The sinking states

LORDY, LORDY, how low the United States has sunk.

Hillary is a demonstrable crook, yet to be tried and convicted. Weepy Barry goes to a memorial for those cops killed in Dallas to push unconstitutional gun control and scoot along the edge of actually blaming police for the officers’ murders.

He’s a class act and Peace Prize winner!

While Hillary is the likely Democrat candidate for president, over on the opposite end we have the combed-over egomaniac whom I support due to his being the only other option.*

The United States continues to ignore my sage advice that promoting diversity invariably leads to bad stuff.

Oh, well, I do what I can from down here.

You’ve got a former Miss Alabama saying the creep who killed the Dallas officers is a martyr. Alabama must be proud.

But don’t think that black folks are all dimwits because they certainly are not. Too many of them are, and so are a lot of whites who live in places like New York, Wisconsin, Oregon, California and San Miguel de Allende.

Here’s a very sharp black American:

* Trump is a reaction to the left-wing nuttiness running rampant in the nation.

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  1. Ah, this is more about gun control. Gonna be interesting at the convention… Black Panthers say they’re gonna pack heat, and Bikers for Trump planning to crash the party as well… We began our nation with fireworks, looks like we’re gonna go out with a bang as well…


  2. I predicted last summer that Trump would run the table and become the Republican nominee this summer and beat Clinton in November 2016. With the exception of Rand Paul, Trump was the only GOP candidate opposed to foreign wars.

    In the 20th century, Wilson started WWI, FDR started WWII, Truman started the Korean War, LBJ started the Vietnam War and Clinton started the Bosnian War in the former Yugoslavia. All were Democrats except Bush who started the Gulf War in 1990. The neocon Bush family nearly destroyed the Republican party and America’s reputation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Clinton must be stopped in order to prevent World War 3 and anarchy in the USA. Obama and Clinton made a terrible mess in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine.


    1. Andrés: Did you just come in from a Bernie Sanders rally and/or are you smoking a hookah? Wilson started World War I? The Europeans started it, and the U.S. finally entered to put a necessary end to it.

      FDR started World War II? Hitler started it, and had not the U.S. entered, we’d all be goose-stepping today. A good war.

      Truman started the Korean War? The Red Chinese started it, and the U.S. entered later with good reason. Sloppy ending.

      LBJ started the Vietnam War? Well, he kinda did, but there appeared to be very good reasons at the time. Turned out badly.

      Clinton started the Bosnian War? The U.N. entered that already started conflict, and many troops were American. There was good reason to get involved, but it didn’t go as well as it could have.

      The first Bush started the Gulf War? Saddam Hussein started it, and the U.S. entered with good reason.

      Hillary must be stopped for a wide variety of reasons. Dodging a potential World War III is way down the list in my book. I heartily agree, however, that Weepy Barry and Hillary made messes in Libya and Syria, less so in the Ukraine.

      As for anarchy in the United States, that’s already happening due to political correctness and other left-wing crackpot-isms.

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  3. Very sad. Even though in any reasonable person’s eyes she is guilty, most constituents will still support her. Even though she has obviously lied to the public, most will continue to support her. I have seen people on social media state as much. All I can think of is, “stupid is as stupid does”.

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    1. Scott: Hillary is a mess. Let us hope she never rules the Oval Office. I don’t think she will, but I didn’t think Weepy Barry would win in 2008 or 2012. I was mistaken. I overestimate the intelligence of the average American, clearly.


  4. But she is going to give us free stuff, college education, freedom from school loans, fifteen dollars an hour for doing nothing, eternal unemployment benefits, more food stamps, more section eight housing, and eventually that free health care that they promised.

    And nobody is going to have to work and pay for anything.

    Will I get a free Obama phone, and if so, who will I call?


    1. Señor Gill: Free stuff sounds sweet to the intellectually challenged.

      However, say what you will, I do not think Hillary would be anywhere nearly as bad a president as Weepy Barry has been. It would be difficult to surpass his pathetic, race-baiting, Mohammedan-embracing, socialist-loving, clueless, amateurish administration.

      Weepy Barry is a True Believer. Hillary is not. She’s just another venal politician who’ll say whatever to get elected. She would be an improvement over Weepy Barry, but who wouldn’t? Not to say I favor her, of course. God no.

      I favor the lesser evil of The Donald.


  5. Oops! I forgot, I will probably be sent to a camp for re-education because of my views on the so-called global warming.


  6. This place resembles a revival of the Know-Nothings. Strange how history repeats itself. USA 1840, Germany 1930, USA 2010


  7. Watching the news tonight, a question came to mind. Ohio is an ‘open carry’ state, Republicans are pro-gun, many being NRA members. Why are they declaring the convention zone a gun-free area? If everyone is armed, won’t it be safer? That’s the story we keep hearing, anyway.


    1. Kris: First I’ve heard that the convention will be a gun-free zone. I guess they want to guarantee the New Black Panther Party goons don’t get to show up armed as they vowed they would.

      I read a sweet and accurate analogy about gun control recently. To eliminate the many deaths by drunk drivers, we should make car ownership a crime.


  8. Almost a hundred per cent of people who die by drowning have been found to have been in association with water. Let’s ban water.


      1. It’s not the car, it’s the drunk driver. A car is designed for transportation, a gun is designed to kill, and in most of these situations, to kill people. Your comparison, if serious, bears no weight, but I think you’re just stirring the pot for entertainment. I have no problem with hunting, but anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows there is no defense for the gun violence in the U.S.

