Independence Day!

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  1. Time will tell, I wish I were as optimistic as the author regarding our country’s potential destiny… I’m not…


  2. Sir,

    This is, as to be expected from Bill Whittle, complete nonsense. Fear mongering islamaphobia designed to prey on childish minds.

    There is no EU regulation banning cucumbers for not being the right shape. There is no EU legislation on children’s playground equipment, only an advisory which is actually far more permissive than existing British regulations. The EU does not force the UK to take in any non-EU citizens at all. Every non-EU Muslim (upwards of 99% of British Muslims) in the UK but not born in the UK, has arrived either through being smuggled into the country or had been granted entry by the UK. Solely at the UK’s discretion.

    So three clear lies by Bill. But he doesn’t stop there. The rest is nonsense too. You don’t need to take my word for it. If you care to investigate, you will discover this for yourself.

    At that point, you will surely conclude, sir, that Bill is either dishonest or incompetent. Zero credibility.


    1. Señor Wells: I’ll let you and Whittle iron out the details (cucumber curvature, etc.) on your own time. I, of course, will favor Whittle with whom I agree on the larger issues. National borders are not only good but necessary. A nation that hands over much of its government to outside forces is a very knucklehead nation. Mohammedans do not make good citizens in Western democracies. Okay, there are some exceptions, most of whom were born in the Western democracies. But as a rule, Mohammedanism is a bad religion that leads to bad people. Government should keep its mitts off most things, something Europe and America has lost sight of completely. Over-regulation is running amok.


      1. While it is outdated, it did exist and does go to show some of the absurdity of progressive over-regulation.

        “The reported directive: In 1995, the EU issued guidelines for the growing of bananas and cucumbers.

        Bananas with an extreme or unsightly curvature were to be discarded by growers. So too were cucumbers that were seemingly not straight enough to be sold.

        Is it real? Yes it is. You can see the directive for guidelines on bananas here.

        The directive was repealed in 2008 after the EU grew concerned that growers were throwing out perfectly tasty bananas because they were curved a bit too much. Rumors that completely straight bananas were also banned were unfounded, although some growers may have interpreted them as having an “unsightly curvature.””

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        1. Scott: Thanks for looking into this. I was too lazy to do it. The fact that the rule was eventually discarded does not, as you note, negate that it’s a lovely example of collectivist government, as Whittle points out.

          Non-elected agencies in the U.S. have become a colossal problem for the citizens, causing far more headache and expense than the elected politicians ever do. Much of government these days in the U.S. and, I imagine, in Europe is entirely out of voter control.

          It’s not what democracy is about. It’s what bureaucracy is about.


  3. Reading Sell Out about Clinton’s malfeasance while in office. A microcosm of all the layers of back room deals that is US politics.


    1. Carole: I had to look up the book to know if it’s Bill or Hillary that the book is about. It’s Bill. No matter. The two of them are a joint piece of work.


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