End of spring

Abel at work, pushing my lawnmower.

IT’S OVER. Spring has gone, and summer has begun.

I know it’s not the official end of spring, but we march to a different seasonal drummer at the Hacienda.

When Abel the Deadpan Gardener (and neighbor) mows the lawn for the first time, it means summer has started, and it has. The summer rains are easing in. Sweet.*

Abel mowed the lawn yesterday.

Another sign of spring is that two bunches of lily bulbs beneath the ground in what I call the Willy-Nilly Zone** push their noggins above the dirt.

I often think of my second ex-wife when I survey our Hacienda domain. She’s a gardening fanatic and a certified “Master Gardener” via a course offered by the county extension service in Houston. Her yard is nice by local standards.

I see it via Google Street View. It pales, however, in comparison to the Hacienda spread, and I’m not a gardener, neither certified nor master. I’m a rank, lazy amateur.

Our yard tends to itself and only requires stern discipline. This year, more than ever before, I’ve eliminated lots of greenery because it was getting out of hand, berserk actually.

I like the cleaner look. Some of the eliminated stuff was huge, all planted by my child bride who gleefully plants whatever and then goes on her merry way, leaving the fallout to me.

But summer is here. Rains will quickly increase until they become daily. Downtown streets will flood most afternoons. The air will be cool, and the nights romantic.

Philodendron in its niche. Trimmed by me. About five feet high.

* * * *

* I won’t think it’s sweet in waterlogged October. I’ll consider it a curse, but that’s for later.

** The Willy-Nilly Zone wraps itself around the two exterior sides of the downstairs veranda. It’s hemmed in by the Romance Sidewalk. It’s a happy zone for plants because, I think, the proximity to the house reduces cold in winter. In modern parlance, it’s a “safe space” for greenery. Plants are never offended in the Willy-Nilly Zone.

3 thoughts on “End of spring

  1. Willy-nilly lilly zone? Sorry … couldn’t resist.

    Here in CDMX the rains have started. It’s quite refreshing when dusk rolls around and a downpour cools things off and washes a bit of the smog into the streets.

    Yesterday we had quite the thunderstorm, with many bolts of jagged lightning and thunder that shook the house.

    I was ecstatic.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where it’s hard to tell if Tlaloc is angry or jubilant. Perhaps both?


    1. Kim: I’ve been referring to that part of the yard as the Willy-Nilly Zone for ages. It’s because it has all manner of stuff in it, running here and there, willy-nilly!

      Thunder and lightning make you ecstatic? This is very convenient. It means you don’t really need a significant other. You just need hairy weather. ¡Qué bueno!


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