Cops’ lives matter

APROPOS OF my recent post on motorcycling, here is something I just discovered.

These are federal police officers, and bike acrobatics has a long history in Mexico. Read about it here.

I’ll be at the police recruiting office in the morning.

14 thoughts on “Cops’ lives matter

    1. Shelagh: On the contrary. You used the standard exclamation set of women. It’s men who should use just one. Everything is in order, and all is right with the world.

      I encourage women to flaunt their femininity. Mexican women need no encouragement, but you gals above the border sure do … and more so each day.

      Now if I could only do something about the legions of people who run ……… berserk …………. with…………periods………….where………….they do not…………belong!

      To those wondering what this is about, it’s from a previous post long ago, and my punctuation notions.


      1. Of course they are not mutually exclusive. Libertarians, just like anyone else, are free to use proper grammar. It’s when libertarians become grammar police and start correcting the grammar of others is when the irony comes into effect.

        FYI, I always look good. No help needed from the fuzz.


    1. Carlos: Knievel did it spectacularly when he pulled it off. When it didn’t pull it off, which was fairly frequently, he just broke more bones. Yes, he was totally nuts.


  1. Oh, and BTW, you added an accent mark to my spelling of Michoacan the other day. Since you are fairly strict about not using Spanish in the comments section, I used the English spelling. No accent should have been used. The word Mexico is never accented around here, so leave Michoacan alone. You need to be consistent in your grammar cop role!


  2. We have the largest bike rally in Latin America in Mazatlán. Twice we had the Mexican Drill Team do a show at the rally. Amazing group of people. I was fortunate to be given one of their Police Badges one year, SOOOO, MR. FELIPE, when you get your moto, you might get pulled over by me, just saying.

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