anymore — garbage in, garbage out — and they are upchucking rancid garbage on this video, the garbage that has been put in them by the almost exclusively leftist educational system.

      Whether they know what Hamas is specifically or not is beside the point. Horowitz very clearly said the money would be used to bomb schools and hospitals, “soft targets.” And they were perfectly fine with that.

      As long as it killed Jews.

      These knuckleheads would have been happy in 1930s Germany.


  2. Whether they are smart or not is not my point. People without principles are without principles whether stupid or educated. Some of the Nazis were very educated and quite smart.

    Beware of the know-it-alls.


    1. Señor Gill: Point taken, but I think principles, more often than not, are learned. And these people have been taught very bad principles. Plus, they are ignorant of both current events and world history.


  3. Sadly, you are correct. As my father would say, “Those people watch too much television.” You cannot get good news on MSNBC and CNN. They lie, and worse, the omit the real news.

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        1. Most people don’t know about OANN (One American News Network). With the exception of their evening opinion shows which are definitely conservative, this small network is mostly national and international headlines. The presenters give no opinions whatsoever. Very nice for a change.

          As much as the leftists like to taunt about “Faux”, it is still the most widely watched news network and also has a couple of the most highly watched opinion shows. Bill O’Reilly (not a fan because he interrupts too much) and Megyn Kelly, who is more intelligent than people give her credit for.


          1. Scott: I too had never heard of OANN. Thanks for the tip.

            Yes, Fox blows other news networks out of the water ratings-wise consistently, and there’s a reason for that. It’s trustworthy. I do not get it on my cable package. Wish I did. I do watch parts online, however. I’m mostly a big fan of O’Reilly, but you are correct in that he interrupts too much. One thing he rarely does is shout people down, another matter altogether. Yet the leftists claim he does it all the time. Most of his critics have never even watched an entire show of his. Of that, I am convinced.


  4. Sadly, most universities today are where left-wing doctrine is is planted in young idealistic brains. Utopia sounds good when you are young.


    1. Ray: Utopia not only sounds good when you’re young. It seems doable, which is far worse because it’s completely not doable, not over the long haul.


  5. And it is always easy to tell other people what to do when you are spending their money rather than your own. As Maggy said: “Eventually, Socialists run out of other peoples’ money [to spend].”


    1. Señor Cotton: Alas, that those students are clearly leftists pales before their willingness to help murder Jews. And it’s good to note that Nazi was the National SOCIALIST Party.


    2. Was watching Anthony Bourdain’s episode on the Greek Islands recently and one native (can’t recall if he was the fisherman, the farmer or the journalist) roughly said,

      “After 40 years we ran out of other people’s money and the magic ended. There’s government corruption and many have stopped paying taxes.”


      1. Scott: Socialism, depending on the situation, can work, sometimes quite nicely, for a spell. It cannot work over the long haul. Getting that through the noggins of the Kumbaya folk is pretty much an impossible task. They have to learn the hard way, like in Greece or Venezuela.


  6. I’m a little confused. As an admitted left-wing-leaning type of guy who is a neophyte in my understanding of what’s going on in that part of the world and is also married to a Jewess with two Jewish daughters, I wonder the difference between Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Mossad, and the Taliban. Aren’t they all promoting (sometimes violently) their views of how the world and especially the Middle East should be. I doubt that any of us Westerners can even remotely understand their culture and/or their values. Of course, as a “feel good” lefty, I would prefer they settle their differences and peacefully resolve the conflict without killing everyone. Maybe if there was a computer algorithm that could be programmed to divide up lands and country according to people’s geographic/religious preferences. Unfortunately, that probably ain’t gonna happen. Mayhaps we should take a clue from Sr. Trump and build walls all over the place. If that stopped the killing, I would vote for it.

    On the other hand, there ARE all those vestal virgins if I blow up your supermarket. Tempting, but at my age, vestal virgins are not all that appealing. We all know they come with a considerable price.


    1. Lordy, Larry, what a comment. Where do I start? Where do I start?

      First off, you are not left-wing-leaning. You are, sadly, a classic example of leftism in spite of being otherwise a nice old guy. If you ever “leaned” in that direction, it happened in the distant past, just before you toppled over into the full-blown, murky, deep pool of socialism.

      And then — how left can we get? — you go on to equate Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, with ISIS, the Taliban, etc. Freaking incredible.

      And then you say you doubt Westerners can even remotely understand the culture and values of Mohammedan terrorism. I think understanding their culture and values is very easy. It’s perfectly obvious who they are and what they think. That you are wishy-washy about it indicates Weepy Barry should have included you in his administration at some high level.

      And then you say you would “prefer” they settle their differences without killing anyone. I would prefer that Penelope Cruz give me a massage before dancing naked every night, but that ain’t gonna happen.

      Tsk, tsk.


  7. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend how they can perceive blowing up a kindergarten, a market, a bus full of innocent people, etc., as an act of religious piety.

    The people of the Middle East now have what they have always wanted: a chance to kill each other. And, they are doing a bang-up job of it. They have exterminated their Jews and are about done with their Christians.

    I just wish they would confine their bombings and beheadings to their own country.


    1. Señor Gill: You cannot comprehend it because you are not a fanatic.

      And I too wish they would confine their bombings and beheadings to their own countries. Alas, the PC Left in Europe is importing them, and Weepy Barry Obama wants to bring them to the United States.


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