        I just noticed that Donald is having Dana White, the top dog at the UFC, speak at the Republican convention. Who’s next, Curly, Larry & Moe?


        1. Kris: May I suggest you think more “outside the box.” Yes, I think the car analogy is apt. As I mentioned elsewhere on another post, I also think atheists and Holy Rollers are equally people “of faith.” Though I often stir the pot for entertainment, I put these points forth seriously.

          As for their being no defense for gun violence in the U.S., who’s trying to defend it? It can be explained, however, in a number of ways. Cultural rot in many black ghettos because that’s where blacks are getting mowed down on a regular basis, and it ain’t the cops doing it. It’s their “soul brothers.”

          Mental illness is another explanation. It’s usually the cause in cases of school violence. Mohammedan fanaticism is yet another, but that’s hard to distinguish from mental illness.

          But there’s no getting around the fact that places in the U.S. with strict gun laws suffer more mayhem than places with lenient or no gun laws. Chicago, of course, is the poster child.

          Leftists ignore these facts.


        2. I had to Google Dana White and the UFC. I don’t follow martial arts, and I think regular boxing is the stupidest sport in the world.

          But as far as White speaking at the GOP convention, I’m not surprised. Surely you know that it’s the “common people” who are Trump’s most enthusiastic fans.


          1. Dana White took a languishing company, the UFC, and turned it into a billion-dollar industry. He employs some of the greatest athletes of modern times. These are modern-day warriors not unlike the gladiators in the Roman days. Dana White is a fine example of the success that only a capitalist country can foster.

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                1. You are quite right, Mark. And see how much nicer it looks and effective it is? As I said earlier, I know nothing about Dana White or the UFC, but from what you tell us, he’s a sterling example of the liberty and capitalism that made America once great. I’m sure that’s why he was included on the speech list for the GOP convention.


          2. So true, my point exactly. Head for the uneducated, those impressed by loud meaningless talk, most of whom probably never voted before. He preys on the ones who are impressed with his wealth and brash attitude, wishing that they could spout off at anyone without consequences. We know that he can’t do any of the things he promised, but they don’t know the limitations of the President, and don’t really know how government works.
            My guess is that for Americans, trained to live in fear, guns mean safety, when few people actually defend themselves with guns. Living in Nirvana, where I have no thoughts of being attacked by anyone, must be the reason that so many wise folks wish they could live here. Too bad it’s so cold in the winter. So I go to SC for the winter, and I’m still not afraid, and I don’t think I need a gun.


            1. Kris: “Head for the uneducated, those impressed by loud meaningless talk, most of whom probably never voted before.”

              Your talking about Bernie Sanders people, right?


              1. It’s getting to be a popular shopping area. With any luck they’ll be tired of the election by then and just stay home polishing their monster trucks.


  9. Cars are regulated, licensed, insured, etc. The people driving them are licensed. Comparing guns to vehicles (or water) is one of the most asinine arguments ever made.

    The day you can drive your AR15 to work, come back and try again.


    1. Clete: The guns used, I believe by both, surely by one, in the Orlando and Dallas shootings were legally purchased, registered, etc. This has often been the case in those mass shootings in the U.S.

      So, yes, the analogy with the cars and drunk drivers is a perfect one.

      Back to the drawing board for you, young fellow.

      (So what’s up with using the blog title instead of your name as an identifier here? Especially when you say the blog is inert.)


  10. Deny, deny, deny. Vehicles are a necessary part of life for people in our modern civilization. Guns are not. There is no comparison. Hijack an airplane with a car, pal, and get back to me.


    1. Ah, Clete, this is fun. You are grasping for straws, but continue to come up empty-handed.

      Guns are not necessary? Go to Chicago on a Saturday night. Then get back to me … if you’re still alive.


      1. Such drama!! You happen to live in an area of the world that has suffered from extreme violence. Do you own a gun? Would it do you any good anyway?

        Now get on your Glock and run over to San Miguel to get your passport.


        1. Clete: I would love to be armed and dangerous, but due to Mexican gun-control laws, about the only civilians with guns here are criminals, which is the logical outcome of outlawing arms. Yes, I know it’s possible for me to obtain a gun legally here, but one has to jump through all manner of hoops and red tape, and the outcome would be uncertain anyway. I’m not going to bother.

          I already did the passport process. Now it’s a matter of waiting. No rush. It’s the U.S. passport, and I have no plans to visit Gringolandia anytime soon. Too dangerous, especially in areas with strict gun-control laws.


  11. “Too dangerous, especially in areas with strict gun-control laws.”

    Like Dallas? The open-carry cowards there ran like Rusty at the dog races.


  12. Rather than follow up with the already stated arguments, let’s do this. Guns, motorized transportation, water. I will do without one and live quite happily. I choose to live without a gun. I would like the rest of the world to do the same. Choose to go without water, less population. Choose to go without motorized transportation, you can sit at home and play with your guns. Any way you choose, I’m agreeable.


  13. Looks like our idiot in office will now advocate the ban of large trucks due to truck violence. He’s so progressive it gives me a tingle up my leg.


  14. Hillary Clinton is the Richard Nixon of the Democratic party. Minus all of the accomplishments, of course. Hopefully Trump wins and appoints an attorney general who will go after her.

    Besides, how is someone who can’t get a security clearance supposed to be president?


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where Hillary’s escape from justice seems like a page out of Mexican politics.

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