Get out, out, out!

Like Mississippi blacks in 1950, women sent to the rear.

THE MOON supports the lovely diversity of national cultures — defined by borders — and opposes Mohammedanism. At times those two issues intersect nicely.

The upcoming vote in Great Britain over its being in the European Union provides a lovely example.

London’s Mohammedan mayor(!) has gone on a road trip in support of remaining in the European Union. The photo above was taken at one of his stops. The Mohammedan women were compelled to stay at the back of the audience.

Leftists support this abominable misognyny. You can read more about this nonsense right here.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has withdrawn its application to join the EU, saying “only a few lunatics” now favor it.

Never wanting to miss an opportunity to make fun of Mohammedans, let’s look at this:

Rayani Airlines, which would have been Malaysia’s first Sharia-compliant carrier, has been grounded by the government. While it was Sharia-compliant, it was not flying-compliant.

There were other issues too. Strict dress codes for passengers. No in-flight cocktails. Strictly Halal meals. Late flights. Last-minute cancellations. Pilots not getting paid.

In other words, managed like the Mideast.

Handwritten boarding passes on little sheets of paper. You can’t make this stuff up. The Mohammedans do it for you.

Let’s pray the Brits exit the collectivist European Union and regain control of their once-great nation.

25 thoughts on “Get out, out, out!

  1. Uh, excuse me? The headline in the article you linked to claims the women were “forced” to the back rows. It offers absolutely nothing, not one collaborating piece of evidence that this is true. C’mon, ex-newsman, you must be joking. Let’s see something that can substantiate this nonsense. So I opened the picture in another tab and enlarged it. Guess what I found? There are several women among the men near the speaker.

    Now, as far as the “managed like the Middle East” statement. My wife and I just spent some time overseas. We flew Emirates from NY to Europe. Our daughter made all of the arrangements. She flies that airline often as her works takes her literally around the world from her home in Europe with frequent trips to both NY and Dubai. Emirates is a fantastic airline. The planes are new, the service is absolutely fantastic. The flight crew is international. Our pilot on the return trip was American, the co-pilot British and the purser Arab. The flight attendants were from just about everywhere. The food was better than the usual airline fare. Private video monitors for each passenger with a wide selection of movies. I am long and lanky and had plenty of legroom in economy class.

    This past Tuesday my daughter flew into NY aboard American Airlines and not her usual Emirates due to scheduling conflicts. Her description of the airline was (in Spanish, as that is what we speak between ourselves), “que chafa!!!”

    BTW, this daughter at one time was the assistant trade attache for the Pakistani embassy in the old D.F. . She had some stories that you would love to hear! When her boss tried to pull the Muslim misogyny crap on her, she quite clearly let him know, “estamos en Mexico, no en Pakistan”. He got the hint.


    1. Clete: See in the photo what you wish. As for the airline in question, take another read. It was not Emirates, which has a fine reputation indeed. As for your daughter reading the riot act to that Mohammedan, good for her! If only Mohammedan women could do the same. But they cannot.


      1. Tis you that is seeing what they wish. I again ask if there exists proof these women were indeed told they must go to the back of the crowd.
        But I am sure you will take the picture as proof positive even though it doesn’t show the whole crowd. That’s how conservative minds operate.


    1. Smokesilver: Even though I find Maher to be quite a repugnant individual, he and I do agree now and then. You are not a repugnant individual, and I like it that we agree on this.


  2. I am as agnostic as they come on Brexit. If I could vote (which I cannot), I would vote 21% remain, 20% leave, 59% don’t bother me with this nonsense again.


    1. Señor Cotton: The open-border aspect of the EU alone makes it far from being nonsense, mi amigo. I imagine if you actually lived in the EU you’d be a bit more passionate about it.


  3. The essence of conservatism is that everyone gets to make up their own minds on issues. You see what you see, and Clete sees what he sees. No problem.

    On the question of open borders, I personally would prefer that those who bomb and behead, do it in their own countries. If they prefer sharia law, let them have it in their own country.

    If we had sharia law in the U.S., we would have a whole class of people missing hands and feet. Think of the Democratic party!


    1. Señor Gill: I too favor that the Mohammedans bomb and behead their own people. And as for the Democrat Party, I don’t think it’s hands and feet they are missing.


      1. It isn’t the Democrats that have elected Trump as their candidate. Talk about a headless constituency. And there’d be more than a few closeted Republicans getting tossed from the roofs.


          1. Kim: Of course he’s not anti-gay. Anti-gay sentiments come almost exclusively from two segments: Devout Christians and rednecks. Sometimes the two converge, but often not. You can certainly be one without being the other.

            Oh, there’s one other segment, of course: Mohammedans.


  4. I personally do not think it was the rank and file of the Republican party who selected Mr. Trump. It was those fed up with the Democratic Party who were the key to his success.

    He was not my favored candidate. In fact, he wasn’t my second choice or my third choice. But I will vote for him out of desperation.

    As to the question of gay people getting tossed off of roofs, I don’t understand why gay people do what they do, but they seem to be very happy doing it. If it is morally wrong, that is between God and them. Leave me out of it.


    1. Señor Gill: I think it was very much the rank and file of the GOP who picked Trump. I think the hysteria of the Republican bigwigs in D.C. indicates just how far they have strayed from traditional GOP principles.

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  5. I am afraid that people who have left the U.S. still think of the country as it was when they left. A lot of things have changed, and not all of them for the better.

    About half of the people in this country pay no income tax. The half that does are really stressed. The half that doesn’t pay taxes want more benefits. We just can’t afford that.

    Those using the social welfare system, such as food stamps, has increased tremendously. It is not the type of people who usually use the system, but people who used to work for a living, and now they can’t.

    There is a tremendous feeling of frustration. Mr. Trump has tapped into that unhappy feeling. Just how that will work out is yet to be seen.


    1. Señor Gill: I haven’t been in the United States for almost eight years, and during the nine years before that the visits were rare and brief. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like up there via the internet. I don’t have a good feeling for the place anymore, and I used to, big-time. Basically, I think Americans are colossally spoiled, like adolescents.

      The future seems shaky. Alas, as the United States goes, much of the world goes too.


  6. I am afraid Adlai was correct. I would feel a lot better if the line at the DES office was a lot shorter.


  7. While I’m in favor of Brexit because I see the EU as a faceless, unelected bureaucracy that doesn’t respond to the needs of the people, the fact of the matter is that Brexit is probably the beginning of the end of an era.

    Despite whatever you may read, there has been no “Greek rescues,” only rescues of German and other Northern European banks that lent too much money to the Greeks. The actual Greek people are FAR from rescued, having instead been turned into debt serfs.

    If the Brits exit without any near-term crisis, (likely) you can be sure that it’s only a matter of time before the Italians, Spanish, Greeks and others do the same. At that point, they will issue their own currencies, devalue, and throw off Euro-denominated debts. The European banking system will fail, and financial contagion will spread globally.

    Even though that would cause some pretty tough years, ultimately it would probably reset the system toward something more sustainable. One of the big reasons the world is in an economic funk is that debt levels across the developed world and China are simply choking off growth.

    So a crisis would be a purge, after which things would get better.

    Assuming it were allowed to happen.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where under such a situation the peso would likely get crushed as a sort of innocent bystander.


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