Ronnie knew best

I’M ALMOST finished with H. W. Brands’ biography of Ronald Reagan. I recommend it to you.

I invariably voted Democrat during Reagan’s times, and I wasn’t a fan of his due to being duped by the left-wing news media of which I was a card-carrying member. Oh, the shame!

But the dawn of the 21st century, my move to Mexico and my higher tortilla intake caused my intelligence quotient to soar, and Reagan now makes perfect sense.

This is one of those countless things from the past that seem so relevant today. The speech was delivered during Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign. Reagan was simply stumping for Goldwater, but this speech put Reagan on the path that led to his own win of the presidency in 1980.

It is a famous speech with reason.

One wonders what Reagan would make of the tragic societal disintegration occurring in the United States as a result of political correctness and the glorifying of multiculturalism and its resulting and increasing bloodshed.

The Soviet Union did not threaten the United States half as much as “Black Lives Matter,” Weepy Barry and — on the horizon but creeping closer — savage Mohammedans who are endlessly discounted by America’s ruling class.

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(Note: There is a White House petition under way to formally name “Black Lives Matter” as a terrorist organization. Go sign right here.)

7 thoughts on “Ronnie knew best

  1. Amen! He sure did know better.
    It seems as if CNN and MSNBC and the Democrats are bound and determined to ignite a race war.
    I have never been beaten and robbed by a cop. Nor has one broken into and robbed my house. My car was never stolen and vandalized by a cop.
    And none of my friends were ever kidnapped, raped and murdered by a cop.
    I don’t see cops shoplifting, selling drugs on the corner or spray painting graffiti.
    Cops don’t live off of food stamps, section eight housing and welfare and expect everyone else to work and pay taxes to support them.
    If there is a race war, I sure know which side I will support.
    When some people prefer to avoid contact with certain other groups of people, sometimes there is are reasons.
    We don’t hate anyone; but we sure fear some people.


    1. Señor Gill: Ronald Reagan was one of the better presidents of modern times, but he did get himself involved in some big goofs. But the balance sheet is on the positive side.


      1. “But the balance sheet is on the positive side.”

        Man, I could use your accountant next time SAT comes calling.


  2. 50 years. After watching this I had to think: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Oh for the days when our cumulative debts were stated with a word that started with a “B” and not a “T”. One has to be honest and admit that both sides have and continue to contribute to the massive debts. I really don’t care who added more. That is counter-productive. We need to figure out how to reduce the debt and not just the “reduce the deficit”. That still spells debt.

    One hears of the call for a Constitutional Convention to propose amendments. Typically it is for congressional term limits and I applaud that. But while we are at it we should include other items. If I were to frame it I would propose things like:

    Term Limits:

    – One 6 year term for the President.
    – One 4 year term for the House.
    – One 10 year term for the Senate
    – One 12 year term for the Supreme Court.

    – Balanced budget. To override, it would take 75% approval of both the House and Senate, plus Presidential signage.
    – Each bill stands on its own. No more adding obscure amendments that have nothing to do with the original bill. (Or, “Line item veto”).
    – Abolish the lobbying industry.


    1. Scott: It is amazing how relevant that speech remains today. And things have just grown worse. I don’t think there’s any fixing it, any of it. Paint me pessimistic. Democracy contains its own road to destruction.


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