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Pirates buried here?

THE BEST-LAID plans often fly awry. Our plan yesterday of doing lunch on the shore of a nearby, high-mountain, lake was thwarted by a huge traffic jam caused, it appeared, by the balloon festival downtown.

So we went in the other direction.

We ended up in a restaurant just past a village with the cute name of Tzintzuntzan where we had fish and chicken and mole and guacamole and sopa Tarasca.

Instead of returning directly home after dining, we continued all the way around our local high-mountain lake, a jaunt of just under an hour, depending.

This route is a rural two-laner with spectacular views of mountains and lake. One passes wandering burros and indigenous women toting this, that and the other.

During the ride, I snapped the above photo of a cemetery gate. The photo might have been better had I not forgotten that I’d put the camera on video mode earlier.

It was on video mode because just as we were leaving for lunch, it started pouring rain. I stood on the veranda and used the video of my Canon camera for the first time.

The rain ended quickly, and we had a great afternoon. At times, the other direction is the best route.

It’s a good Rule of Life.

12 thoughts on “The other direction

    1. Señor Cotton: It’s a great drive, and we do it fairly often. As for doing it by boat, I think you’d have to rent your own vessel. The launches go to the islands, but I never heard of a tour around the outer banks.


      1. Don Cuevas: Years!? Jeez, man, you live right on it. Put down the frying pan, the olive oil, wash the spatula, turn off the oven, and get on out there. You’ll be glad you did.


    1. Thanks, Perry. Yes, it is nice. If you drop something into the ground here, it grows. I’ve gone from planting things to removing them in the last year. I was losing control. It’s fairly manageable now, however.


  1. I want to drive down so we’d have our own vehicle for a visit. Hubs has a rather negative view about that and that makes me think anything that might go wrong will be my fault whether or not I had control or not. Boo.


    1. Carole: Well, of course, if you run roughshod over Hubs’ negative view, that means 100 percent of problems will be on you. It’s just common sense.


  2. Your rain is like the rain here — torrential, and likely sudden.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where yesterday we were caught in a typical chubasco.


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