Leave balls at border

WE’RE DRIVING to San Miguel de Allende this week for a couple of days. The primary purpose of visiting that Gringo-infested outpost is to renew my expired U.S. passport.

Now sure exactly why I’m bothering to do this, especially since it’s going to set me back over $100, money I could more profitably use to keep myself in tacos for many years.

We do little (next to none) international travel, and my Mexican passport will serve for anywhere except the United States, a place that is not hollering my name anymore.

That nation is on a downward trajectory, something that grows more painfully obvious by the day. Pathetic and ignorant people are now running the American farm.

The U.S. Marine Corps has been forced to remove the word “man” from 19 job titles. I can easily see this happening on university campuses, but the Marines?!

New ImageI predict that soon the Marine Corps will consist of troops who look like Pajama Boy and this smug news lesbian.

Just below is a brief discussion about the issue of feminism by the wonderful Christina Hoff Sommers and the always interesting Camille Paglia.

Meanwhile, the neutering of a once-great nation marches on, and nobody seems to be able to apply the brakes.

The Russians and/or Chinese will do it in time.

Or maybe the Mohammedans.

25 thoughts on “Leave balls at border

  1. Hurrah For the Red, White and Blue.
    I have lost my blues.
    Hurrah for the Green, White and Red.
    That’s where I go to bed.


  2. Freemartins, they are rude and abusive to the other members of the herd. They challenge the bulls, but eventually they go to slaughter.


    1. Señor Gill: You are a learning experience. You made me investigate. I had never heard that term, but now I know. It is a wonderful analogy, especially the slaughter part.


  3. Reactionary Greatest Fear List (please check one)

    1. Muslims

    2. Women

    3. Homosexuals

    4. Environmentalists (includes Hippies)

    5. Social Democrats

    6. Immigrants

    7. Blacks

    8. Non-English speakers

    9. Leaving the house with less than 100 rounds for weapon.

    10. Bogeyman under bed

    11. Mr. Rogers

    12. All of the above


    1. Clete: As a practicing homosexual, and someone who pretty much formerly bought the line you’re trying to sell, I’d strongly urge you to open your mind and do some independent investigation.

      Here’s a great place to start on Islam:


      Here’s a great place to go on radical feminism and the problem with “open debate” on college campuses:

      Here’s a great primer on what’s wrong with the economic consensus:


      Things really aren’t what a lot of the mainstream “left” is claiming. Many of their battles have been won, and rather than beat the weapons into plowshares, they’ve gone on to fight harder and harder against smaller and smaller threats. Meanwhile some of the things that the “right” is claiming are indeed a genuine threat, radical Islam being close to the top of the list.


      Kim G
      CDMX, México
      Where there are other problems.

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  4. KimG, you have seemed to mistaken me for Felipe. I ain’t selling nothing. It’s his blog. Check the merchandise carefully, there are no returns.


  5. Forgot to mention, KimG. as a practicing atheist I wouldn’t give you 2 centavos for any religion. Religion, the most evil invention in the history of man.


    1. Oh, Clete, how you have disappointed me! There is not a dime’s worth of difference between an atheist and a chicken-head-biting, snake-handling, tongues-talking Holy Roller from the hollows of West Virginia who’s married to his first cousin. Both are utterly convinced of what occurs after death in spite of having not a lick of evidence to support the contention. That’s why it’s called Faith. The Holy Roller has his Faith, and atheists have their Faith.

      A rational disagreement with Faith, with Christianity or any religion, lies in the middle. Agnostics are these rational people of no faith. If you want to look down your nose at religions, the only reasonable perch from which to do it is agnosticism, not atheism.

      But aside from that. Were you to live in a society totally untouched by organized religion — thankfully, a difficult thing to find — you would find it brutish and ugly. When everyone gets to invent his own moral code, things to to Hell, so to speak, very quickly. This is why I, in spite of not subscribing to Christianity or any organized religion, am a fan of organized religion, especially Christianity and Judaism. I want to live where people have Faith. And so do you whether you know it or not.


      1. Actually, the atheist view of the afterlife (if that’s what an atheist would call it) is supported by science. So it’s no more a matter of pure faith than is the operation of a computer, even though the latter seems mysterious to many.


        1. Kim: That there is no afterlife is supported by science? Where did you hear this? On MSNBC? Or perhaps you read it in Mother Jones. No, “knowing” there is no afterlife is pure faith. Not a nickel’s worth of difference between an atheist’s knowing and that of Billy Graham.


    2. Hola Clete! I’m pretty much an atheist too. And given your view, perhaps you’d be wise to rank religions in terms of their potential danger to innocent bystanders. In that way, I’d rank Islam well ahead of Christianity, even though the later still holds its own threat.

      By the way, do you truly think Buddhism is evil? Of the religions that I know anything about, it’s by far my favorite: nonviolent; non proselytizing; compassion is one of the highest virtues.


      Kim G


      1. I view Buddhism more as a discipline than a religion (although of course its followers will disagree). And as such it has many admirable traits. Even the basic Christian tenets as found in the 10 commandments (well, minus one) can be viewed as admirable and desirable guidelines for society. But, yes, if it came down to a choice, Buddhism would be mine.


        1. Here are the first four commandments. Note which is first. This is not some kind of compendium of universally good ideas.

          You shall have no other gods before Me.
          You shall not make idols.
          You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
          Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.


  6. You have religious faith confused with morality. Atheists behind bars are outnumbered 1,000,000 by the faithful convicts.

    We aren’t in need of eternal damnation to keep us on the straight and narrow.

    Agnostics remind me of libertarians. Both are classic fence setters. Libertarians lack the balls to be anarchists. Agnostics are afraid of death.


    1. Clete: You are a man of faith in spite of denying it. Religion gives a society a common set of morals. With no religion, one is left to invent his own moral code — or none at all. If everyone gets to pick and choose morals/standards, chaos reigns in the morals department. It makes for a nasty society. Those faithful convicts you cite are simply unstable people in spite of what they might outwardly express. Thus, they are in the slammer.

      Atheists and Holy Rollers have lots in common.

      What’s up with Lefthandgordie? You diving into blog pool? That would be nice.


      1. Who decides that religion is the arbitrator of morality? I don’t need the 10 Commandmants to tell me taking another person’s life is wrong. Or raping or stealing or any action hamful to others is wrong. Nor the threat of divine punishment or being locked up in prison makes me abstain from such behavior.


        1. Clete: Sorry for the delay. I’ve been out of town and mostly unconnected. As for your comment, you may not need religion but, alas, so many do.


          1. “This human world of ours would be inconceivable without the
            practical existence of a religious belief.”


    2. PS: And there is no connection whatsoever between anarchists and libertarians. We love government but we want government to be minimalist, no more than necessary. Anarchists want no government whatsoever. They are dumb people.


  7. And I had given some thought to blogging but I am just too darn lazy. I will leave that endeavor to witty and articulate folks like you.

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