Racial cleansing

TENDER SENSIBILITIES in some precincts are suffering the vapors because of a detergent commercial in China.

But there is another version in Italy — seems to be a different detergent — which is not causing the vapors.

That is because the Italian version portrays blacks as the ideal while the Chinese version portrays Orientals as ideal.

The criticism of the Chinese ad comes from Western PC leftists — no surprise. I doubt the Chinese care a whit about the delicate sensibilities of Western PC leftists.

Most people around the world view the race issue as they’ve always viewed it, and that is that people are different, and the way you look is, of course, superior.

And it’s quite normal to look down your nose at different races. The Japanese are particularly talented at this.

They have a history of not just looking down their noses but murdering and torturing gleefully, which is woefully often the result of multiculturalism and diversity.

Western PC leftists ignore this grim detail.

MeminWhile Latin America can be leftist, it’s not PC.* An example is the cartoon character Memín Pinguín, a black boy beloved by Mexicans.

About a decade ago, Mexico issued a postal stamp featuring Memín, and a vapor cloud rose above the United States as PC leftists fainted dead away in colossal swoons.

Mexico ignored it, and the stamp ran its course. I kept intending to buy a sheet but never got around to it. Dang!

The Chinese ignore PC leftists, and so should you.

Milo Yiannopoulous, Breitbart tech editor, “flaming faggot,” and bane of university leftist PC fanatics everywhere, argues that the PC terror is on the verge of collapse.

The astounding rise of Donald Trump is also a reaction to PC terrorists and limp-wristed politicos like Weepy Barry Obama who apologized to the Japanese recently for Harry Truman’s brave, abrupt and justified end to World War II.

Barry is an endless embarrassment.

Now, if you’re unhappy with the color of your spouse or lover, wash him or her in that Chinese detergent.

Or just add bleach … or soot.

Your choice, amigos.

* * * *

* This proves that you can be a knucklehead socialist without being a knucklehead PC fanatic. By the way, Memín Pinguín has his own Facebook page! Be a fan. I am.

25 thoughts on “Racial cleansing

  1. USA Today had good article on it that included the commercial. Perfectly harmless. Maybe you could post a link to it. I’m not techie enough to do it. BTW, I hope it sells a lot of soap. Maybe they should send some to the U.S.


    1. Carlos: I found it on USA Today, but it came up as a page within a page, and I could not get a correct link. No matter. I noticed that the swooning was especially notable on HuffPost, of course. And the Chinese company would say mea culpa to Western media and then give a shrug to Chinese media.


      1. I don’t know if my reply yesterday didn’t appear because of a poor internet connection or thru the discretion of dear Felipe. But all I was pointing out was things appear to be changing in the 10 years since the postage stamp controversy.

        And I see that you have now adopted the alternate universe description into your vernacular.


        1. Clete: Just one comment of yours on this matter made it here, and it sits there in plain sight. If you sent another, I don’t know where it went. Perhaps you did not push the final button. As for things changing since the postage stamp event, maybe some. I pray not, but the nefarious influence of the United States filters down. I have faith in the essential good sense and stubbornness of the Mexican people. We have enough stupidity down here without importing Gringo idiocy too.


        2. Anyway, Clete, if you can’t make fun of someone based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, social class, etc., that takes half the fun out of living. You people are just killjoys and sourpusses. Yes, you are.


          1. I kind of like making fun of the size of one’s hands. Even Presidential candidates laugh at that.


            1. Clete: The Moon is not just about raising the general IQ of the population. It’s also, as I’ve mentioned often, about humor. Hilarity is welcome here.


              1. Oh sure, Felipe. Keep up the good work. Of course, improving the IQ of wrong-wingers doesn’t take much effort. Just explaining that if they brush after meals and see a dentist once a year they would avoid toothlessness in early adulthood would give ’em a 5-point boost. That might even get some to room temperature.


                1. Oh, Clete, what is to be done with you? You have just illustrated beautifully the high-and-mighty attitude of the coastal elites who sneer through the corporate jet windows as they soar over middle America from New York to Seattle. Alas, those are the genuine people who are turning on you and will soon put The Donald in the White House. Look what you have done.


      1. To say Asian is not meaningful. Almost all of Western Asia is Caucasian. North Africa is mostly white Arabian. I think I know an Oriental is. I do not approve of the word “gook.”


      2. A friend called me on using the term “Chinaman” once. He said that would indicate the person was made of china. But using that logic, would not a Dutchman be made of dutch? A Frenchman of french?

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    1. Ray: Good one. I like that. I’m not sure they see it that way, however. They actually think it’s a positive thing in spite of most historical evidence pointing precisely in the opposite direction. They are blind.

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  2. If people are getting upset about detergent ads a world away, I’d say that proves they have ENTIRELY too much free time in which to worry about trivialities.

    I think Milo’s right: a lot of these “movements” are running out of increasingly scarce targets, and so the “offenses” have to keep shrinking in relevance in order for there to be “enough to go around.”

    Personally, I’m offended when seemingly “perfectly-good” detergent doesn’t achieve “stain terrorism.”


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where dirt is the common enemy.

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