Diversity unveiled

BILL WHITTLE knocks it out of the park yet again.

12 thoughts on “Diversity unveiled

    1. Tancho: Well said indeed. And let’s also give a hip-hip-hooray! to the Limeys today for hightailing it out of the collectivist, Kumbaya European Union. I am sooo proud of them.


      1. The Brits have always been a sensible people. They saw that Europe was on the road to cultural suicide, and they didn’t want to go with them.


    2. The news media will never tell the truth about Islam, nor will the Democratic Party. But when we find ourselves with sharia law, guess who will be the first thrown out of a tower.


  1. Another Moonie paranoia party. Stick around, kids, more fun and games to come. Oh, Look! They are playing pin the tail on the Boogey Man! Come take a whack at the cross-dressed Obama piñata! Hate and Kool-Aid will be served on the veranda.


      1. Felipe, it’s the bury your head in the sand syndrome. It is sad when truth is just ignored. Even Bill Maher gets it about Islam.

        As for gun control (disclaimer: I don’t own any and dislike them), one of my leftist friends linked an article stating that during the Democratic “sit in”, 88 people were shot. If you look at the map provided, the MOST shootings were in Chicago. A city with strict gun laws leads the way again. Once again showing that strict gun laws do not equate to a decrease in shootings.


        I’m sure stating the obvious will get me called a racist, but if you look at all the leading cities on that map, you can surmise with a high level of certainty which side is doing most of the shootings. And yes, even Milwaukee.

        If any of them bothered to register to vote, it is probably for the Democratic party, For reasons other than gun control, of course.


        1. Scott: Interesting video. Charlie Rose is spouting the standard leftist line, and good ole Maher is disagreeing. Generally, I find Maher repugnant, but he’s quite right on this one, very important, issue.


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