Summer moments

A corner of the veranda starring Bart Guevara.

SATURDAY MORNING, yesterday, and Elvis is crooning love songs on the living room’s music machine.

The far edge of July.

I was communicating via email at dawn with my friend Ray in Alabama who was telling me what I already knew, that Alabama is no place to be in summer, weather-wise.

Here, of course, it’s cool and damp all summer, even into autumn. After that, it’s just cool but not damp.


After talking to Ray, whom I hope to meet in person one day, I ate a bagel with cream cheese, light, with my child bride, and she hastened out to her pastry kitchen for final touches on Saturday’s sale on the plaza.

First, I went to the living room to turn on Elvis. Then I went outside to chores like wiping the tabletop and chairs on the Jesus Patio, pulling weeds, pushing the mower out for Abel the Deadpan Yardman who arrives at 10 o’clock.

I swept the cushions on the rockers on the veranda before taking the photo above. We bought the big ceramic tile with Bart Guevara on our last visit to San Miguel. We found it on the highway between San Miguel and Dolores Hidalgo.

Though cool and damp, as always, the morning sky was blue and the sun shone sweetly. It’s a great place to live.

As night fell on Saturday, the grass was shorn, we’d lunched on roasted chicken, rice, chiles and soft-drink Sangría out by the highway in a humble place with earthen walls, afternoon rain had fallen and departed, pastries had all been sold on the downtown plaza, and it was cool and damp.

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Summer moments. With Elvis.

And Bart Guevara.

One of our pastry customers yesterday.
One of our pastry customers yesterday.


11 thoughts on “Summer moments

    1. Angeline: Elvis and Bart are good pals here. As for the pastry customer, she used to work in a restaurant here that we’ve frequented. She’s the owner’s daughter. She had a full head of hair when she worked at the restaurant.


      1. My kind of Sunday morning. Early so everyone is still asleep. Slip on the old watch cap, hoodie, sweats, socks, grab a big cup of hot coffee and head for the rocking chair on the front porch and just sit, sip, and listen. Good for what ails ye!

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  1. An expat enclave would have an artist who paints a picture of Bart Guevara, hoping someone will “get” it and be inspired to buy.


    1. Carole: How right you are. I got it, and I was inspired to buy it. I like it. Don’t much care for Ché, however. I toured his small home in Havana in 2012, and I saw the box in which the Bolivians returned his remains. The box was not very big because his remains were rather insignificant when they finally dug him up.


  2. You are a very fortunate fellow in many respects. If I am lucky enough to meet you one sunny day, it will likely be in June, July, or August. I love Alabama, but I hate summers here.

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  3. Here in CDMX, it has been cool and oftentimes rainy. Tuesday afternoon it rained so hard that it looked like the world was about to end. But fortunately yesterday and today have been sunny, with decorative (but not menacing) clouds, and highs in the lower 70’s. In short, perfect.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where the rain falls mainly at a breakneck pace in the afternoons.


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