Night moves

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SITTING ON the living room sofa last night with most of the lights turned off for mood and comfort, the two of us split a brownie, which was sweet and good.

I noticed this scene. The light comes from small bulbs behind two huge, pressed-tin masks on the wall just above. One is the moon. The other is a tribal face.

This artwork is by Arturo Solis who lives here in town.

4 thoughts on “Night moves

    1. Clete: Thanks. My approach to photos on the website is to use black and white unless the color aspect is important somehow. Usually, it is not. I opted for color here, obviously. I looked at a black-and-white version and thought this was a bit better.


  1. You certainly have an artist’s eye. Are you still doing anything, or have you retired from that too? I used to buy the ‘raw’ carvings and paint them.

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    1. Kris: I have mostly retired from art if what I used to do can accurately be called art. I do like to think that some of my photos qualify, however.


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